Canelo: Plant crossed a line

0003 Canelo Alvarez
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Unified WBC/WBO/WBA super middleweight champion Canelo Álvarez previewed his highly anticipated undisputed 168-pound championship showdown during a media conference call Wednesday before he takes on undefeated IBF super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant on Saturday, November 6 live on SHOWTIME PPV from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Canelo Alvarez 

“I hope he has a good chin because he’s going to need it on fight night.

“I’m always ready. I just can’t wait. I feel strong and fast. With all of the talk, it’s become personal. He crossed a line. But I have to remain focused because this is a very important fight for me.

“Caleb has good boxing skills. He has good movement and a good jab. But it’s nothing new for me. I know what I need to do. I need to be patient in the early rounds and then start doing my job.

“Even harder than getting to the top is staying there. That’s why I try to get better each and every day. That’s what I’ve been trying to do from my first fight up until now.

“I’m 100% focused on this fight. There’s nothing else crossing my mind. After it’s over, we’ll figure out who the next opponent will be.

“Being the undisputed champion is huge for my legacy. Not only would it be an honor to be the first Latin American fighter to do it, but there’s only a select club of fighters who have achieved this. Eddy and I said in the beginning that the goal was to be undisputed, and now we’re one fight away.

“Everyone knows what I’m going to do in the ring. When something is personal with me, it’s different. I have something special in my mind and I’m going to make it a great night for us.

“The pandemic made me have to slow down for about a year, so I’m thankful that I’ve been active since then. Things are going fast now, and I love it. I’m thankful to be in this position.”

Eddy Reynoso, Canelo’s Trainer and Manager

“We’ve been training for four months and preparation has been great. Anticipation is sky-high and we can’t wait for November 6 to get here.

“Caleb is a skilled fighter who knows how to use his legs. If we come out too aggressive in the first few rounds, we’ll give the fight away. We need to be patient and get to the middle rounds so we can do what we want to do.

“Plant has three main attributes: power in his left hand, his movement and his defense. We’re going to come in and fight our own style. We have to use the style we know how to win with.

“Erislandy Lara is probably the closest comparison to Plant amongst Canelo’s past opponents, or even Shane Mosley earlier in Canelo’s career. In the end, no matter what challenge he presents, we’re not worried about our ability to come out victorious.

“This is going to be a tough fight on November 6. It’s going to be a challenge. But in the end, experience will prevail, and we will become undisputed like we set out to do all those years ago.”

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  • I am not convinced Plant has enough horsepower in his engine to keep Canelo honest during the fight. Once Canelo tastes Plant’s limited power, Canelo is gonna chop Plant down. Canelo has a granite chin and walks thru Plant as the fight progresses. Plant has never faced anyone like Canelo and he is in for rude awakening.

      • You probably don’t even believe this-hype job for a fight with no doubt of the outcome.

      • Lol do you really think Plant is going to win a decision? Amir Khan was outboxing Canelo but somehow was down on the scorecards. To beat Canelo you have to stop him. Floyd dominated him and almost lost. He got a split decision.

        • Actually, it was a majority decision because of judge CJ Ross who’s now a retired boxing judge (thank God)
          But the outcome in this upcoming fight remanes the same :
          Canelo undisputed because Plant aint able to stop him!

    • I agree scoob, Canelo does have a granite chin and I just can’t envision plant being able to keep away and still win the fight over twelve. Canelo is like Derrick Henry in football , they both just keep coming and become more and more dangerous the further it goes.

    • Somehow, I see a very different fight than most. I feel that Plant is going to give Canelo problems. He would keep turning Canelo and use his jabs well. In fact, I am taking Plant to stop Canelo before the 10th round. Some have said that Plant does not punch hard. If that was the case, other fighters would have walked through him. They said the same about Floyd but he defeated more former world champions than any other fighter.

      • Wow bold prediction indeed! I would be completely shocked if plant was to halt Canelo !

      • @Christopher No way Plant stops him, but I do agree that Plant will be far more difficult than some of the folks on this board seem to think. He is a pure boxer who will fight cautiously throughout, and while he’s not a big puncher, he’s fast enough and accurate enough to at least disrupt Canelo a little. Not predicting a Plant victory, but not completely ruling it out either. I can see a scenario where Plant gets off to an early lead, and Canelo putting tons of pressure on later in the fight (rounds 10-12), knowing that the fight is close, with maybe Plant slightly ahead going into the 10th. Whether Plant would be able to deal with that kind of pressure in a scenario like that is unknown.

      • You’ve got to be kidding, Plant is in for a rude awakening, his skills are basic at best, Canelo by KO within 3 rounds.

