Maxim Dadashev in critical condition

Bad news. IBF #3, WBC #4 super lightweight contender Maxim Dadashev is fighting for his life after undergoing surgery last night to relieve heavy swelling on his brain. After his fight against Subriel Matias was stopped by cornerman Buddy McGirt at the end of round eleven, Dadashev vomited and was unable to walk to the dressing room. He was rushed to the hospital and lost consciousness in the ambulance.

Photo: Sumio Yamada

Buddy McGirt on the stoppage: “I couldn’t convince him (to stop), but at the same time I saw he was getting hit with more and more clean shots as the fight went on and I’m saying to myself, ’Is this worth it?’ One punch can change a whole guy’s life and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I’d rather have them be mad at me for a day or two than be mad at me for the rest of their lives.”

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  • Less than a year ago it was “Superman” Stevenson and “Ring” magazine had just done a great article speaking of the lack of overall improvement of Magomed Addulsalamov nearly six years after getting broken down during a brutal fight. I positively love boxing and always will, but it’s hard to explain how to people who aren’t fans and hear of such tragedies . God Speed during what will for sure be a lengthy recovery Maxim Dadashev.

      • He’s walking and talking. His communication is limited but he’s with his family.

        His words…

        Stevenson said: “I’m back. Adonis is back! I’m getting better and better, I’m continuing the treatments.

        “You learn to walk, you learn to eat, you learn a pack of business when you’re in a coma. That’s the hardest thing for me. And I learned, it happened really fast.

        “It’s going well, I’m in shape, it’s good to be back, we take it day by day.

        “Young people who want to learn to box, I’m here! I am ready for them.”

      • I do. He is doing well. He is speaking fluently in English and French. He has the full love of his girlfriend and family. He is walking, though struggling. It is very hard, but he is recuperating. He won’t be running marathons anytime soon, but he won’t be an invalid either. He is doing well.

    • Most of us probably remember a few years back, the promising young fighter Pritchard Colon who was hit hard in the back of the head during a match…Hadn’t heard anything about him at all lately.

  • Matias was just too strong and threw a lot of hard punches many of them to the body. You don’t usually see a combination of high volume output coupled with heavy shots to body and head. Those body shots were vicious and took a lot out of Dadashev. He just didn’t hit hard enough to hurt Matias and that was the only way he was going to turn the tide. As the fight went on, Dadashev took a bad beating to body and head. Matias has heavy hands and didn’t appreciably slow down in the second half of the fight. He was throwing hard shots and many of them from the beginning of the fight till it was stopped.

    Although Matias is predictable, the pressure he put on, together with high punch output, wore Dadashev down and had him in serious trouble in the 11th round. Dadashev took a beating and looked in really bad shape when the fight ended. His legs couldn’t hold him up and had to be helped out of the ring.

    I hope he survives but I don’t think he will ever fight again. He had swelling in the brain and that usually indicates some kind of impairment even if he does pull through. I wish him the best, but he was fighting to the end and there never a clear point where the fight should have been stopped till the last round. At best, the ref or corner should have stopped it early in the 11th round, but Dadashev was still fighting back. Buddy McGirt was asking him to stop the fight. He shouldn’t have done that. He should have just told the officials the fight is over. Dadashev was not about to quit.

    This is another tragedy that boxing doesn’t need. It is a dangerous sport and some fighters are just too tough for their own good. It’s up to the corner men to know when to save their fighter from further punishment.

    As for Matias, he has a bright future ahead of him. I just wonder how long he can keep up that type of punch output. He was just overwhelming and his body shots were debilitating. He can take a punch, has power in both hands, and even better, he just doesn’t allow the opponent the luxury of setting himself to punch back. With his style and aggressiveness, he just won’t take a lot of punishment. It really depends on how long he can sustain that high level of energy as he fights better fighters.

    A great win by Matias but a tragic ending to an exciting but basically one-sided fight.

    • Buddy did stop the fight. He did nothing wrong. He wanted the give the fighter a chance to say it on his own. You make it sound like Buddy let him go back out for another round. What pissed me off is where were ring doctors? They didn’t see after the fight on the ring he was severely concussed and hurt. They let him walk. Then dumb azz EMT continue let him try to walk see ing him stumble instead of bringing gurney to ring steps.

      • Buddy did nothing wrong. He stopped it after the 11th round. However, the head cornerman should not ask the fighter. He should make his own assessment and just tell the officials to stop the fight. He kept asking Dadashev to agree to stop the fight. The fighter never wants to say stop it. He needs the cornerman to do it for him. I had full confidence that Buddy would not send him out for another round. I thought it was just strange that he would be begging Dadashev to agree to the stoppage. Dadashev was not responsive at that point.

    • when was the fight with MATIAS?,somehowi forgot when. thanks for the answer

    • I thought I heard Max say they should consider stopping this fight in about the 7th round…Wish they would have.

  • Very sad news….Maxim I hope you will recover and go on a normal life

  • Best wishes to Maxim and his family. I hope he has a full recovery and can have a fulfilling life after this ordeal.

  • It’s Jonathan. One of the guys you love to hate. However, this time, I think we will be in agreement. Boxing Tragedies Suck Dick. This is horrible. My prayers are with Maxim Dadashev. And unlike that fucking low life Jay Z and his cunt bitch wife Beyonce, I hope this promoter does the right thing and assists with Maxim’s medical bills. Don’t promote fights unless you have ample insurance to tragedy insurance.

    • Jonathan, I read about Jay Z and how he did one of his fighter’s wrong. What is even worse is they have plenty of money to cover that kid’s expenses they just choose not to.

    • I full Hartley agree with you. Those f’n low life’s destroyed careers. They had no business messing in boxing.

  • Buddy might of saved this guys life but really he didn’t save this guy from himself in time. I thought it should of been called off sooner. This guy is damaged already. That’s not fast enough mouth of a stoppage. God bless him and hope he fully recovers.

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