Canelo now WBC franchise champion, Charlo elevated to full WBC middleweight title

The World Boxing Council has finalized the process of the appointment of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as WBC Franchise Champion. As a result, WBC interim champion Jermall Charlo is now confirmed as WBC middleweight champion of the world. Charlo will defend his WBC world championship this Saturday night in Houston vs. Brandon Adams.
Canelo Franchisechampion
During its recent mid-year meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, the WBC Board of Governors approved rule 3.26 of the WBC Rules and Regulations, which creates the designation of WBC Franchise Champion. The Franchise Champion is a special designation and status which the WBC may bestow to a current WBC world champion, who is also an elite boxer, and who has achieved and maintains the highest of statures in the sport. Under Rule 3.26, in its discretion, the WBC may, upon a 2/3rd vote of the Board of Governors, designate in each weight category one WBC Franchise Champion. A Franchise Champion shall enjoy special status with respect to his or her mandatory obligations, holding multiple titles and competing for titles of other organizations, as the WBC Board of Governors rules on a case-by-case basis.

The Franchise Champion designation is awarded exclusively by the World Boxing Council and considers the following mutual agreements between the WBC, the champion and his promoter

1. The Franchise Champion designation is exclusively by appointment of the WBC Board of Governors by a majority vote of the board.

2. This designation is not transferable and is exclusively to the fighter who receives such designation.

3. The Franchise Champion will be designated as WBC Emeritus Champion once he retires from boxing.

4. The Franchise Champion will proudly represent the WBC in every single fight as a reigning WBC champion, regardless of any specific conditions or titles being associated with all future fights. WBC rules and regulations will govern under the traditional conditions of boxing in the Franchise champion fights. WBC will approve through the franchise champion promoter every opponent scheduled to fight.

5. Franchise Champion agrees to participate in a minimum of two social responsibility events every year, organized and in conjunction with the WBC.

6. The WBC may recognize a WBC champion in the division or divisions where the Franchise champion currently competes.

7. The WBC may award a Diamond Championship belt in those fights in which the Franchise Champion engages. If the Franchise Champion loses, the winner will receive the Diamond belt and may be considered as mandatory contender of the division.

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  • Canelo now WBC franchise champion?? or better said Canelo now WBC cash cow champion? With this absurd designation, Canelo can avoid any fighter than could be a threat for him, fight at any weight maybe and when he wants. Maybe I am wrong, but that is the way I see it

    • This is the wbc way of calling Canelo “ super” champion and Charlo the “ regular “ champion aka wba …. smh smh

    • Mcdonald franchise. What ajoke. Champ should fight the top contendar. Boxing is becoming a joke. How many more do we need now?

      • The WBC has become a joke. I wonder what happened behind the curtains. Canelo did not want anything to do with the WBC and the. Out of nowhere he’s their proud representative.

        • Any disagreement between the WBC and Canelo and/or his team is pure theatrics meant to deflect any criticism.

          De La Hoya and the Suleiman crime family (WBC) collude and conspire with each other to position their asset in order to maximize profits, todays current ill-informed fanbase will keep spending their hard earned money to watch the fights regardless of punching bag they put in front of the Canelo. He’ll be protected as long as the money keeps rolling in, they can’t afford a loss by putting him in front of meaningful fighters and risk some of the luster coming off their golden cow.

          In my opinion (and the opinion of hundreds of boxing analysts) he LOST both fights against GGG even though the second fight was close. At this point in boxing history, they can put him in front of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury at the same time, he WILL NOT loose with Golden Boy and the WBC behind him.

          • Hey Juan Valdez, how’s it going? It’s been a few days. What’s the deal with this WBC? What kind of influence do they have that almost every boxer seems to be a little too nice to the organization, especially Sulaiman? Simple math to me is: no one pays the sanctioning fees, no one fights for their title or anything that has to do with the WBC and they go out of business.

          • And put the rest of them out of business as well-only way fans will come back to boxing.

      • As in “Roger mayweather” who by the way got to 50-0??? By precisely avoiding the top contenders until those top contenders were pass their prime ( Chavez, de las Joya, Pac-Man and by the way the only big name he decided to fight was a very young and up and coming CANELO… ) yea!!! That’s boxing for you, same, same shame!!! Just different flavor now.

    • Next is the pearl belt. After that maybe the corporate belt and finally the ambassador belt. What don’t understand is why this board votes yes on these ridiculous ideas that sulaiman comes up with. If it’s not fear then they must be full of shit like him.

      • Boxers keep paying these criminals for these meaningless belts-keep your hard earned money instead of giving it to these clowns!

