Floyd compares McGregor to Maidana

Profanity Warning: Former five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather compared MMA fighter Connor McGregor to former world champion Marcos Maidana. “Some guys play it safe and then some like Marcos Maidana go for the kill,” Floyd told the LA press. “I think he’s the Maidana-type. He’s a heavy-hitter so I have to be cautious. It’s going to basically be a toe-to-toe battle.”

Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Floyd also stated he could beat McGregor no matter where they fight. “I don’t give a fuck if it’s a ring, I don’t give a fuck if it’s an octagon. Put me in there and I’m going to kick ass,” proclaimed Floyd. “I don’t back down from no-mutha-fucking-body. You line them up, and I knock’em down like bowling pins. On August 26, I’m gonna knock this bitch out too…if you want eight oz. gloves, let’s put eight oz. gloves on. If you want four oz. gloves, let’s put four oz. gloves on. Don’t fool the public.

Mayweather also alluded to some IRS problems he is reportedly facing. Holding up what appeared to be a check, Floyd stated, “Let me show you mutha-fuckers what a hundred-million dollar fighter looks like. I still got a hundred-million and ain’t even touched this shit.

“We knew I was the A-side, that’s why this bitch has to come to the boxing ring. He looks great for a seven-figure fighter, he looks great for an eight-figure fighter. But mutha-fucker, I’m a nine-figure fighter. Y’all know what? This bitch made $3 million for his last fight. That’s training camp money for me.”

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