Beterbiev KOs Smith in seven

Artur Beterbiev Vs Callum Smith Action14
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Unbeaten light heavyweight destroyer Artur Beterbiev (20-0, 20 KOs) defended his unified WBC/WBO/IBF world titles with a brutal seventh round KO against former super middleweight champion Callum “Mundo” Smith (29-2, 21 KOs) on Saturday night at the Videotron Center in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Smith boxed smartly but Beterbiev’s powerful punches caused damage whenever they landed. Beterbiev battered Smith in round four but Smith rallied later in the round. Beterbiev continued to punish Smith, who showed a great fighting heart. Beterbiev finally dropped Smith twice in round seven. After the second knockdown trainer Buddy McGirt entered the ring to stop the fight in case Smith would have beat the count. Time was 2:00.

Beterbiev-Bivol showdown one step closer
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  • Thought it would be closer and somewhat competitive. Time for Bivol. I’m going with Beterbiev. Arthur had commented after meeting face to face with Bivol that he didn’t think Bivol really wanted to fight. But now he has to. Bivol has been ranked one above Beterbiev by ring magazine but I don’t know. I think Beterbiev will be too much.

    • Bivol easy UD win, just compare berterbeiv’s hand speed, reflexes, footwork to him. Can’t hit what you can’t see. Bivol is the Asian Cassius clay. Berterbeiv was sonny Liston in another life.

      • I kind of agree with you. Problem with Bivol though he does not have the punch that an Ali had. Had he stopped Canelo, or even recently Arthur, would totally agree with you. And Berterbeiv is no Sonny Liston.

  • Beterbiev v Bivol

    Make it happen, please

    Neither could’ve looked better in their last fight.

  • Smith can punch. He has decent power. Beterbiev’s jab was stronger than everything he had. I thought Smith would be the first to make it to the finish line, but this was one of Artur’s better performances imo. That was fantastic!

    • Great performance and I admit Beterbiev’s chin when he did get hit was very solid. I honestly thought Smith fought better then he did against Canelo. He really tried and showed tremendous heart. Beterbiev was just way too much for him. No shame in that.

      • Yeah well, against Canelo he was only given 4 weeks to prepare, typical Canelo move.

  • Based on what I saw Beterviev is ripe for the taking. Good basic skills, but really slow, a good athlete that can stay away from his shots and do damage in the lulls in action can beat him. Bivol has a good shot based on what I saw. Before this fight I favored Beterviev, now probably Bivol. His style is very tricky. A good solid boxer can beat him. I’m really high on David Morell, not that the fight happens, but I’d love to see it.

  • Smith gave it a try, but he encountered a future HOF beast. Hats off to Smith for trying.

    Time for Beterbiev to TKO or KO Bivol and become the 175 pound GOAT..YEP!! Beterbiev will apply major pressure on Bivol, and his punches will wear down a moving Bivol. Bivol will put in a solid effort before he hits the canvas.

    • I agree. Bivol just doesn’t have the firepower to keep Beterbiev off of him. He is an excellent boxer so I’m sure they will want a big ring. That is going to be a wrench in the negotiations for sure, hopefully they just agree on a 20 footer and get at it. They will probably make 20-25 mil each. AB TKO 10. If Canelo doesn’t fight Benavidez, I see him getting the winner in another mega fight after he beats a top 10 contender at LH. Say what you want about the Saudis, but they have the bankroll to make all the fights we want to see happen. The only drawback is that we on the west coast have to start drinking early for these 2 pm main events. Ok l, there is no drawback.

  • Now I know why not many are willing to fight this mean and ruthless guy. I hope Bivol will not change his mind because him and Benavidez are the ones that might have a chance against him

  • Congrats to both…. Arthur is a brute…punches from his core while square with extraordinary power.punches are short… Bivol should be next fight…ring in this fight did look small…

    • I was thinking the same thing. There shouldn’t be that much leeway in deciding upon the size of a ring. They should be a standard size. Smith needed a bigger ring, preferably one about two or three miles wide.

      • They are anywhere from 16 feet to 24 feet-standard size of 20 would be fair.

  • bring on Bivol vs Beterbiev hopefully both promotions company can work together the fight the fans want to see

  • Beterbiev said “Maybe I think about retiring in 10 years” The way he looks at 39 maybe he could go another 10 years!

    • Why Not ? Both Foreman and Hopkins did it. Although George had some very hand picked bum of the month club opponents.

