Suzuki ices Roldan in one, wins vacant OPBF 135lb belt

Suzuki Roldan00 1

By Joe Koizumi
Photos by Naoki Fukuda

In a grudge fight after a hard-fought draw in the Philippines three months ago, rugged Japanese puncher Masahiro Suzuki (10-1-1, 7 KOs), 135, stunned the crowd with a very quick one-punch demolition of Filipino champ Roldan Aldea (18-10-2, 10 KOs), 134, at just 1:22 of the opening session in a scheduled twelve round main event on Saturday in Tokyo, Japan. They had fought in quest of the vacant OPBF belt in Manila to a majority draw (114-114 twice, 116-112 for Roldan) last October. Though a tough competitive rematch was expected, Suzuki’s short but crisp right hook caught Roldan’s chin and had him almost paralyzed on the deck. The ref Sugiyama tolled the fatal ten over the fallen southpaw Filipino, who looked mentally willing to fight on but whose paralyzed body refused to resume fighting. It was a shocking knockout scene.

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  • Nice old school heading. Can’t say I watched the first fight when it happened as I only did so over Christmas break, on YT. Suzuki’s angle working could have been better and Aldea’s will helped take a few rounds that I though should have gone to Suzuki. I did not think that the rematch would have ended in 1. Caught cold maybe? I’ll watch it once it pops up on YT.

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