Pacquiao, Roach Quick Quotes

By David Robinett

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Manny Pacquiao

– A lot of people are doubting my ability at the age of 40, so I have something to prove. Right now I’m still hungry and still enjoying this, and still doing my best.

– Believe me, this is a very interesting fight for me, it’s been a long time since I’ve focused like this. [Thurman] is well prepared for this fight because he’s not fighting [Josesito] Lopez, he’s fighting Manny Pacquiao, so I expect him to work hard and to be 100%.

– I’m not predicting a knockout, I don’t want to be careless in the fight, but if he gives me the chance, why not? I have to grab the opportunity to knock him out if it’s there.

Freddie Roach

– Thurman hasn’t been in the ring with the kind of speed that Manny has, most people are overwhelmed with his speed once they get into the ring with him.

– We’ve had a very good training camp, some good sparring. We have one more day of sparring today and then we’ll close camp down and get ready for the fight.

– Riffing on Thurman’s nickname, Roach added, “It’s going to be ‘One-Time’ vs. ‘All-Time.’”

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  • For all those thinking Keith Thurman is trash talking. Go back and review the things Roach has said.

    My favorites are: Lobster Thurmanador and One Time vs All Time.

    I don’t mind a little trash talk from either side. If you go in the Ring thinking you’ll lose, then you will.

  • Pacquiao doesn’t have the KO percentage going anymore. And Thurman was hurt against Lopez from 1:45 of round 7 to 25 seconds left in round 7, for 1 minute and 20 seconds. But Jeff Horn was hurt at around 1:45 of round 9 vs Pacquiao, and both guys were all bloody, and Horn made it 12 rounds. Lots of people thought Horn vs Pacquiao could have been a draw (Even though Horn got the win in his hometown); nobody was saying Thurman vs Lopez was a draw, except one judge. I don’t think Thurman will get a home country decision vs Pacquiao, because Pacquiao has had more fights in Vegas than Thurman has had. Pacquiao already has fought in Vegas 20 times. Thurman has fought in Vegas 4 times. And 1 of Thurman’s Vegas fights, nobody was in the arena.
    Thurman will really have to beat Pacquiao to get a decision. But both of these guys are saying they will take advantage if a KO presents itself.

  • People need to quit bringing up Horn vs Pacquiao. ANYONE who thinks Horn even came close to winning that fight should be banned from watching boxing forever. Horn is a BUM!!

    • Pacauiao didn’t do enough in that fight and was outworked enough to lose a close decision. Not because Horn was that good.

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