Oleksandr Usyk named WBO mandatory challenger

The WBO Championship Committee has designated Oleksandr Usyk as the mandatory challenger in the heavyweight division. The ruling was issued upon a petition filed by attorney John Hornewer representing Team Usyk. Representatives of current #1 contender Dillian Whyte unsuccessfully opposed the petition.

The WBO ruled in favor of Usyk based on his distinguished amateur record and professional accomplishments including having fulfilled a historic achievement by unifying all four major cruiserweight championship titles from the recognized sanctioning organizations (WBO, WBA, WBC and IBF) and winning the World Boxing Super Series Tournament Muhammad Ali Trophy, and having been acknowledged as a WBO Super Champion entitled to certain rights and privileges including eligibility to be considered for designation as the mandatory challenger in a higher or lower division.

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  • USYK is a far more skilled fighter than nearly all the top HW, With the WBO belt on the line that would make him available against the winner of the Andy Ruiz jr. – Joshua rematch, unless they strip Ruiz of his and have a box off with Tyson Fury. I would actually pick Usyk over Wilder if they were to ever meet in the ring.

  • So he has not had a single fight as a heavyweight and he is ranked number one by an organization already? That is ridiculous.

    • @James, David Hate Didn’t, Roy Jones didn’t… Why we crying fowl now?!?!

      • Haye fought Barrett as a HW before challenging Valuev and not sure he was a mandatory for Valuev , but he definitely fought at HW before challenging.

          • What about Roy?He is a ring legend.At the time he was unbeatable and proved it against John Ruiz for one fight

      • Because it needs to happen sometime. Most likely they gave him a high rating to create a david versus goliath type of fight against one of these near seven foot tall fighters like Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury and that is ridiculous. Usyk is the most talented fighter at heavyweight right now but that can only mean so much with physical disadvantages.

  • Theres no doubt Usyk is a highly skilled fighter who has accomplished a lot in boxing. Perhaps he’ the best heavyweight out there, even though he hasn’t had one fight in the division, which is exactly why he shouldn’t be named the mandatory challenger. That’s an insult to guys like Dilian Whyte and others who have been competing in the division

    • Heavy’s took damage to secure their slot while Usyk comes in fresh as a daisy.His injury to duck out of Takam ,where is that now? Doctor form said he is ready to fight now?Mere hours after Takam fight nixed?Usyk is good fighter but is a different between Cruiser and Super Heavy that I dont think he can over come.

      • What alternative does a fighter have who understands that multiple sanctioning bodies are a farce and that there should be one global body instead to determine the best fighters of the world?

    • Absolutely true. The only belt that would make any sense is that of an undisputed champ.

  • Aside from Whyte I have no issue with this. None of the other HW contenders are doing what Dillian has been doing and that’s taking on the names that matter in the HW division outside of the champions.

    • He refused Association directive,ducking Ortiz for Elimination in swap for his own vetted path.Chisora,Browne,Parker..Parker fight is controversial,rest are out of prime.Luis Ortiz stood to fight for the slot and Whyte went for Hearn vetted fighter path,why should he be rewarded? why should anyone accept association directive?If WBC makes Whyte vs Rivas Elimination match,Luis Ortiz career is done.He didnt accept short notice joshua fight because he had Wilder rematch already.He stood to fight for it and Whyte ran other way.Ortiz would of beat Whyte.Ortiz is Whyte level power with fluidity that Whyte dont possess,then being southpaw to boot.IF THEY RULE THIS,Wilder vs Ortiz rematch is gone and Ortiz missed both shots which is bunk with time he has left.Whyte cant get rewarded for fighting his own path where he felt comfy.3 FIGHTERS WHYTE DUCKED NOW in swap for Eddies vetted path.Ortiz,Breazeale,Povetkin<———–<< All 3 tough fights for his style.I think even Breazeale and Povetkin beats Whyte.No wonder he ran.lol.

  • White should be pissed and probably is… But this is boxing… It’s a show before it’s a fight.. Usyk adds a much needed new angle to the hvywt division now that Joshua has been exposed… I kept saying he beat an old Vlad, and barely… I hope Usyk goes straight after a title fight, no hvywt warm up b s…

  • Whyte should be PO’ed. He has earned that #1 contender ranking. In all fairness Whyte and Usyk should fight for that # 1 ranking.

    • 12 your comment is true,Usyk vs Whyte for WBO mandatory,but top spot in WBC,WHYTE did not earn.Be easy to pick vetted styles where one has a chance avoiding challenging one WBC INSISTED ON.Ortiz,Breazeale,Povetkin,all I think would beat Whyte,reason avoided for 2 out of Prime and 1 young lion that judging helped..(Parker,Chisora,Browne…)

  • Feel sorry for Whyte once more but I think Uzyk qualifies for an automatic shot because of his cruiser achievements. It’s not like the WBC re Whyte where he has been number one for ages and then is usurped by a lesser fighter.

    • Nobody should qualify for an automatic shot at a title. That is ridiculous. At the very least, beat the number one contender in a division before you challenge for a belt. This gift that Usyk got is ridiculous.

  • I could see him getting ranked in the top 20. I can see him getting a tittle shot if it was a big money fight, but getting the #1 ranking and he hasn’t fought once as a heavyweight is bogus.

  • Almost feels like money exchanged hands to do this. Whyte has been fighting and defeated many credible opponents who were world class worthy including Joseph Parker. ‘Number mandatory’ Usyk he has not even fought a heavyweight, though he was supposed to fight Takam, who himself was recently knocked out by Chisora. I could seem as number three, behind Whyte and Fury. Perhaps they are trying to get Ruiz to relinquish his WBO title and have Whyte and Usyk fight for that title. Would not be surprised.

    • You really think that these quality organizations can be bought? Try giving them enough money and you too will be a “contender.”

  • No issue with the ruling. I am exciting for his heavyweight title shot!

  • Whyte being scared to fight Luiz Ortiz is the reason for this. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

  • Not sure how he got that rank since he’s never fought at heavyweight but he will probably tear Ruiz apart.

  • This is total crap. Anyone who is down with this is a moron. This guy isn’t even medically cleared. Roy Jones comparisons are a joke. If he made a Super fight fine. But in no way should he be ordered a mandatory. He was taking a fight to test the waters, got hurt, now is a number 1. What joke!

  • How do you become the mady after pulling out of your first heavyweight fight?… He was supposed to fight takam. Why is he fighting so hatd to be the mandy now? I thought you were injured?

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