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Canelo batters Smith, wins WBA/WBC 168lb titles

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Photo: Al Powers/Matchroom

By Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

Boxing superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (54-1-2, 36 KOs) punished previously unbeaten WBA super middleweight champion Callum “Mundo” Smith (27-1, 19 KOs) for twelve rounds to claim the WBA Super and vacant WBC crowns on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Smith, who won the World Boxing Super Series in 2018, rarely stood his ground with Canelo, who stalked him from round one. By the midway point, Canelo was just wading in with complete disregard for Smith’s power. By the championship rounds, Canelo was totally imposing his will. It was all Smith could do to survive. Scores were 119-109, 119-109, 117-111.

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  • Best he has ever looked!
    Won 10 or 11 rds
    His defense and hand speed are 2nd to none!
    Great fighter, out jabbed when he is 6 inches shorter; nothing short of amazing!

    • Keep up the script performances Joker!
      Confidence going in knowing “everyone” is paid off!!
      You’re the “sponsored” fraud.

      • oh wait is he a top rank fighter as well? i only though Lomachenko and Crawford was doing this……………….hhhhhmmm

      • Well said. I agree. This has become sports entertainment just like the NFL and WWE. As usual, the clenbo-squad will downvote truth when it surfaces.

    • Canelo is clearly the best in the world at what he does. He has fought and beaten nothing but the best and continues to win titles. The man is still in his prime and has loads of experience. It will be hard to dethrone him. He looks to be getting better with each fight. The man has been on a role after his loss to Mayweather. You can hate him or not, but there is no denying that he’s a great fighter.

      • Canelo is not the best fighter in the world maybe a top 5 , he fights guys he knows he can beat they are dangerous fighters , look Danny Garcia he lost the the very best , he lost but he chooses to fight the best not like canelo , really canelo lost his first fight with triple ggg and hasn’t fought a real dangerous fighter since jocabs , just my opinion

        • He only fights guys he knows he can beat?? His name isn’t Mayweather. Bitterness will get you nowhere…

    • Totally agree. He came in and bullied the much bigger opponent. That’s the definition of a P4P fighter. He’s now the legit king of 154, 160, 168. Beautiful performance. Defense was insane! Looks like BJS is next. Looking forward to that.

  • I will take this time to brag! “Chris the natural” and “Fletch,” I told you smith would not have the power or speed to keep Canelo at bay! He was lucky he did not get stopped! Let see what type of excuse you have for smith losing. Not bad for mua, a guy who supposedly does not know boxing according to you both.

    • Nope, you were still wrong. It wasn’t Smith’s lack of power that kept canelo from coming in, it was his lack of speed and the ability to fight a shorter opponent. I’m certain that canelo’s team saw what John Ryder did is a blueprint to beat smith. Canelo is a better technician than John Ryder but he has the same short squat style that gives the Brit trouble. If you knew anything about boxing you would have concluded with that instead of just running your mouth with your nationalistic racist rant. Canelo did a fine job tonight and show that he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, I’ll just leave it at that. Let’s not forget that this was a short notice fight that the Brit had to take without having time to prepare for canelo’s style and level of skill set. If Canelo is so great why does he always have these must-have advantages over every opponent he faces. If he gives Dimitri Bivol a fight and a 2-month camp we’ll never hear from you again after your Mexican hero gets knocked out and loses every round up until the knockout. I’ll bet you any amount of money that Canelo never takes that fight.

      • Hahaha, shut up Chris the natural and accept defeat gracefully… You sound bitter as hell.

      • While you’re at it, why don’t you demand Canelo fight Joshua for the Heavyweight Title so he can satisfy the unrealistic expectations of people like you… Give me a break

      • exactly!!! the top top tier he won’t face. its his yellow streak. bivol and beterbiev are at the top of their game. just a chicken s**t. fighters like beterbiev are always lost in the shuffle cause everyone is terrified they will get KTFO

        • Oh yeah have Canelo jump all the way up to the Heavyweight division is unrealistic. People were saying the same thing about GGG as they are saying about Beterbiev and what happened? Canelo in my opinion beat GGG on both occasions. If there would be a 3rd fight it wouldn’t be any different. I think GGG could beat Beterbiev he don’t have many fights or the experience under his belt to win but that’s just my opinion. Beterbiev is 15-0-15 kos but he hasn’t fought anyone worth to note.

