Loma KOs Kambosos, wins IBF lightweight title

Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs George Kambosos Jr Down2
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Former three-weight world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (18-3, 13 KOs) scored an eleventh round knockout against former unified champion George Kambosos Jr. (21-3, 10 KOs) to claim the vacant IBF lightweight title on Sunday morning at RAC Arena in Perth, Western Australia. The skillful Loma befuddled Kambosos with his movement and progressively broke him down. Loma dropped Kambosos twice in round eleven to end it. Time was 2:49.

In a clash between former world champions, Pedro Guevara (42-4-1, 22 KOs) scored a twelve round split decision over Andrew Moloney (26-4, 16 KOs) to claim the vacant WBC interim super flyweight title. Guevara outworked Moloney to win 115-113, 115-113 on two cards. Moloney won 116-113 on the third card. After the fight, an angry Moloney announced his retirement.

Former world champion Cherneka Johnson (16-2, 6 KOs) dethroned previously unbeaten WBA female bantamweight champion Nina Hughes (6-1, 2 KOs) by ten round majority decision. Hughes was originally declared the winner by ring announcer Lieutenant Dan Hennessy, however the score was announced again moments later with Johnson winning. Scores were 95-95, 96-94, 98-92.

Other Results:
Hemi Ahio TKO1 Lucas Browne (heavyweight)
Joseph Goodall TKO10 Faiga Opelu (heavyweight)
Imam Khataev KO6 Ricards Bolotniks (light heavyweight)

Lucas Browne retires
Rocky Hernandez wins by TKO in ring return

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  • That was very low class from Maloney. Hopefully both of them retire.

    • My heart goes out to Moloney he tried so hard and I respect the guy but he’s delusional and a horrible sport. That fight was anything but one sided. It could have gone either way it was that close but the right guy won.

      • He effectively said that he’s done with the sport and is retiring, and then next sentence, if the Mexican grants him a rematch he will take it. What is it Andrew? Retire or not?

    • Happy to see the back of both of them and Kambosos, tbh, and I’m an Aussie. We’ve got plenty of other half decent fighters coming through to fly the flag now without the boring amateur style Moloney twins and the loud mouth Kambosos. All three have seen better days and time to retire.

      • Couldn’t agree more !!! Had enough of them 3 and charging PPV for every fight

  • It was a very competitive fight it could have gone either way.

    Pedro threw more punches and heavily invested in the body of Moloney.

    Moloney controlled the early rounds, threw combos

  • I’m glad the judges did get impressed by the noise the crowd made when Maloney connected a jab after 3 power punches from Guevara
    It was a close fight

  • These poor Maloney brothers have done well but take too much punishment better to hang up the gloves and avoid health issues later in life.
    All the best Champ

  • Definitely an emotional decision. I wonder how he feels after a week or two. This was a very close fight, either one winning a close score or even a draw would have been fair imo.

    • If the same fight had been held in Mexico Guevara would win more easy because everything he had connected Maloney the Mexican crowd had made lot of noise then the noise would start taking effect over the judges

  • The ring announcer in the Johnson vs Hughes fight made an unforgiveable error by declaring the wrong fight as the winner, to correct it minutes later

    • A classic case of ‘he only had one job’. Feel for both girls here. As an Aussie we get to suffer through Lt Dan every local fight night down here. Can’t believe that we’ve got nobody else out there down here who could step up.

      • Delboy,.
        He made several errors during card fight.
        Maybe the event was a bit bigger for him.

    • Lol! That’s called the Steve Harvey. I can’t remember the beauty contest, but he did the exact same thing.

  • Should be an easy ko for loma at the least and a easy belt to capture! If loma loses, its retirement cause ain’t no point continuing when you struggle against easy opposition!

  • Guevara won that fight with solid body shots and various impact punches.

    Moloney should have stored his excuses under “fuhgettaboutit” and look for a rematch (ditch the retirement gig).

    I have a strong feeling Moloney will put himself together and later seek a rematch.