      • marc…Foreman was a beast…at the same time …the elites of the heavyweight division avoided Foreman…Too many good things about the old Foreman to mention….Joe Louis also had a “Bum” of the month Club…and guess what you have to beat bums also… remember Jesse Ferguson was considered a “Bum” and he had some quality wins

  • Smith’s legs are shot. He (Smith ) looked like an old man in a rocking chair and slow motion at that.

  • All I know is Carlos and Steve G called it. I missed it by a round or less. Beterbiev is the man, but he don’t beat bivol. Smith gave it all and much respect.

    • Salut/ hi Killa……so, Artur don’t beat Bivol……!!!??? you dreaming in archi-fabulus-protectoplasm colors. What Mr. Bivol will do again a man who’s scare the devil.If you bet on the issue of the fight don’t go “all-in”. Keep some…..we never knows…..Salut, from Montréal

      • Hey brother from Canada, no disrespect at all. Beterbiev is all that and a bag of chips, but my Canadian brother, he doesn’t beat him. I know you guys love your fighters, ….. Lemieux, Stevenson, Lewis, Kirk (heavyweight), and the lefty that I can’t remember his name right now. One too many beers at dinner, but a boxer always beats a puncher. Bivol is too smart to go blow for blow with beterbiev. Reality. Styles makes fights.

          • HI/ Salut!!… disrespect from me too. I’m 68y.o. and I never see a recking monster like Artur…….I’m watching him since 2012-2013 and since this time I know 1 thing: I’ll never gonna watch another athlete like Beterbiev,…..and I’m totaly sure of that He is absolutly unique Have a good day…..Pierre from Montréal

  • Gotta give smith some credit for lasting that long and for exchanging at times! It was a one sided punishment/preparation/sparringmatch for berteviev for a possible fight with bivol! Bivol is younger, can take a punch and fast releasing accurate combinations! Bivol vs berteviev should be an interesting 50/50 match that could go either way!

  • PED’s or not, Beterbiev is a beast of a fighter who has some of the heaviest hands ever. That was a very impressive performace. I’m not sure which round it was but there was a Beterbiev right to the body that just sounded hellacious and I knew Smith was going to be hard-pressed to go the distance. Smith also seemed to just never get untracked and wasn’t letting his hands go enough to make it competitive. I don’t think he expected Beterbiev’s jab to be that good. Bivol’s only chance is to box and move with Beterbiev because I don’t see how Bivol (or anyone else for that matter) can take that power for twelve rounds.

    • NO PEDS, tested 26 times, always negative. One return as atypical which is not unusual. Retest 30 hours later was negative.

  • I like beterbiev, he is a the shite, but bivol beats him hands down with respect.

    • 50-50 i think. They are both great, and humble too. Good sportsmen.

  • I hate to be so critical because Smith showed real guts, but how the hell was he the mandatory? Is the division that weak currently? I know I’m gonna get ripped for stating this, but the division is pretty weak. Beterviev is a great fighter, but I have a feeling that once he loses, people are going to shit all over the guy like they always do. I don’t fall for the hype…Ill reserve my judgement on how great he is until I see him fight Bivol. His KO streak is impressive, but the opposition not so much. In his defense he can only fight the fighters available. Decent good fighters, but a relatively weak division

  • People Here and many other boxing forums make the same mistake

    People try to analyze boxing like boxing has logistic

    Most people say :

    A went distance with B
    Then B will go distance with C

    And this does not work like that

    There are many combinations and that’s why styles make fights

    Any boxer can prepare and box diferent according to his opponent

    But don’t worry maybe 20 more years and you will stop including a third boxer

    When A is gona fight against B I just analyze them and I don’t include any other letter

    • You’re a know-it-all who does not know it all or not nearly as much as you think.

    • Carlos… understand your statement…of course styles make fights….this is a boxing a forum…some of us are further along in understanding the sweet science than others…fans have a right to grow…and learn at their own pace….equivalent to being a young football fan …loving the defensive side of football but just learning the defensive schemes…over time it is learned…allow others the opportunity to grow…spend time correcting everyone…if you would be here all day…always remember in have a “right” to a perspective/opinion…and you also have a “right” to be wrong…

      • In America? Right now people get harrassed for having an opinion about the genocide In the Middle East In that country.

        • Genocide? A country of terrorists that attacked another country. Kidnapped their people, held them hostage, raped women and children , killed civilians not soldiers initially. That same country that has voted for Hamas leadership since about 2006 at a clip of 85 percent? That same country using their people as shields and a hospital as a underground base. Let Israel destroy as much as Hamas it can.