        • when will the two future heavyweights that drain down to lightheavyweight Bivol fight Beterviev? why would they fight Kovalev? let them EARN their big payday against a two division smaller fighter SMH at the haters

      • Hahahaha…..whether he had more time to train the results would’ve been the same! He had no game plan or the boxing skill set to beat a high level opponent as a Canelo. He had no experience in past opponents that would make any one believe he had a chance. Quit deluding yourself, sore loser. Hahahaha. By the way, continue with the excuses.

      • Everybody looks at tape on how to breakdown their opponent. Canelo is the best P4P fighter on the planet.

      • Brother, Callum knew that he was on the immediate short list to fight Canelo months ago.
        If that didn’t motivate him to train his very best, then that’s his and his trainers issue.
        He lost easy and theres no excuse.
        Canelo just plain better.

      • That fight will happen right about the time that credit agencies release the secret formula that tabulates our ratings.

      • And if he doesnt take that fight.. or this fight… it doesn’t matter because he can do what he wants. Just be quiet and just because you think a certain fighter can beat him.. nobody cares about your dumb opinion.

  • You have to definitely give him his due. But he has to matched with an equal which is Beterbiev. He won’t take on a KO artist. He just won’t.

    • A prime power punching light heavy like Beterbiev is not his equal. I don’t understand what people want from Canelo. He is a tank but he is human. There are limitations that all fighters face. I would have never expected him to take on a prime Kovalev but he is without question the man from 154-168. I don’t see Beterbiev going to cruiser or heavy to take on greatness. Do you? Does anyone else? I know you are giving him his due but you can’t expect him to take a prime monster light heavy but I wouldn’t put it past him and I woudn’t be surprised if he won but I don’t think it is a good idea. The guy wins day in and day out but I also think there are some heavy challenges still at 168 that he may not get passed due to his size.

      • Boxing fanatic. Excellent point there. I agree with u 100%… Im glad Canelo went up to fight Kovalev but i hope with all my might that he doesnt do it again. Yes he is strong but doesnt have the frame and overall power to hang with prime fighters at that weight. Its a recipe for disaster and cld end up with some permanent damage. Hope he stays at 160-168.

        • I agree , canelo hasn’t fought a top notch fighter in the light heavy weight class , he isn’t the best fighter in the world in my opinion, Real fighters fight the biggest names out ther , take Danny Garcia his losses are the the very best in the game his a gear fighter even with loses . Canelo hasn’t fought anyone since triple ggg and jacobs . I’m sorry but go get fighters that are dangerous and hungry

        • Dude Canelo is getting better, I now think he can beat a 36 year old Beterbiev. Its funny because Canelo has to go to 175 to get a real fight because at 160-168 nobody can beat him.

      • BOXINGFANATIC, your comment would be valid if Canelo hadn’t already stepped up to light heavyweight and faced a fighter with a fierce punch.
        If he could step up for Kovalev, then why not for Beterbiev or Bivol or even Smith Jr?
        The answer is obvious: everybody and their mother could see that Canelo was on the upswing and Kovalev was shellshocked after getting stopped by Ward and knocked spark out by Eleider Alvarez; basically, it was a fight that he was expected to win.
        And of course he did what he was supposed to do.
        The reason I and a lot of other people want to see Alvarez fight at Super Middleweight/Light Heavyweight is because he’s already proven to be competitive at these weights and realistically he should challenge himself instead of going after fights where it is a foregone conclusion that he is going to win.
        What, you think it’s unfair for people to want to see him in a fight that he might actually lose instead of watching him beat up fighters who don’t stand much of a chance?

        • Canelo fought Kovalev 9 weeks after Kovalev had the tough fight with Yarde. Canelo meanwhile had 6 months to recover from the Jacobs fight.

      • BOXINGFANATIC, the thing is that everybody and their mother knew that Canelo was likely going to win his fights with Kovalev and Smith.
        Taking fights like this not only cheats the fans, but it also cheats Canelo’s legacy.
        He’s already proven that he can fight and be competitive at Light Heavyweight by beating Kovalev, so why not stick around?
        I would rather watch Alvarez face a fighter who stands even odds of beating him than watch him face Callum Smith or Sergei Kovalev.

    • Hahaha… Maybe Canelo should fight Joshua for the Heavyweight Title to satisfy dimwits like you. Give me a break….

    • Beterbiev..? Really? Have you all forgotten that Canelo started out as a junior middleweight? Beterbiev is a natural light-heavyweight. Dude, give it a rest…

      • And how has he gone from Jr middle to Light heavy. Look at the size of him and tell me its natural.