        • We shall see. I don’t really care who wins, and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong…..wouldn’t be the first time, but I see Plant giving him problems for awhile. Not sure what the later rounds will look like though. Plant doesn’t have to power to stop him, and as we’ve seen before, close decisions tend to go Canelo’s way. It will be really difficult for Plant to walk out of there with a W, but I’m not ruling it out. Hoping for a good fight either way.

          • If he gets enough of that left hook into Plants ribs Canelo will reduce him to a shrub (no pun intended) #ByThe5th.

      • Plant is a champion, he has a chance a very small one he has a puncher’s chance boxing no he won’t out box Canelo

    • Tony, It’s the mexican porterhouse and the judges. It’s hard to beat that combination when you’re fighting Canelo, who happens to be the biggest draw right now.

  • The good ole boys from Dixie love Plant because he’s one of them, but he’s all hype, ugly unabomber beard and all. Canelo is too smart, too crafty, to strong, and too explosive for this pretender from the sticks. Plant will be running. Canelo will be taking his time, and once he gets his timing, it’s over for Plant. He can then go back to shooting road signs out in the back roads for fun.

    • No offense to the South, as there are many fine people who call that region home. Plant does come off as an arrogant good ole boy though. I’m expecting Canelo to show him what it’s all about.

    • Nobody had to know you were a racist, until you told us just now. You’ve obviously never heard Caleb Plant speak, or know that he has an urban black girlfriend, or you wouldn’t have mischaracterized him as some confederate flag hat wearing goober.

  • Canelo is generally respectful and a gentleman. Plant came through as vulgar and disrespectful. Not good. However, best talk is done in the ring. Canelo will knock out plant in 9th round

  • I’ll tell you what, they did an excellent job selling the fight lol. Got a lot of people thinking Plant is the next great white hype. There are levels in this sport and Plant as good as he might be, is not near the level he needs to be to defeat the champ.

  • Someone needs to educate Clenbuterol Canelo that “Mther fcker” doesn’t mean anything towards that persons mother. Not the smartest guy ever

    • Canelo just making up bs to why Plant got to him. It doesn’t even make sense, If I call you a mf then more likely would mean you are poking a mother, not me poking your mother.
      All men with kids can be considered a mf if you wanna get loose with the language.

  • This fight isn’t hard to read at all. Plant might “give some trouble” to Canelo on the early stages, he might look like competition but all that is really happening is Canelo setting him up and going through the motions of reading what Plants is bringing to the table. At the end though and I don’t mean the 12th round, I mean when Canelo has him zeroed in, he will start to dominate and punish Plant. Canelo just has a bigger boxing IQ than anyone right now and he has fought more this year without getting punished than Caleb has the last 2 years, he is a perfect oiled up machine and he is in his prime right now, Caleb won’t be able to hold up…..

  • I keep telling people that canelo is Hazardous to Every boxer’s Health, & Fragile Hands plant is no Exception, Canelo by ko in 9 End of story & the End of plant.

    • John:
      Plant called Alvarez a “Mother F%cker”, and Saul interpreted it as an insult to his mother.
      Take care.
      – Gary G.

  • Plant ain’t no match for: Triple G, Jacobs, Lara, Mayweather, Cotto, also no match for Charlos, Benavides, Liam Smith, maybe Saunders. It’s reality.

    • lmao, B.S. Plant destroys all them names and Doesnt need to run like floyd to beat Clenelo

  • They keep saying they will feel Plant out early rounds, I think that could be a ruse and that they plan to knock him out early.

    Canelo is really good now fighting taller guys. He ducks overhands, slips hooks, and Fraziers forward with ever improving defense.

    Plant is a SMW who punches like a welter. Canelo is a natural JMW who bangs like a LHW.

    I say Canelo blasts Plant’s gloves in an effort to bust up Plant’s hands, I say he gets to that cut by the eye from the press conference. And after Plant blocks a few shots with his arms, his jab will slow down and lose its stick.

    • You obviously know nothing about the actual science if you think taller guys throw overhand shots at shorter opponents. Tell me, how would that work exactly?

  • I’m sure CLENELO is up 6rnds to 0 when the bell sounds!! Only way to beat this fraud is by knockout and he STILL may get a split!!

  • Plant hasn’t the kind of power GGG possessed to gain the respect from Canelo. Canelo will chase and bully him from a corner to another !

  • I like Plant. He’s a very good boxer. If he has the fuel to keep moving for 12 rounds like Lara, it can be an interesting fight. However, between the carne asada and the judges, it’s a VERY long shot for Caleb.

    Canelo vía referee stoppage around 10th round.

  • Canelo will probably put the pressure on from round 1. Plant doesn’t possess enough power to keep canelo from coming forward. Plant is fast and slick but has never faced a boxer with canelo’s skill set. I can see a late stoppage.

  • canelo wins easily by decision or knockout wont pay 80 dollars to see plant take a beating save my money

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