  • Besides the announcement screw-up, Johnson – Hughes was a pretty good fight and I thought the right woman got the decision.

    • Don’t think so-she landed the most total punches but lost most of the early rounds.

  • The Maloney twins have given their lives to the sport and experienced all that comes with it ,but it’s time to re valuate futures I believe . Both warriors willing to fight anyone anywhere. Thankyou

  • Moloney and his family were celebrating even before the fight started, and when the fight concluded, they were ready to jump in joy, giving for certainly Moloney victory. All this had a devastating and disapointing effect on Moloney with the adverse verdict, to the point of abjectly announcing his retirement. IMO, this fight should have been a draw.

  • Just had a look at the fight statistics,,,if I was Maloney I’d be pissed off too!

    • Which stats are those?
      Compubox posted their round by round online: Guevara landed more total punches in 10 out of the 12 rounds, and more power punches in 12 out of 12 rounds.

  • Kambosos was MILES out of his league in that entire fight. He looked completely and utterly hopeless. Good for Loma for actually finishing it.

    • I have to put my hand up here and admit that after Kambosos beat Lopez, I was all over the haters here for calling him out as a one hit wonder. I still believe that Kambosos won that fight against Teofimo but after two straight one sided losses to Haney, his most recent lacklustre win, and todays manhandling, I guess I was wrong and it was in fact a one hit wonder indeed. I did expect bigger things from him. He’s really a good lower ranked fighter but definitely not elite. Anyways, he’s made a lot of money off the back off that win, so time to give it away.

      • I think or recall Liam Wilson was calling Kambosos out be a great fight on domestic level make or break for both Aussies fighters probably good chance no limit promotion put that fight on right about the ring accouner unfortunately us Aussies boxing fans put up with him on main event or fox sports lol

      • He seems a nice guy. His postfight interview, he made no excuses and said the best man won and wished everyone well but I think he is a one-hit wonder. At the end of Kambosos’ career, we’ll look at him as the guy who beat Lopez.

  • So glad Loma stopped him. Was worried he might get robbed by the judges again.

    • No, in contrast to Haney, George always fairly agrees for international judges, as it were two times with his fights vs Haney

  • Loma extremely superior to George.

    Loma vs Shakur or Loma vs Tank, very exciting possible match ups in the lightweight division

  • I picked dominance by Lomachencko

    I thnk Kambosos has flatter to deceive at top level. Right time, right place for the Lopez fight

    Exposed by Haney and trye level found in his last fight against Hughes

    Too big to boil down to Super Feather, oddly small at Lightweight and wayyyyyyy too small for Super Light, leave Kambosos with seemingly nowhere to go after this

  • I never thought Loma could win by ko I was expecting more like a decision Victory, even so I think loma should retire with his hands full of glory right now because He’s not the same anymore

    Congratulations to matrix lomachenko

  • Lomachenko won so easy. Definitely one of the best in the sport. Funny how a fighter loses a fight and gets written off. He hasn’t really lost any fights decisively. At 135 it’s been tougher fights, buy no doubt he is one of the most skilled fighters still in the sport. Bring on Tank. Id love to see it. It’s no given. I wouldn’t count out Lomachenko at all. A fine wine to me.

  • As I saw Loma whip his left hand to Kambosos’ body, I thought he was not going to recover from it. Then, after Kambosos gets on his feet, Loma whipped his left hand to the same area (wow!); I said Kambosos will catch it a third time if he gets on his feet – thank goodness Kambosos did not take another shot to the same area.

    Loma’s belt will cause a greater firestorm at 135. I have no problems watching Loma/Zepeda. Lots of intense challenges coming up at 135.

    Loma is a great fighter, and he will have an easy walk into the HOF.

  • Stare downs, scowling and tough talk at the weigh ins never mean a damn thing. Only the fight does once the bell rings.