      • And James Toney and Roy Jones Junior both started out at Middleweight and beat Heavyweights, so don’t give me this stuff about it being unreasonable for Cabelo to be moving up to fight in a heavier division.
        Even Andre Ward moved up to fight at Light Heavyweight.
        If they can do it, so can Canelo (or fight Charlo, Saunders and Andrade.)
        What I don’t want to see is Alvarez beating up a bunch of no hopers.

        • @james, “no hopers”?? Callum Smith was the super middleweight champion! WTF are you talking about?? Several months ago several boxing experts warned Canelo “not to fight” Smith because of his power and length. Now that he lost, you call him a no hoper..? Get the hell out of here…

    • ill tell you what lets let Beterviev earn it first let him go up and beat AJ or Usyk first then come down and fight the 160lb middleweight king who is also the partime 168lb King yea that makes sense

    • Really joe blow? What was GGG before he faced Canelo? He was the KO artist. You need to stop, your bias is showing

    • I was ready to give credit to canelo for beating smith. but i have to be honest… smith looked like anything but a champion tonight. he was so timid, almost scared to throw punches, even when canelo was right in his range he wouldn’t throw punches! just waiting, waiting…then his counters were so feeble. it’s like smith was frozen by all the spotlight, the magnitude of the event. even in the last round when he should have been going for broke, he just ran and tried to go the distance. a truly shameful performance. it have to believe it’s like he said that he can’t make the weight anymore and that’s what left him drained.

      • @Fightfan, Hahahaha…. Of course you’re going to say that. Having a hard time giving Canelo credit, huh? No problem, troll along…

      • hes in an era of s**t fighters. Hagler, Monzon, dwight qwawi, matthew muhammed, ray leonard, tommy hearns, roberto duran, on and on really??!!!

  • Everyone wants Beterbiev. Its the top fight out their plain and simple. He beats him and Bivol there is no one left to beat.

    • Everyone keeps talking about Beterbiev, but Canelo is not a LHW. Took 1 fight to make history and now peeps want him to stay there and fight their best. Canelo said himself he feels best at 168. Let it go peeps. Being realistic, Next fight, i say Benavidez

    • Now I actually see Canelo beating Beterbiev, this Russian cat is 36 years old and Canelo is developing into a very smart fighter. Beterbiev has poor defense and Canelo can put him down.

    • What I don’t understand is how all those fighters from across the pond come over here and their ring entrance song is like the most cheesy motivation song ever recorded from the 1980’s. How do they get pumped up for a fight with those songs. They might as well come out with those 80’s leggings and puffy socks with the matching headband and fanny pack. We laugh at that stuff lol

  • Excellent win for Canelo, one of his best ever. But I think I’m like a few other people – I expected more from Smith. Okay he lost, fine. But wow, he didn’t have much to give there.

    • He was picked with 4 weeks notice. How’s he going to say no? You saw how bad he looked against Ryder when he was unprepared. Smith probably walked in knowing he was fighting on a wing and a prayer.

      • Even with a full training camp the results would’ve been the same. They had no game plan for anything Canelo was offering, plus he did not have the power or respect to keep him at bay. Same results!

        • Your right if he would have chosen to stand and trade punches the fight would have been better much sooner.

    • I believe a fight of this level needs more time for appropriated preparation.
      First time in my life as a boxing fan that I see an undefeated unified world champion defend his status in short notice.
      True is any professional boxer should be in form, training, but is completely different the approach to train when a fight of this magnitud is on hand.
      Canelo was brillant tonight, but Mundo could have performed better with the proper training camp IMO.

      • — Had the same time to train as Canelo.

        Noobs and casuals wouldn’t know they started training months ago when the fight was first proposed.

        Hats off to Callum who threw every thing he had in getting outclassed and slowly beaten up. He’s still the first Ali trophy winner in history and young enough to make a comeback after his arm heals. That was nasty.

        Hah, even got a glimpse of Fat Andy leading Canelo cheers in the background. Epic shuttering of The Great Corona Virus Panic of 2020.

        • Threw everything he had?lol! He was there to be a human punching bag. Do you really think a millionaire will keep fighting top opposition to get his face smashed in?

  • I hate to be negative BUT Canelo–the best resume in boxing–sure knows when to fight guys. Smith had 4 weeks of training and looked to survive from the opening bell. We’d all like to see him against a prime Bivol with a full camp. Or maybe Andrade or Beterbiev this year. But Beterbiev is old and inactive so he may take that fight in 2022.

