Benavidez still pondering weight division

The WBC Board of Governors has approved the extension of two weeks requested by David Benavidez with regard to his decision to confirm his decision on which weight category he will choose to continue his boxing career. Benavidez currently holds both the WBC interim super middleweight and interim light heavyweight championships.

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  • If Brnavidez picks super middle then Canelo will retire. He don’t want that smoke. Mark my words!

    • Starting to look like that more and more. If Benevidez beats Bivol then he beat the man who beat Canelo. If Benevidez can defeat
      Beterbiev, even better. Mex Monster better
      suited for 175, me thinks. Canelo can make
      bank against Crawford, and retire. Better legacy fight for him. Bud never fought anyone that hits as hard as Canelo. Can
      Crawford take those hits? Big jump from
      154 to 168. Ask Charlo.

    • Yep. That request comes from the top of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman, son of Jose Sulaiman, founder of the WBC and his concern for Canelo. It has been a strategic play all along. Historically, once you go up in weight, even if it’s not a full divisional jump, you lose some of your steam by going back down to the original weight. Canelo knows this and is perhaps betting on Benavidez coming back down as a weaker version of himself before taking the fight.

      The next move would be to fight David immediately with a serious rehydration clause and a pretty check since Canelo knows that he cannot age Benavidez out.

  • Why is Benavidez taking long ? Does he have a genuine explanation? The realistic observation is that David enjoys the scandalous Day-before Weigh-in advantages that shocked his psychology versus a true light heavyweight that was not afraid of David’s previous winnings and or the media hype of Mexican Monster. Another observation is being limited within a plateaued regime. E V E R Y pugilist with one Chief Second is limited and plateaus in due time. No one person can and should continue to develop a pugilist. The Science of Boxiana is a multi fistic engineering brain trust.

  • Sulaiman putting on that pressure to make the excuse Canelo doesn’t have another better option than the Berlanga fight since Benavidez no longer campaigns at Super Middleweight.

  • Benavidez has to decide which division he wants to keep his interim title in, but these crooked bastards never forced canelo to fight him and allowed canelo to dodge him at will!!!!! What an absolute JOKE

    • exactly just like they did force Crawford to fight Ennis and they never forced Haney to fight Tank at 135 im with you on this one

  • David should stay at light heavy for these reasons: Lost his Super Middle titles on the scale 1-2 times. Canelo might consider a Light Heavy Title addition as attractive. Canelo has nothing to win by fighting David at Super Middle. David is older and bigger and the weight is harder to shed. Lastly, He’s a champion and will make his own legacy

  • Benavidez did not convince against Gvozdyk. Maybe he feels it himself? It’s not just stepping up and dominating the light heavyweight.

    Then it is difficult to lose weight if you are a little too high. There is a cost associated with it.

    And it is Benavidez who steps into the ring and exposes himself to world boxers. His brain, health and life.

    I think he is doing absolutely right to give this decision the time it needs.

  • LHW is loaded with big, talented fighters and DB will not dominate that division. It will be a much tougher road to travel. He’ll probably choose 168 even if Canelo isn’t interested.

  • — Benavidez is playing by the bizarre rules of the WBC, so hats off to the young man maturing after his initial youthful transgressions.

    Everyone knows Canelo vs Bena for the WBC LH Interim is where the Big Fight $$$ is no matter the final decision…

  • Run canelo run! No way canelo fights benavidez unless it’s tilted in his favor.

  • He might as well go to 175 unless he’s afraid of the inevitable meeting with Beterbiev. He’s says he’s the Mexican monster prove it. At 175, Bivol and Beterbiev will not run from him. Let the Canelo fight go. He did everything right and dominated 168 but Canelo CLEARLY didn’t want that fight.

  • So sick of people mentioning Canelo every time Benavidez’s name comes up. Canelo easily the better, more talented and accomplished fighter. Were these two more equal in size, Canelo would obliterate Benavidez, but Benavidez is a much bigger man. Benevidez has always been a natural cruiserweight fighting at super middle to try to sucker the much smaller man into the ring just to make a lot of money. Wise of Canelo to avoid this trap, and it doesn’t take away from his great career that he’s chosen this path either. He doesn’t need Benavidez.

    Benavidez needs to campaign at Lt Heavy or Cruiser, and prove himself against fighters more his size. So sick of watching him predictably beat much smaller fighters, then be treated like he’s greater than he is.

    • Same weight division. The physical size is not the issue. It’s the size of the heart and b@lls where Alvarez is at a disadvantage.

    • Benavidez mentions Canelo’s name so how do figure “people” should stop mentioning his name. Canelo is hold the 168lbs belts. If he’s too small he should give them up and let Benavidez get undisputed. You don’t see Canelo wasn’t worried about size when he fought Charlo who was 2 weight classes below so what’s the difference. Crawford wants to fight Canelo even thought he’s 2 weight classes south.

      As for being sick of watching Benavidez crush smaller guys. Well you’re about to get your wish. His opponent was durable and he wasn’t the top guy. He may give Bivol more resistance but Beterbiov will knock him into oblivion.

  • I guess he just needs to figure out who he wants to give him the bigger assbeating, Canelo or Beterbiev?

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