Spence: Mikey’s arrogance put a chip on my shoulder

By Jeff Zimmerman

Errol Spence Jr Post Fight Quotes:

“It’s been a long training camp. It was frustrating. Everyone knows I’m a low key guy. If I don’t have a fight coming up you’re not gonna see me. This was something new trying to sell these PPV buys.”

“So many so-called experts were writing me off. Tonight I just wanted to show that I do have boxing ability. I can box. I can use my jab. I do have a high boxing IQ. There was a reason I was an Olympian and wanted to prove I could do that.

“Mikey has a lot of heart. He prides himself on being a tough Mexican fighter. He didn’t want a stoppage…I felt he wasn’t difficult at all. Have to credit my coach for a great game plan.”

“I felt insulted during training camp that people were saying he was smarter than me and I felt insulted that a lot of these reporters were agreeing with them. Top guys like Sugar Ray Leonard and other guys were going for Mikey Garcia. Guys like Marquez and Barrera were going for him. Tyson and Leonard saying Mikey Garcia was going to win and that kinda rubbed me wrong too.”

“Nothing but respect for Mikey. I just felt throughout the press tour that he was a little bit too arrogant…his arrogance put a chip on my shoulder.”

“If Manny Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight, I’ll smoke Shawn too.”

Trainer Derrick James: “The jab was the key element. Told him to keep the jab in his face so he has to think.”

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