    • Ok, lets not forget that yes it was 4 weeks ago he accepted but smith was in the running to fight canelo for a few months now. He is a professional AND was a champion. Its not like he wasnt training. He had been training this whole time just in case. All credit to Canelo! He had a game plan and executed

  • Let’s be honest. Canelo looked great. Certainly not close to this best but for a long layoff he did well against a fighter who didn’t show up. Good win? Yes Boring? Yes

  • Where are all the Canelo haters now..? Canelo just destroyed the 168lb King. Time to give it up haters… And for all you GGG fans, who did he beat yesterday..? Canelo is the P4P King

  • His punches hurt. Smith was hit on his arms and was hurt more there than by the punches that hit his face and body.

  • Canelo has vastly improved over the years. But let’s be honest, it’s easy to look good when you fight a human punching bag like he did tonight. Smith’s check should be withheld for that garbage performance. I’m so glad I don’t pay for fights anymore and haven’t in 5 years. Watching for free is the way to go, especially when only 1 out of 10 main events is worth the time.

    • @Berserker, so now Smith is a human punching bag? Prior to his fight with Canelo, he was widely regarded as the 168lb, Super Middleweight King. Try giving Canelo a little more credit and deal with the results honorably…

  • Beterbiev isnt going to be hanging on the Mofo ropes like Callum and Kovalev. I know Chenchens from having spent time in Russia. They’re mean and nasty. He would rather go out KO’d than back peddle all night. He won’t go backwards and can KYTFO with a partially blocked punch Why do you think they picked Kovalv. Beterbiev has a strong showing in January they can’t deny that fight. Step it up Canelo. You want a challenge and the best face the best in the light heavyweight division. Bivol he might beat, but Beterbiev no. Hes a reckless monster puncher. Most KOs in the first 6 rounds. Its just like Vasily Girov. Mofo avoided by Roy jones and other fighter for the big paydays. I’m so damn sick of this S**t. Geezuus.

    • Lets go with Joe Blow. Someones a lil pissed cuz Canelo won. I agree Joe Blow. Even though Canelo is not a LHW (only fought there once in his long ass career) lets throw him in there with Beterbiev. And after that, he needs to fight AJ and Fury cuz their not jus gonna lay on the ropes either. Once hes done there, hmm maybe Mike Tyson?? Who else Joe Blow. Hulk Hogan?? The Under taker after that?? Lmao lame bro. If u dislike him that much, dont watch him. Easy enough

      • its not that. hes fighting the s**t divisions in boxing. you can’t blame him for that but it is what it is.

        • It’s exactly that. Your bias is showing. Try giving Canelo a little more credit and accept defeat honorably…

    • Canelo would never in a million years fight Beterbiev or Bivol for that matter. I think Bivol beats Canelo rather easily if he gets a full camp because he’s a better boxer than canelo. Bivol throws great mid-range and inside shots and his combos have power. Plus, he won’t have to punch way down to Canelo like Smith would have to. I don’t think anybody at 160 beats Canelo including Charlo and Andrade.

  • Respect to Smith. Autism was promoted again in another Canelo fight. Nice one chaps! For those of us with Autistic kids, we appreciate it.

  • Smith beat Grove to become champ? Who else had he beat? How did Grove get to be champ? Where’s Billy Joe Saunders? Alvarez is a great fighter but why all the maneuvering to give him extra advantages and cherry picking opponents at opportune times? Politics and money have taken precedent over the best fighting the best.

    • Danny,
      Canelo turned down a $300 million contract to fight on his own terms. You have to give him respect for that and he says that he wants to fight the best. Didn’t he just do that tonight? It’s not like Smith had ever lost. We all thought it may be a close fight after all didn’t we but Canelo is a great fighter and when he retires, maybe you can give him his fair dues. I know i can. He is a monster and being from England, my Mexican wife said if Canelo wins, I have to clean the house on Sunday. Well thank God I have a Dyson.

  • You guys are cold asking Canelo to now go back up to 175 to fight Beterbiev and Bivol. Then after that what? Joshua? The fact is Canelo is 5’8 and has nothing left to prove. His plans are to unify the 168 lb division so Plant, Benavides and Saunders are next!

