Alejandra Jimenez targets Claressa Shields

Photo: Stacey Verbeek
“I feel great!,” said former WBC female heavyweight champion Alejandra “La Tigre” Jimenez, who won the WBC and WBO super middleweight titles by ten round split decision over Franchon “The Heavy-Hitting Diva” Crews-Dezurn on Saturday night in San Antonio, Texas. “This is amazing. I’ve accomplished one of my biggest dreams. I’ve been away from my family for a long time. This win is for them, my team, and my country, particularly my Cancun that I love so much.”

When asked ‘what’s next?,’ Jimenez stated, “we’re going to go for Claressa Shields at middleweight!”

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  • well it would be interesting. Shields is always talking about fight men. She mentions Keith Thurman. But my feeling is if she is so good, and she is excellent as far as women fighters are concerned, why does she not try to fight one of the female heavyweights? She could even be heavyweight champ at her weight.

  • No offense to Alejandra but I honestly think she was born a male and got a sex change. None of my business but Is it me or does anyone else see it?

    • She just has a Masculine haircut, if she grows her hair long & lets her body softly contour…You will be one of the simps begging her for a date

      • this had me laughing. she does have a awfully strong voice tho but still you are right about if she grew hair we would be lining up to date her.

    • Alejandra was a chubby girl that went to the boxing gym to lose weight, unexpectedly she succeed in boxing and fought as a heavyweight, now that is losing more weight is fighting as a super middleweight. Seems that what we see now is the normal evolution of a female gay, like happened to many others. Check Chaz Bono (born as a Chastity Sun Bono) who from a pretty blond girl, evolved to be a bearded man. (I believe they going under some kind of treatment to have this meta morphosis). If you wanna see her when she was more feminine, in youtube there are some interviews when Alejandra was a fat girl

  • Believe it or not, Alejandra is a woman. Not a man. I did my homework on this. In fact, she was super hot with long hair. After Alejandra leaves the sport, she needs to go back to being a woman, and stop trying to be a dude.

  • re: Shields vs Jimenez

    Shields was a lot more effective against
    Franchon Crews Dezurn than Jimenez was. Believe it or not, Shields is stronger, faster, and punches harder than Jimenez. In my opinion, Shields will get another KO or TKO on her record.

    Translation. Shields in 2. Easy work. And this will include a couple of knockdowns.

    • Can you predict the alternative for fun? Since Shields was calling out Keith Thurman at one time, how would that one go down in a fairy tale land?

      • Keith lands a hard shot. Shield’s brother comes from the stands. Cold Knock’s Thurman with a blow to the back of his head. Kieth ends up in hospital with serious injuries. Not sure what type of story you could expect with this ridicules scenario.

  • Has anyone called out Shields (that wasn’t pre-setup)? Good for her, the fact that she wants the fight IMO makes it a better one.

  • Crews – Dezurn gave her wll that she could handle and shields is about 2 steps above. Shields by tko 4. She’ll be the perfect foe for 2nd ko.

  • Are you guys kidding me on this gender stuff? Lets try and keep our ignorance to a minimum (Please). Congratulations Alejandra on your well deserved win! Enjoy the victories with your family and two daughters. I apologize for the losers that are displaying their stupidity. I hope Shields decides to fight you! You will win!

  • This is a MAN. The FACT is that this person is biologically a MALE and had a so-called sex change operation. You can cut off whatever you want but that doesn’t change the FACTS and the fact ism that this is a MAN.

  • Noccowt,

    If Alejandra is really female than I take my hat off to her I just have a hard time trying to believe it’s really a she but whatever it is what it is. I believe you yourself are feminine judging by how you seem angry but that’s another story. Props to female boxers they give a good account of themselves and try their best and for that I salute them.

  • Guys, show some respect here, she’s a fighter. And a person. And a mother, sister, daughter. Keep in mind, she, or family/friends may be reading this as well. Rudeness says more about the ugliness in oneself you may not see today, but is there.

    • What she does has nothing to do with the fact that she is either taking a lot of testosterone or she’s a man. Women do not look or talk like she does. Those are facts. Overlooking that and making excuses for it is idiotic.

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