Canelo Lawsuit Update, Oscar Speaks

The $280 million lawsuit filed by Canelo Alvarez against DAZN, Golden Boy and Oscar De La Hoya for alleged breach of contract has been dismissed due to an error in the way Canelo’s attorneys designated the defendants. Canelo has until the end of the month to amend the lawsuit.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya commented on the situation via Twitter. “While yesterday’s order does not end the case, we are hopeful that this error will allow us to reset, and refocus on what’s important – working together to get Canelo back in the ring against a top opponent ASAP.

“If not, we expect Canelo’s lawyers will now enter arbitration as is laid out in our contract.”

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  • Well, that went nowhere fast. Oscar desperate to still promote Canelo because he doesn’t have anybody else except Ryan Garcia. This is poetic justice served to 2 people who absolutely deserve it

    • Unfortunately this means he’s going to baby Ryan Garcia even more. He’s definitely not fighting Devin Haney now.

    • Ryan Garcia is making more right now as a media sensation teen idol. At least thats what I’m hearing. Teen magazine interviews and stuff. Hes a fabrication that is very much an illusion. Boxings pretty boy. Gervonta Davis from what I’m hearing can’t make a fight with him.

  • I’m pretty sure this has Oscar crapping his panties (the ones you buy in the women’s section).
    This does not bode well for the future of Golden Boy.

  • Idk why BUT i feel this is jus a stunt that Canelo, de La Hoya and Dazn are putting on to get the people thinking there is a feud. High profile Attorney firms dont make thoze silly types of mistakes. I have a feeling that its a setup and we are gona see De La Hoya vs Canelo being promoted here soon.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Canelo’s expensive lawyers shouldn’t be making this embarrassing rookie screw-up.

    • Damnit Tony. Why did you have to come in here and spoil with that? I thought that too but didn’t want to think on it. That’s pure logic though and is likely the case: (
      Either way, we know DAZN can’t afford this deal and now Golden boy and Canelo know it too.

  • Hugs ♥️ to Sr. Alvarez, Mr. De La Hoya, and the fine people at DAZN. If they say down in an environment of mutual respect I’m sure they would reach a satisfactory conclusion. Then we could see Sr. Canelo against other boxing men soon.

  • I find it hard to imagine quality, high priced attorneys accidentally failing to properly designate defendant parties in a high profile civil litigation case (2L student – 2nd year Associate basics). Perhaps, this is a stall tactic to encourage all parties to further conduct ‘back channel’ settlement negotiations or to explore contractually based arbitration conditions.

    The possibilities are endless in this multi-layered, expensive, contractual twister. Ideally, let’s hope all parties of avarice and arrogance find a way to avoid this expensive court mess through settlement negotiations or arbitration.

    The docket packed courts prefer to stay out of this high profile contractual dispute, and jury members may not view Canelo favorably during pandemic conditions, damaged/ruined retirement plans and high unemployment conditions – just to name a few negative conditions.

  • I don’t know. I know for sure Canelo and Oscar are buddies and Oscar is gonna make his comeback and fight against Canelo in a scripted fight just to make money.

    • LMAO!! I wouldn’t be one bit surprised Arturo. They’re dumb fans would eat that up to, and maybe salvage that $365 million deal to boot.

  • Normal men’s ?! You must be a prehistoric one then ! I did it with an ex girlfriend for Halloween while smoking a blunt of weed a long time ago.. We sometimes remember this party though it occured more than 25 years ago !

    • Regis: yes sir, we’ve all done some fun n crazy things in our past. Making memories. Its perfectly fine for men to do some silly stuff once in a while. Jus shows ur a confident man! Good for u my dude. People jus need to get over the fact that he wore them FOR a girl. Weve all done stupid stuff for a girl at one point or another. Thats for damn sure

  • Who cares about what he wears… You do you let him be himself. If you can’t view him as a “normal” man anymore, then that only shows your immaturity.

  • Red would never fight ODH. Oscar is considered ” in his prime” compared to the list of upcoming opponents by team Alvarez. Its way to risky. I would hate to see Canelo lose a 4th fight

  • Boxing is turning into pro wrestling. This is just an a wrestling angle. How is a lawyer of this magnitude going to make such an error. Publicity stunt and we were all marks who fell for it. Brilliant move by Oscar and Canelo. It got us talking.

  • Canelo is not going to win this case under the current circumstances happening in the world right now. He can NOT claim they breached contract while we are in the middle of a global pandemic that isnt going to fly his guarantee is based on Ticket sales and concession sales.

    Being that Covid19 shut down pretty much everything the only way for Canelo to stay active is to take a pay cut and this also means who ever he is fighting is going to have to be willing to take one as well.

    if there are no fans in the seats there really isnt much revenue coming in and no top tier fighter like Saunders or Andrade is going to take a hit to their share of the purse to fight Canelo…..

    I dont see this going anywhere and who ever advised Canelo to do this should have thought about those circumstances because a judge is going to make note of that and DAZN and GBP will have their attorney’s put emphasis on the issue.

    uphill battle for Canelo I bet he works it out with them.

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