    • There’s nothing cold about it.
      He had no problem fighting at Light Heavyweight when it was against a past-his-prime Kovalev, so why can’t he beat somebody at Light Heavyweight who is a challenge?
      The whole point of boxing is to fight worthy opponents and I think it’s completely hypocritical of people here to say that it’s unfair for him to fight at Light Heavyweight when it’s against a fighter who could beat him and yet there’s no problem with him going after shopworn fighters that everybody knows he is going to beat.

    • Ajay: i think it wld be a great fight. Technical match with tons of power from Both sides. I think plant or Benavidez wld be the highest test for Canelo at this point.

  • Canelo is better than Sugar Ray Leonard when it comes to fighting guys when they are underdone. Seriously Kovalev had just came off a tough fight & fought on short notice, Smith had 4 weeks to prepare, GGG was past his best, Mosley was just plain shot…I will not consider him P4P #1 until he fights a primed adequately prepared fighter. Andrade, Beterbiev, Bivol & maybe even Charlo can all beat him.

    • truth. if its a challenge he wants. he was even talking cruiser. he walks around in the 170s. the divisions are s**t other than GGG, Bivol, and beterbiev.

    • I agree with everything you said except the false facts about Leonard. From November 1979 to September 1981, Leonard fought Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran (twice), Ayub Kalule, and Thomas Hearns. They had a combined record of 177-1-1 when he faced them. Doesn’t sound like they were over the hill!

    • @CaneloHater, there’s no need to respond to your comment. Your name says it all. Continue to troll away…

  • I’m not sure “battered” in the headline is the right word to use.
    Yes,he was dominant but at no point did Smith hit the canvas or look in real trouble.
    Unfortunately for Callum,there was no plan b.He needed to change it up about halfway through when Plan a wasn’t working.
    I feel he gave way too much respect to Canelo and let him back him up all night.
    The limited success Callum did have was when he actually decided to stay and trade or counter quickly when Canelo punched.
    The old saying is that you should never punch with a puncher but against Canelo I feel this is what you have to do….it’s the only time he’s open as his defence has got much better.

  • Canelo is a hard man to hit and his counters are powerful. He just walked through Smith’s punches, but didn’t really take many shots because Smith was reluctant to throw with any force. When he did swing hard, he usually missed awkwardly.

    If you can’t hurt Canelo and back him up, you are in for a long night. Smith has pop on his punches but he needs to throw them freely and not keep his hands at home. It looked like he was hesitant to throw during the entire fight. Canelo was even able to outjab him in this fight.

    It would take a Beterbiev to hurt Canelo, but Canelo can outslick him and win a decision. It would take a mobile boxer with quick reflexes and quick hands to beat Canelo. Canelo’s output just isn’t very high and he’s focusing on power punches at this point. He’s just so good at slipping punches and throwing back that hitting him with more than one shot is difficult.

    A fight with Beterviev, Bivol, Benavidez or Plant should be next for Canelo. The subpar performance by Smith was disappointing because he never tried to back Canelo up. He was content to move backward and punch occasionally. I expected a stronger effort from him.

    A great win for Canelo. He’s the man to beat at 168 lbs after this dominating performance.

    • How about demanding that he fights Joshua for the Heavyweight Title..? Give me a break…

      • Nobody said anything about Joshua. Beterbiev is the only true light heavyweight in the discussion and Canelo fought Kovalev at light heavy. Bivol has said he can make 168 lbs if a big fight can be made at that weight. Benavidez and Plant are both true 168 pounders. If Canelo is to defend the title at 168 lbs, he needs to fight one of the three, or move up to light heavy to fight Beterbiev. Beterbiev is not moving to 168 lbs anytime soon.

  • Not that he’d have beaten Canelo at 12st7lb but Smith has well outstayed his welcome in the 12st division. He’s already fought a battle before he gets in the ring. He should’ve been light heavy two years ago. Looked ill and just miserable before the fight.

    • Agree, Smith looked so drawn. Looked like he was on a hunger strike before the fight.

  • Smith showed up to be a punching bag and a payday. Yet the media and all commentators will portray it as a Canelo masterpiece of the most skillfull p4p yet he was open for a magnitude of counter right hands all night (Smith never wanted to punch) There is no history in cherry picking opponents, picking the weakest belt holders in different weight classes and never defending them. Why hold a LH and not take on LH contenders? Canelo just another new era Mayweather, take the easiest path to $$ and pretend as to be TBE. Real fights Nakatani vs Verdejo, Baranchyk vs Zepeda, Garth vs Ward, Barrera vs Morales, Castillo vs Corrales you guys get the idea.

