“Prince” Continues Time on Throne in Toledo

By Brad Snyder-The Undercard
Photos by Bob Ryder

Albert Bell is one of the most sound technical boxers coming up the ranks. Unfortunately, the crowd in Toledo, Ohio, did not have the opportunity to see much of him. Only 32 seconds in the Lightweight rematch. Bell (11-0, 4 KOs) threw a perfectly placed right hand jab to the stomach of Orlando Rizo (19-14, 11 KOs). Rizo kneeled over surprising the crowd, the officials, and maybe even, Bell, when he was unable to beat the count.
Bell Rizo3
Back in June this year, Rizo was able to push the fight all six rounds with Bell. But this time around, Rizo was caught early. Bell attempted to explain Saturday night’s results on his social media. “I really can’t explain what happened. This fight was a rematch of the one I had in Atlanta. He literally gave me the toughest fight of my career when my right hand was fractured back on June 2nd. He took all my heavy shots to the head I landed and didn’t budge. So we ran it back and made adjustments and knocked him out in the 1st Round.”

The main event received little exposure to show more of the “Prince of Glass City” to the Toledo home crowd.

Perhaps no fight has been more important to a specific card than the Heavyweight co-main event between Cassius Anderson (6-1, 3 KOs) and Willie Harvey (2-1-1, 2 KOs). The fight featured Harvey landing jabs with his left and uppercuts when Anderson was close. In the 2nd of the 4-Round bout, Anderson began to trust his jab and outworked Harvey. The last two rounds had Anderson throwing the harder blows. In the 4th, a punch got Harvey to spin around into the ropes, leaving the back of his head exposed. Referee Jamie Howe gave a standing 8-count to Harvey. Both fighters gave a relatively good contest. The judges had the UD (39-36, 39-36, 40-35) all in favor of Anderson.

The rest of the card provided little boxing for the crowd. Lightweight Robert Mumford (2-0, 1 KO) easily defeated Joel Berman (0-2) by knockout at the 42 second mark of Round 1.

Terrance Jarmon (2-0, 1 KO) had the most vicious knockout of the night, by knocking his welterweight opponent Marques Odom (0-1) across the ring. The right that sent him to the corner, was followed by a left that clipped Odom in the head. It forced him to face plant out cold to the canvas. The 37 second KO was the most impressive of the night.

Anjel Lerman “Drew” (1-0, 1 KO) easily defeats Mark Knight (0-1) by KO 42 seconds into the 1st Round. Lerman, who just kept punching into Knight’s full guard of the face, probably could have stopped the fight earlier by going to the body. But a right through the guard dropped him. The welterweight Knight was backing up with his guard and the night ended with another early knockout.

In a bizarre fight to start off the night, middleweight Destyne Butler (1-0, 1 KO) had to chase a running Malik Witherspoon (0-1). The first barrage by Butler had Witherspoon turning around, forcing Referee Jamie Howe to do a standing 8-count. Remember when I mentioned a running-away Witherspoon? He ran counterclockwise as if he was in a track meet. This forced Howe to do another 8-count and waive off the fight, as clearly Witherspoon wasn’t up to the challenge.

Pulse Boxing and Vick Green promoted the show at the Seagate Convention Center. Fights were matched up by Aaron Rodriguez and Vick Green.

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