  • Me and Peter the Gute called it. I missed barely because I said a dominating unanimous decision with one knockdown. My man got the KO! Something neither Lopez or Haney did in three fights. Loma is the shite and takes all comers unlike scary azz canelo. Bring on chaka kahn Stevenson and little tank.

    • You called it Killa!?
      Who was picking Kambosis?
      Everyone called it right…

    • Good fight Killa. You got the KO. That weigh-in made the difference. Although I’ve always seen Kambosos as limited in terms of skill, he’s always displayed a tremendous heart so the KO wasn’t a thought because of Loma’s size. But Kambosos looked too dry. Regardless, it was great to see Vasily put in a show and remind us of his greatness.

  • Even though I was supporting Kambosos to win and prove his doubters wrong Lomachenko too fast too strong way out of Kambosos league give credit to Kambosos he show heart and grit in the fight his corner done the correction decision throw in the towel like to see Lomachenko fight winner of Davis and Martin or Stevenson.

  • Although I don’t mind Kambosis hes too vocal at least now hes had his moments fought some top guys had some success. He’s a warrior but I don’t know if he top echelon level. Good decisive win for Lomachenko who really should be unified Champ we all know he had the better of Haney

  • Loma seemed to punch with a bit more authority and those finishing body shots were brutal. There are still good match-ups in his future and either Davis or Stevenson would be excellent fights.

  • Masterful performance by Lomachenko. Can’t wait to see him again against other champions…

  • Loma conducted a master class in there and, at 36, still has the stuff of an elite fighter. Glad to see him coming back in this manner after getting jobbed against Haney. More big fights out there for Loma.

  • Maloney fight was boring. I didn’t want to give a round to either one. If he was injured 8 days ago he should have reported it and allowed them to find a quick replacement fight. “I just wanted the audiences money and I quit anyway”. Kambosis was simply out of his depth which surprised me. I’ve seen him much better. Loma was great again especially for an old guy. Looking forward to seeing Navarette again, Know nothing of his opponent, hope he’s a good one. As for the announcer I thought only a Texas commissioner could be that poor.

    • Most of these announcers today are too loud and seem to think the show is about them.

    • 36 yrs old? Loma is a genius in the ring,,,angles, movement, and ring IQ brilliant. And he knows how to pace himself.
      He will be around for a little while yet.

  • Loma one of my favorite fighters, so I’m glad to see him completely dominate Kambosos. He deserves to be champion, and should’ve been awarded a win in his fight with Haney.

  • You Loma Fanboys are deplorable. White males are so used to dominating the world, that their delusion never fails to surface when faced with uncertainty and the excuses reign down like a hail storm. You can see the excuses starting to fester for their hero ,The Matrix, in these comments, in case he fights Tank, Martin, or Shakur next and potentially loses…oh he’s too short, got old, only if there was a 132 and 1/2 half pound weight class…etc. He’s good, but except the fact that he lost a close decision to Haney, get over it. He got ragdolled by Salido, who had 15 losses, and lost to Teo, it happens. Same way your so called “justice” system came after Bill Cosby 50 years later, but let Carolyn Bryant get away as an accessory to murder, you always have to have the last say. Your zest for revenge for anyone that challenges your thought processes is borderline psychotic and clearly sociopathic. Just look at the nicknames on this site: “Killa”, “Annihilator”, “Berserker”, and “Pissedoff” to name a few. I bet y’all all drive a Ford F-150…lmao.

    • How dare you insult me by assuming I drive a Ford!!!! 2023 GMC Sierra! I wouldn’t drive a Ford if it were free. Berserker is actually a reference to the Vikings and my culture. Sort of like if you used the name Zulu. No different. Anyone with half a brain can see that Lomachenko beat Haney. The vast majority of professional fighters and commentators also agree to it. It’s YOU that makes it about race and think that Haney actually won because you only see what you wanna see. Haney is a joke!! Pillow fisted BORING “fighter”. It was great watching Garcia cave his head in. It’ll happen again also, hopefully by Tank.