    • agreed hes in s**t divisions no fault of his own. all you saying then he should fight joshua, fury and etc. whats up your a**. if he wants history fight the best prime fighters in the division. he walks around at 170-180lbs. kovalev was damaged goods. can u imagine the chump with best middle weights in other eras. he lucked out like kitchko did other than lennox lewis

  • Why people saying that Smith looked bad because he took the fight on 4 week notice, first of all guys, any boxer needs to be in shape 24/7 working in the gym because they never when they’re getting the phone call from a manager or promoter for a fight or for an opportunity to find for a championship and Smith was the champion and the best in the division for a reason because he’s always in shape, all his brothers are boxers, they all in the gym all the time and you call it a short notice ????….come on now guys, a boxer needs to be in shape all the time period and like Smith said in the interview after the fight with Canelo that he had no excuses….when you’re in the army and they call you on the spot to get ready to go to work you have to leave your camping and fight period

  • and last but not least smith was gutless fighter. better to give it your all and get KTFO then go on a bicycle to survive. I bet Calzaghe was ready to call it a night halfway through.

  • The comments.. first Canelo isn’t a top 10 opponent he’s P4P the best in the world. This is what it looks like when champion-tier opponents fight the P4P best. Smith did exactly what he has done in every other professional bout. Fight to assert his position and land power punches.

    The problem is Canelo is P4P. You’re not going to touch him clean. If GGG couldn’t you sure as hell are not going to either. You’re talking about a Canelo who in his early 20s lost a close decision to a prime Floyd Mayweather. What were you expecting?

    Smith looked ordinary against Ryder. I’ll say Smith is/was a good champion at 168 and probably will see success at 175 and beyond before he retires but he’s not P4P. Nowhere close to that level of skill. Could he be there? If he makes camp changes and gets people who could help him get there. He’s not going to get there with the way things are.

    If you need more evidence put the fight on replay and watch what happens whenever Smith lands a punch. Every time Canelo turns with the punch or steps back to reduce the damage. GGG is a fantastic power puncher and he did the same to GGG. He stood in front of the most dangerous middleweight in the world and made him look ordinary. That’s what makes Canelo P4P.

    There are fights still for Canelo to make in and around middleweight. I’d love to see him fight Saunders or Benavidez next in another chapter of his incredible reign.

  • Fight was terrible. Smith didn’t come to win and when Demetrius Andrade said so they turned off his mic.

  • canelo is a light heavy not middleweight lara gave him problems mayweather was to slick i would like to see another fight with tripple g that is the only fightgene

  • Duhhhhhhh……………well maybe he should fight fury and Joshua duuuuhhh. Right? No, but a shop worn Kovalev right after a brutal fight with short notice??
    You can add up all these 96 comments and at the end of the day it boils down to two things.
    1. 154 160 and 175 are shit divisions other than GGG, Bivol, and Beterbiev. Of course hes going to shine. The best should fight the best right?
    Hes a belt holder at 175 so why not unify. At 168 there are no Frochs, Kesslers, Abrahams, or Calzaghes. Or am I missing something? Or God forbid Andre Ward. Hes a big fish in a small pond.
    2. Its no fault of his own hes in a s**t era. Can you imagine Mayweather back in the 70s-80s with hearns, leonard, duran, benevitez, and etc and etc. Enjoy the redhead. By all means. Hes a very good accomplished fighter. But if he isnt willing to fight the best available opponents other than GGG why even the F**k watch. I’m done with it. Gone are the days when the best fought the best. At the end of the day his next 3 fights should be Bivol, Beterbiev, or GGG. Or what the f*****g point?

  • I really thought that Smith would do better. though he had some trouble with his previous opponent, who was only an inch taller than Canelo, I thought that he would put on a better performance because he would be more up for this fight. Alvarez said before the fight, that Smith was the best boxer at this weight division. Pretty sad commentary I think.
    I felt that Smith would do better, as I felt yes, his height and reach would help, and the fact that Cannelo beat an older, really probably down Kovalev, who some three months before that match almost got stopped. If Smith does go up to light heavy, I don’t see much hope for him there. A Kovalev Smith fight though would be interesting.

  • Perhaps no one will see this, but I am sure if Canello had to box him weight under 160, and Smith under 168, Alvarez still would have won. Makes you wonder how many other weight divisions this probably could happen in.

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