WBC Talks: Episode 3


The WBC Talks Round 3 offered Wednesday a magnificent conversation involving top WBC Ring Officials providing us with a lot of important information in order to understand our sport and fighter’s protection.

Hubert Minn
Christian Curiel
Edward Collantes
Frank Garza
WBC President: Mauricio Sulaiman
Mediator: Victor Silva

The panelists addressed, discussed and reviewed the main facts of being the third man in the ring. WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman explained the Code of ethics which are the Guidelines behavior of how the boxing family must conduct themselves. The Ring Officials Committee is one of the top priorities led by Mr. Hubert Minn with the support of outstanding ring officials.

Mr. Frank Garza explained these are extraordinary times, but the referee´s obligation is to maintain preparation in order to constantly improve. He also recalled one piece of advice his referee mentor gave him and that was to: “Expect the unexpected.” In that way and via those means, you will be ready to act when it is necessary.

Frank also talked about the background’s importance, which will provide the referees with information which may help with subsequent actions. Nieves Colón Joined the conversation and requested the panel to address the Prichad Colon rule, endorsed by the WBC. Mauricio Sulaiman briefly explained the WBC has zero-tolerance to rabbit punches, with referees warning fighters that they can be disqualified if they hit with rabbit punches.

Ed Collantes explained what he does before starting the ring. Basically registering how his team is ordered. He checks for impediments, time timer, padding, boxers, clothing and general aspects. Then, the panel viewed and scrutinized a few videos and gave their opinion on how they must act in different circumstances, by following common sense and the established guidelines.

We strongly recommend you watch the video, so you can learn from the international referees´ observations:

Mauricio Sulaiman urged the importance of the correct evaluation of cases, as the Referees must be very intelligent concerning the knockdowns.

Ed Collantes supported this idea and commented on the different knockdowns that may exist.

Mauricio Sulaiman stressed that the idea of using videos is not to criticize but to keep learning.

Hubert Minn remembered the Ring Officials seminar at the WBC convention in Las Vegas, where there were more than 300 officials watching major mistakes of important referees, but everyone understood the ring officials committee never attempt to criticize but to develop and spread knowledge, in order to constantly improve, so as to be the very best version they can. Frank Garza talked about the importance of the dressing room instructions as an instrumental part of having a good performance. He stated that for him it was the most important moment towards conducting a fight. He then asked his colleagues about their opinion concerning this matter.
Ed agreed as he claimed this the moment when you can determine what’s going to happen. It is a perfect moment to know what are you going to expect from fighters, but also the moment to let the fighters know what they are going to expect from you, a fact that will very helpful in
order to maintain a respectful control of the actions.

Christian also agreed and claimed that if you aim to control the action in the ring, the most important step starts in the dressing room. You need to be clear you respect them as a fighter, but you will be fair in order to ensure that justice prevails.

The Ring Officials also talked about the importance of using technologies, claiming that “instant replay” is able to be used in some jurisdictions but confirming boxing needs to work harder to make justice prevail.

Mauricio Sulaiman stressed that there is a lot of resistance towards implementing new forms; however, the WBC will continue working hard in order to protect fighters and justice.

We will be waiting for you tomorrow at the WBC Talk Round 4 with notable trainers as panelists.

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