  • The WBC charging more fees. A fee for the franchise champ, one for the WBC champ and one for the Diamond champ.

  • who cares? not like he’s avoiding anybody especially a CHARLO SISTA….

  • A special belt creates so cash cows don’t have to fight so many annoying mandatories.

  • What a joke !!!!!!!!! They have now joined the WBA with multiple champion designations. The IBF and the WBO should designate Super Champions and the Super Duper Champions, that way we could have 20 or more Champions per division. No wonder nobody takes our sport seriously.

  • How lame! This stuff has been going on for years and it completely waters down the titles. It makes being a champion almost meaningless. You now have the Franchise Champion, Diamond Belt, Silver Belt, Super Champion, Regular Champion, Interim Champion, Champion in recess. These organizations are shameless. Amir Khan (his name is ironic if you sound it out phonetically-A mere con ) is getting paid 8 million to fight some Indian dude with a record of 11-3, and has fought absolutely no one of note, for the newly created WBC Pearl Belt.

    • What is even worse is that dib is a shot former recent 130 lb fighter.

  • “achieved and maintains the highest of statures in the sport “, 2 failed band substance tests is part of maintaining the highest statures? Where is Big Baby’s belt, is it because he is not a champ? WAFJ

    • that is a fair point. it is basically just recognising he is a money cow. if anything he represents many negative aspects of the sports. failed drugs test and highly controversial decisions propping up his record.

  • The guy is good but not worthy of such high honors considering his failed drug tests and his cherry picking. They will make him the greatest on paper but not on the ring!

  • there was really good reason why the WBC came into existence back in the early 60’s. But now it has become something of a farce, with all there difference belts, as of course as the WBA has also. I can’t help but of course noticing that these are organizations, that are south of our border. What do they smoke or drink down there that makes them look so ludicrous.

    • No good reason for any of these organizations to come into existence.

  • Can’t way for the super duper mega amazing Championship Belt next year lol

  • He is scared of mayates. That is why he is avoiding real top contendars. He is avoiding the best talent.

  • The WBC rating system along with the other associations are a bloody freaking clown show when they give out meaningless participation trophies aka titles. They merely cheapen the integrity of the sport of boxing.

  • With 40 per division and a 2 pound difference in the lower weights, how can anyone take the WBC,WBA seriously. It’s now time to have a boxing commissioner, and make it CLEAR that each division has 1 champ and does not recognize any different brands except the one champ. It’s no wonder boxing is now looked upon like the WWE, except as phony as the WWE is, boxing takes the word champ to a new low level. Franchise champion ??????, let the WBC ,WBA be banned from participating on any level in the U.S.A, these frauds have done nothing except make boxing lower than the tough man contests, and nobody with any knowledge of the sport takes these frauds for anything but whale sh#t.

    • That would be nice Steve, but sadly we have too many State and even Native American boxing commissions that are sadly in cahoots I believe with these groups at some level. Even in the boxing journalism field, can you really name one who might have some credibility anymore, as many seem more to work for the networks, who have there financial interests? And lets not forget the promoters in the US as well. Perhaps 35 years ago, when the news paper press was still somewhat strong, and there were only two groups, the WBC and WBA, could there have been some hope of what you suggest, and we really only had three networks in the USA could your wish have been realized. But I knew back, then when the IBF came into existence, was the sport headed into darker territory than this sport has also had in the past.

  • “maintains the highest of statures in the sport.” Wasn’t Canelo busted as a drug cheat last year????

  • this is the dumbest shit i ever heard of…im mexican and i dont agree with this shit….fight the best, and dont run from anyone….

  • Oh how dandy, yet another alphabet trinket and a fake champion elevated to a so-called real one. At least we don’t have to hear all the casuals cry about how charlo is not getting his shot. Now they just gave him a trophy for participating.

  • All these belts in boxing are aligned with the same mentality of every child is a winner and gets a trophy for doing their best. That is how pathetic this former sport and now corrupt business has become.

  • what a load of bunkum!!! One champion and thats it ! Boxing has become so laughable !

  • Adding this belt just confuses the ever living shit out of people, and it’s a joke. This is another way for Canelo (his team) to avoid mandatories and fight big money, and don’t forget pay the WBC their fees. So now Charlo was “elevated” to champion now and he gets to live in Canelo’s shadow as a champion.
    This BS is just like the WBA’s “Super Champion” which again was designed to make it easier on the fighter who had mandatories from other sanctioning bodies.
    So when will Canelo defend this “Franchise” title?
    But in all actuality I really don’t care because as far as I am concerned, he just vacated the WBC.

    • Many main stream sports fans are no longer confused, since they lost interest long ago. Easy to understand why.

  • >