Alfredo Angulo comeback suddenly implodes

The highly promoted return of 39-year-old former world champion and fan favorite Alfredo Angulo (26-8, 21 KOs) as a light heavyweight against Fidel Monterrosa (40-29-1, 32 KOs) on Saturday night at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta didn’t happen. The fighters weighed in Friday, but the 11-bout card ran long and local authorities shut the card down. The announcers alluded to a curfew on the stream and quickly signed off.

Update: We were told the Commission didn’t want fights starting after midnight.

In bouts that did take place, former Contender star and local super middleweight favorite Quatavious Cash (15-3, 8 KOs) outpointed Chukka Willis (4-16, 2 KOs) over six rounds. Scores were not announced. Cash had a previously beat Willis in 2019.

Undefeated heavyweight knockout artist Raphael Akepejiori (14-0, 13 KOs) went the distance for the first time against upset artist Terrell Jamal Woods (28-52-9, 20 KOs). No upset tonight as Akepejiori won a unanimous decision. No scores were announced.

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    • Because a certain group of people that live there don’t know how to act like civilized human beings.

  • Glad this is how it manifested. .This Shady promotion Should Have NEVER happened. Angulo can barely stand. The commission is at fault when they do this kind of shit.nuff already

  • Two thoughts. First. When scores are not announced with the decision it always seems shady. Even if if the winning fighter has pitched a shutout, announce the scores. Second. If the promoter was not made aware of the commission rule of not starting a fight after midnight, before the show the show began (with 11 scheduled fights they should have been) they would have been informed sometime during the show to speed things up. If they really wanted to, adjustments could have been made during the show to scratch a 4 or 6 rd fight and move Angulo’s fight up. Not good all the way around.

  • Terrell Jamal Woods is a hell of a lot better than his record suggests.

  • The insurance for the show is only purchased for that day and ends at midnight. So, if anyone gets hurt in a fight neither the fighter nor the promoter is covered by the insurance which is why the show cannot go on after midnight.

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