Jermell Charlo: I had a lot to prove

By Miguel Maravilla

Newly re-crowned WBC super welterweight champion Jermell Charlo (33-1, 16 KOs) of Houston avenged his loss to Tony “Superbad” Harrison (28-3, 21 KOs) to regain the green bout by eleventh round TKO at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California. Charlo dropped Harrison three times in the bout.

“Tony had a plan and stuck to it. He fought a tough fight. I knew I had to step it up. Tony threw some solid shots. It was tough. I had a lot to prove,” Charlo said at the post-fight presser.

The scorecards at the time of the stoppage were 96-93, 96-93 for Charlo and 95-94 for Harrison.

“I was just in there. I felt he got a few rounds, he did have some good rounds,” Charlo said. “The all around goal was to score the knockout…there is a great possibility for me to fight a unification in the 154-pound division. I’m steering the wheel.”

“If we do a third one, it should be pay-per-view.”

* * *

Harrison stated, “He hooked, I hooked and I got caught. I wanted this one. He earned it.”

“Nothing was more important for me than to win the fight. He fought his heart out. I felt I was doing well and breaking his will. I made him fight off his back foot. I pushed forward. The guy earned it. I’ll be back.”

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  • I loved how frantic Brain Kenny was at the time of the stoppage and Joe Goosen was as cool as a cucumber from his years of being in the fray.

  • He didn’t prove nothing.Made same mistakes like in the first fight, only this time he got lucky and caught Harrison.

    • Charlo felt he won the first fight fighting that way so fighting the rematch why change? He hurt him several times in the first fight late only this time he stopped him. “Got lucky” has nothing to do with it when he said from the get go he was going to knock him out and fought in a style (the same as before) which made the chances of a knock out highly probable. Problem with that logic is you usually aren’t winning many rounds setting up the ko. He proved he’s the more durable of the two for sure. And look, Harrison is trouble for a lot of guys at 154 not just Charlo because of his skills, speed and he’s got power. The better man won, get over it.

    • Spot on. I was looking at the scorecard at the time of the stoppage, Harrison was about to get shafted. I noticed it around the 7th round when they showed Charlo ahead in shots landed, which was impossible. Harrison relaxed and got caught. That’s boxing. Charlo can take it and dish it out. But skill-wise, still not impressed.

  • Both men had their moments. Charlo had that extra push in the barrage of counters that in my opinion, paid off for him with the knockdowns. However, Harrison is no joke. He has some sneaky combos that cracked Charlo in certain moments in the fight. Each fighter laid a blueprint how to expose the other’s weaknesses. I enjoyed it.

  • The CharRoids are limited run….don’t fight anybody…other than little Tony….rigged venue as no way was Charlo ahead on score…he looked like an amateur until he got lucky. Neither will beat a top fighter…..JC JR. has more skill than these chemical clowns.

    • On the third fight if it happens, Harrison should get him, but his camp needs to fight for neutral judges. This fight was in the bag for Charlo from the start because of blind judges.

  • that was an excellent fight, at the time of the knockout, charlo has a lot of confident,he started to presure. all in all charlo beat him fair and square.i still say he won the frist fight also.

  • I had Charlo winning only Round 2 up to that point. I’m starting to hate Boxing with these shit head ass judges!!!

    • that’s what I used to feel then I said “I’m going to take advantage of this corruption” So I started to bet boxing–You know any boxer who has a lot of money backing him up will NOT lose. Guys like Crawford from ESPN Canelo and Ryan Garcia from Golden Boy and Spense have so much riding on them the promoters grease the commissions and the judges get favors. Sure your betting heavy favorites but its such a lock Its stupid. I’v made so easy money that way. That’ my take anyways

  • There is a trend in all of Harrison’s knockout losses. He has been stopped LATE in all of his knockout losses, Willie Nelson, Hurd and now Charlo.

  • Crooked judges. Charlo was preordained to win. He is not that good. Swinging wildly windmilling, i thought he was gonna hellacoptor off the ground and fly off. And cut that stupid ass fro!! Geez. He got lucky, harrison was way more accurate.

  • Harrison was suppose to stick to pushing Charlo on his back foot and working the body like he did earlier. There were moments in the late rounds when Harrison looked vulnerable and I think he has a shadow of his past that still haunts him and has an impact on his psyche the deeper he goes into a fight.

  • Tony Harrison is a very talented fighter and in all his losses he was right there in every one of them fights if not ahead. Tony’s problem is he gets a little sloppy when he gets tired and his chin isn’t sturdy enough to do that. But on pure skills he’s one of the best in any weight class nso it’s no knock on Charlo to struggle with him because he’s trouble for anyone at 154.

  • Wow, reminds me of zab Judah vs Cory Spinks for some reason. You have a skilled boxer against a strong puncher.. this is what people think about between AJ vs Wilder. It’s hard to pick a winner when there is someone who can punch in the ring. I guess they both hooked at the same time and Harrison got caught but before that he was telling Charlo to keep em up.. he should have stayed focused like a champion and boxed for the last couple of rounds. Charlo is strong but he is not a smart fighter, he kinda just fights. If he fights against someone smarter or even a more mature version of Harrison. He loses

  • This was a much better fight than the first one. All I can say I’m glad it didn’t go to the cards. I had Harrison winning big up until the KO.

    I should note that I felt Charlo deserved the Decision in the first fight, but tonight Harrison was driving the car. His jab was beautiful and the body work was great. Charlo was in SUPREME shape to withstand the punishment Tony dished out.

  • I truly enjoyed this fight! I haven’t enjoyed a fight like this in quite a while. Congrats to both guys for bringing it. I can’t wait to see the trilogy even if I must pay for it.

  • Can’t really see myself ever paying for this Charlo in a PPV. He’s just not that good. He’s not bad. He basically is a B+ fighter at best. Good win for him. Great fight!

  • Charlo should do some soul searching he was losing that fight. He was getting worked to the body. Bad stoppage by the ref. He didn’t even land no clean shots at the end. Why do they hire these old ass refs? Proved nothing but that he’s beatable looked gassed to me but he did catch a second wind but he got lucky for sure. PPV I don’t think so…..

    • Caliboy, I totally agree it was a bad stoppage. It should have been stopped after the second knock down. Harrison was drunk! The fact that he could even get his hands up was surprising and a testament to his toughness. In my opinion, the referee failed him by letting him continue.

  • Canelo will murder the two Charlo sister in the same night. This cat made a lot of mistakes and he is lucky he did not get caught. Canelo would’ve finished him MORTAL COMBAT STYLE!!!!!

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