          • respecting your “right” to your opinion…was not going to address it but noticed that you left out something important…This very same Country ..a country that had to include minorities in World War II..also defeated Hitler and Nazi Germany ..paving a way for those like you to be able to be here today and talk boxing on this wonderful site…understand and love our Constitution and not the atrocities of a select few that dwell within the confines of this nation….back to boxing …giving the fighters their time…as they put their lives on the line to entertain us…Congrats to both for putting on a good event

    • Barely beat Canelo??? What fight were you watching?? He beat the living shit out of Canelo EASILY. Fight wasn’t even close, Bivol was the clear winner.

      Last night’s fight was boring. I was falling asleep while watching it. I like Beterbiev but he’s going to lose to Bivol.

  • Every fight is diferent that’s why :
    Pacman beat Thurman
    Thurman beat ugas
    Ugas beat pacman

    Good night

  • No surprise. Just waiting for the promoter with a tissue in his shirt sleeves to start whining.

  • That uppercut to the throat was scary! Could have killed a man. Both fights were as expected I think.

  • Actually thought Smith was going to put up a better fight than that and give Artur a few problems but he didn’t. One of Beterbievs easier fights in fact despite Smith saying that he was going to knock him out.

  • Callum Smith was easily caught in a corner after just a couple of seconds. He probably understood then that the evening would not go as he had planned.

    In addition, Beterbiev found the gaps in Callum Smith’s guard already in the first round, which was a little surprising to me. Callum Smith’s shot did not reach or hit Beterbiev’s guard. Beterbiev was in controll from start.

    Callum Smith’s attempt at some rope-a-dope tactics was a disaster. If Beterbiev is Foreman, then Callum Smith is definitely not Muhammad Ali.

    Well executed figh by Beterbiev.

    Hats off and congratulations.

  • The same Beterbiev on juice? He needs to be fined, not fighting. And also check for plaster of Paris.

    • There’s no evidence for those assertions. Presumably his gloving was carefully observed in the usual way, and he’s been drug tested numerous times.

  • Would he have done better, and this is on Smith. really how can you be boxing for a title and not have fought in nearly a year and a half? and at that only 6 rounds since 2020. Also the level of competion that he fought compared to Berbetev was no were near. Yarde did far better.

    • That was my complaint years ago when Gerry Cooney fought Larry Holmes in 1982. Cooney had only fought two rounds in over two years.

  • Smith had all the attributes to be a great fighter but just lacked that spark to step up to the next level.Years of making 12st (he just looked ill at times and I think he was already on the downward slope the night he fought John Ryder). I’ve never thought much of his old trainer from a technical/ development standpoint. His fighters kust get really fit (and McGirt just came too late). the above spells of inactivity (last fought Aug 2022). The above combined contributed to yet another disappointing showing agsinst elite level opposition. He said his best beat Berbetiev but again he fell way short. You need a lot more than just guts to compete with let alone beat a guy like Berbetiev. Bivol definitely has the tools. I just don’t know if he can take what Berbetiev dishes out to hold him off and outbox him like he did against Canelo. Can’t wait to find out though and it’s a fight that hss to happen.

  • Smith’s choice of fight style worked exceptionally well to get hit and lose. What was he thinking laying on the ropes and trading punches half the time? It almost looked like he was paid to throw it.

    • I don’t think it was voluntary. Beterbiev cut the ring off and was throwing bombs at Smith. It feels like everyone is just shocked by how hard Beterbiev hits. Some of his punches don’t even land clean but seem to hurt. He’s got that mutant power that no one can handle.

  • no contest,,,oh he is old and faded and Smith could take advantage blah blah. However Bivol is a different animal.

  • Punchers always look unbeatable with HL reel KO’s, but when elite KO artists fight against elite boxers with good defense (*foot work and defensive tactics), the boxers usually come out on top. Beterbiev is scary, but when he fights Bivol, I think Bivol will have a few tough early rounds but will pick Beterbiev apart as the fight goes to the later rounds. Bivo by UD.

      • Gaskin …Pernell beat the crap out of Chavez…study that fight…at one point Pernell tripled up the jab and came with a sizzling straight left….that fight took Chavez’s fighting spirit…next fights after Pernell…Frankie Randell finished Chavez ..beat up Chavez…dropped Chavez with a straight right..though it did go the distance
        ..Chavez was never the same …after that Pernell fight….Good stuff…great fights to study …

        • Someone knows this sport. Chavez was a monster and was turned into a whipped pup. I like Beterviev late round KO.