    • Why do you use a racist factor?
      To be cool and fair:
      1) Just check the fans scores on boxrec of the fight with Haney: 115-113 in favour of Loma… It has no racial vote…
      2) Check the list of “judges” of that fight and compare that with the list of two Haney’s fights with Combasses…. All 3 were from Vegas, but all 6 were international, no single Australian… Can we trust Vegas judges counting a Vegas fighter vs a foreigner?)))

    • This is a terrible post and really disappointing. Twenty seconds of my life I’ll never get back reading your racist incoherent ridiculous and obnoxious tirade that absolutely brought nothing to the open discussion about this fight and what lies ahead for this very talented pool of fighters at this weight. Please go away and pester people on other forums.

    • i have had 2 F150s but now i drive a RAM 1500. Im Mexican. Not to be confused with Hispanic, Latin nor Mexican-American.
      Please don’t mention the name Shakur in this forum. Nobody wants to see him “fight”. NOBODY!!! Well, maybe the blacks.

    • DMV, not only are you an ignoramus race-baiter who’s clearly a few fries short of a happy meal, you wasted people’s time and web content space with your hateful vitriol. I recommend you go piss up (and down) a rope as you’ll be more useful that way.

    • WOW! Never drove a F-150 in my life. I’ve been telling you guys for the past year about DMV, now you see. Sorry, but the nickname killa came from convicts at the jail I worked at homie. Mind you from all races! They knew I boxed and they knew I would go one on one with them if need be. You have only proved how ignorant you really are, but I had already knew that, now you proved it to others. My advice seek counseling or God. Good luck to you.

  • Hope this is the last time we hear about Kamboso Jr. He only took the fight for money he why he showed no hunger in the fight and got KTFO.

  • Lomachenko did what I was hoping for, he didn’t open too passively. He went in and showed right away that he wanted to win the fight. I guess, right after the first round, Kambosos understood that it was going to be a difficult night, especially mentally difficult.

    Kambosos tried but kept getting more or less undressed, whatever he did there was an answer from Lomachenko, slowly but surely both energy and confidence seemed to disappear.

    The body blows that ended the match were like two exclamation marks for Lomachenko’s future fights.

    As I want to see more of Lomachenko I was very happy with this win, but it seems like he will always be that featherweight guy in the lightweight division. That is perhaps his biggest problem.


    Hats off and big congratulations!!

  • It took me a while to turn my tv upside down to watch the fight correctly(dad joke). Anyways, What a circus with with the Johnson and Hughes fight. Johnson wasn’t the only one who went through a variety of emotions when the winner was announced. I thought “here we go again with hometown cooking”, then the paper-throwing announcer corrected his reading. Although she got the deserved win, Johnson couldn’t enjoy the moment.

    The Guevara-Maloney fight was a bit strange as well. Maloney did well throughout, but Guevara was landing hard shots downstairs and increased his output as the fight went on. I can see Maloney’s frustration, but I don’t agree with his instant reaction to retire. Yes, this is a dirty sport, but if you fought this well with limited weaponry because of a bicep injury, running it back with both arms healthy should make the fight that much easier. I would heal up and take the belt. Guevara’s style won’t change, he showed you what he has.

    I had changed my mind from UD to KO 10th or 11th just based on the weigh-in. Kambosos has never really showed a lack of toughness to be broken down, especially from someone, although great, who was coming up 2 divisions. I was interested to see how Lomachenko’s right shoulder reacted and it was on point. Good win for Loma with a vintage performance.

  • Was somewhat moved by Guevara speaking in English after the decision. he was a class act. ALso Maloney somewhat reminded me of Teofemo Lopez after his defeat against Kambosis. Both thought they won 10 rounds.

  • Loma still has it in spades and will conquer all to unify the division.

  • Loma the only guy who’s losses are all robberies.. My man what a champ !

  • Forgot to ask everyone. Who do you guys listen to when fights have Tesatore and Bradley announcing them? Do you leave it on, turn the volume off or listen to a watch along online? Ward always gives great insight, but the other 2….