          • The potential matchup Beterviev vs. Bivol….reminds me of Jirov vs. Toney…..Guys ..your think Artur is a beast…Artur has nothing on Jirov…Jirov …trained by Manny Stewart and Tommy Brooks…was twice the beast as Beterviev…Bivol is definitely no James Toney but Bivol has great tools..and the willpower ..PLEASE..PLEASE..GOOGLE THAT FIGHT…. Jirov and Toney beat the hell out of each other…in the end that beast in Jirov submitted….just like beast in a prime Kovalev submitted to Ward….the even beast in Joe Louis submitted to Max Smelling…three aforementioned boxers submitted beast,,,follow this sport you know that Beterviev certainly don”t compare to Jirov, Kovalev and definitely no Joe Louis…Bivol is that guy with the key ….question can Bivol implement it …everyone wants Artur vs. Bivol…..a better fight is Beterviev vs David Benavidez…now that is a fight!!!!!

      • Gaskin …Pernell beat the crap out of Chavez…study that fight…at one point Pernell tripled up the jab and came with a sizzling straight left….that fight took Chavez’s fighting spirit…next fights after Pernell…Frankie Randell finished Chavez ..beat up Chavez…dropped Chavez with a straight right..though it did go the distance
        ..Chavez was never the same …after that Pernell fight….Good stuff…great fights to study …good posts..Max .. Gaskin

  • Smith had all the attributes to be a great fighter but perhaps lacked that sprinkling of stardust to make the step to the next level. Years of making 12st (he just looked ill at times and I think he was already on the downward slope the night he fought John Ryder). I’ve never thought much of his old trainer Joe Gallagher from a technical/ development standpoint. His fighters just get really fit, aggressive but not the best defensively. McGirt just came to the party too late. Add to the above spells of inactivity (last fought Aug 2022). Smith would scote a highlight KO seemingly disappear of the face of the earth (Zthen throw in Covid whichI feel has hurt so many fighters, robbing them of a chunk of their primes). The above combined contributed to yet another disappointing showing against elite opposition last night. He said his best beat Berbetiev but, sadly, he fell way short. Seems his best was the night he beat Groves and that’s how it goes sometimes. There are levels. You need a lot more than just guts to compete with let alone beat, a guy like Berbetiev. Bivol definitely has the tools but I don’t know if he can take what Berbetiev dishes out hold him off and outbox him like he did against Canelo. Can’t wait to find out hope it happens this year.

  • Can’t wait for Bivol vs Beterbiev.. what a display Last night fight was. 38 years old doesn’t seem to matter. But Bivol is a big volume puncher and Beterbiev still has not gone the distance. But I never figured Crawford would demolish Spence. So who knows. That’s why I love boxing!

    • Bivol is special. He ain’t no Smith for goodness sake. He can box and move and punch . I believe he is unbeatable at 175. BUT that is why they fight and we watch.

    • The way Bivol outclassed Canelo it’s hard to go against him. Even almost 40 years old, Beterviev has the look of a much younger fighter. Up in age like Crawford, fighting once a year does it. Spence has one dimension but Crawford has too many tools in his bag. I don’t just don’t see Bivol holding off Beterviev for 12 rounds.

  • These Liams, Callums, Lukes and etc are really boring. They just can’t bring it. How Eddie Hearn thought his guy had a chance was lame.

  • I saw a lot of blows to the back of the head and that stupid referee Mike Griffin did nothing

  • Interesting fight would be Arthur against the Mexican Monster…now that is a fight worth seeing….

  • This was a predictable win for Beterbiev. I didn’t think Smith had the ability, conditioning, and power to overcome what Beterbiev brought. My problem with Beterbiev is that he only fights once per year. If he and Bivol finally agree to fight, when will that be? late 2025? late 2026?

  • Why people thought this fight would be competitive is beyond me. The guy was 510 days inactive. He could’ve had 6 months inactive and the result would’ve been the same.

  • Keep hearing that Smith is a huge puncher, how can that be when he has 21 stoppages in 31 fights, against mostly fringe fighters? Yarde has more stoppages in less fights.

  • Beterbiev is awesome but I’m still rolling with Bivol by UD. I believe he has the boxing skills, ring IQ, and will to win not to get starched. I wish it was undisputed. WBC need to lighten up on their stance.

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