    • Peter,

      I like Bradley’s column and predictions on espn.com but I can’t stand listening to him during a live match. He has some great incite but ever since Ward was let go I swear Bradley just talks to hear himself talk.

      But I hate commentary in general, and tessitore is absolutely terrible. I prefer to watch sports without any commentary

      I have a 9.4.2 home theater system with 4 separate amps and I turn off the center channel and sometimes the front left/right pair as well if commentary come thru in 2.0 stereo (front left/right)

      But if the sport is broadcast in 5.1, turning off the center, or all front 3 channels if needed will then only allow the sounds of the game/fight/and crowd to come through.

      It’s the only way to watch sports.

      Years ago when i was watching juan manuel marquez against juan diaz I was listening to the commentators talk about how well diaz was doing with his pressure thru the first 4 or 5 rds and I was thinking to myself what fight are they watching because marquez was picking diaz apart in the inside even tho diaz was backing him back against the ropes with a lot of punches. To me it was easy to see where the fight was headed and marquez eventually stopped him.

      Ever since that fight I will turn off the audio channels that the commentary is using.

      • SteveG… actually Bradley is a good commentator and his insight on fighters is good also…but as you stated Bradley needs polish… Bradley will get it through experience..that is just my opinion…agree Ward was a good balance with Bradley….calling fights is difficult but Bradley has a good eye for calling fights in real time and just in general noting strengths and weaknesses..of fighters…can be petty at times though… hurts Bradley cause it makes his talent…. listening to Bradley at times …just being honest… Bradley actually predicts acts/actions in the ring before it happens and it is on point…can give examples…. recognize his talent just has to polish it though

  • loma too much for kambossa as for the prelims maloney deserved better like to see shakur fight loma

  • Loma is such an incredible boxer.

    The way he moves, processes and adapts in the ring is something to behold.

    He varies levels, angles, speed, power, and then once he figures his opponent out he will close the distance and sit right in the pocket and pick em apart. Just remarkable skills.

    Don’t hate, just appreciate a generational talent.

  • Loma really needs to be on the top P4P list because his opponents are always bigger than him, yet he takes the fight to his adversaries and outboxes them. Kambosos looked so much larger, and Haney must’ve outweighed Loma by 25 lbs when they fought!

    • Nordic,

      There is a reason why neither haney nor teo was willing to give Loma a rematch.

  • It was expected beating! Good for loma, he needed to impress and kambo was the right opponent to do so!

  • This was a interesting fight…saw something in Kambosos that may indicate that Kambosos was not ready for this fight….timing was definitely one thing…but there was something else…hope Kambosos will be ok….Congrats to Loma for showing that finishing stuff that Loma displayed earlier in his career….could have gotten the decision against Teo and Haney…if Loma displayed that same tenacity…the willingness to finish fighters..by walking through there best to get the job done….Loma timid when touched by the bigger guy… Some fighters you have to walk through the fire to finish them….Like Inoue did vs Nery….here Kambosos was timid throughout the entire fight…enabling Loma to just pick Kambosos apart… Kambosos as he knelt from the body shot.with his back turned to the camera…..I noticed a tattoo that said “No retreat…No Surrender…..

  • It was not a masterclass for lomachenko he is far away of his peak
    He is not overwhelming anym9re he did a better fight against Haney
    Loma is just done
    N9t because he won every round it means he gave a boxing lesson to kambosos
    The Loma ko are quitting not by liver hook
    Hopefully he retires soon
    Most b9xers wait til the ambulance go pick them up in the ring
    Unless he wants Money but he might lose reputation

  • Loma won all rounds”””…..so???
    He didn’t do it with matrix reloaded signature
    6 years back and ksmbosos would quit in 6

  • One of the best ever ! Never beaten robbed 3 times ! Amateur world champ, Olympic gold medalist and multiple weight classes pro world champion wow just wow..

  • >