Haney-Kingry lands in BROOKLYN!

Update: Promoter Oscar De La Hoya just announced that Haney-Kingry will land at Barclays Center in Brooklyn! Originally they were talking Las Vegas.

Former undisputed lightweight champion and current WBC super lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) and popular contender Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) will host a multi-city press tour to promote their April 20 world championship clash, with stops in New York City (February 27, Palladium Times Square at 1:30PM ET) and Los Angeles (February 29, Avalon Hollywood at 1PM PT). Both stops will be open to the public. Get there early.

The Haney-Kingry fight will be available in the U.S. on DAZN PPV, while the rest of the world gets it with their DAZN subscription.

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  • Respect to Haney and Ryan. Whether you’re a fan of one or both or think its a mismatch, at least they’re trying to entertain the fans by taking the high profile fight. Respect to both of these guys for their willingness unlike many so called p4p fighter or faces of boxing.. Devin Haney has the clear advantage skill wise and Garcia has more power. This goes back to their amateur days. I can’t wait to see this one.

    • Yes, very attractive fight. You could even call it a “megafight”, but is there any doubt in anybody’s mind as to who’s going to win? This is like watching a highly anticipated Hollywood blockbuster movie where you already know what happens in the end.

      • You’re a clown if you think Haney is the clear favorite in this fight. He looked like garbage vs Loma and Garcia only loss is vs Tank who is the complete opposite of Haney as a fighter.

        Haney has no power. He’s the same size as Garcia so there is no awkwardness like vs a short powerhouse opponent like Tank.

        This is a great fight and boxing “fans” like you still can’t help but bitch and moan and shit on it. It’s almost like you’re just a miserable person and you just need to complain about something.

        • Jay, you come off as the toxic clown here. You start off calling him a clown because he had a different opinion.
          Could just be a casual that dont know better. And no, Haney out boxed Loma for the 1st half of that fight. And looked razor sharp against Prograis.
          Garcia is attempting to add an awkward shoulder roll to his repertoire and is showing himself a bit confused while going up against a top p4p fighter.
          Saying Haney has no power shows you dont know Boxing.
          They said the same of Mayweather and plenty of other great fighters that won against big punchers.
          Your analysis is biased if not completely wrong.

          • Great comment… Loma waited to late to be aggressive and Haney stole one of the later rounds.

          • Devin Haney did not beat Lomachenko! The judges gave him a decision (shame on them) he didn’t have coming. That Stat line is should start or end with one of these *

        • What is the correct way to feel? What is the correct way to think? What are the right words to say? What is your current dosage? When is your next follow-up?

        • Yeah, I’m a clown, just call me Bozo. I just expressed my honest opinion about the outcome of the fight, and you call that bitching and moaning and a miserable person? Wow, sounds like pure projection on your part. All I have to say to you Jay is -Please respond to me, Bozo the Payaso, the day after the fight and rub it in my face how wrong I was that Haney would win this fight. Can you at least do that for me?

          • JAY-Funny thing is- in my post I never said who the obvious winner of the fight is. All I wrote was “is there any doubt in anybody’s mind who will win this fight” Even you in your stupid little heart of hearts knew who I was talking about!

        • Everyone has an off fight. Haney claims weight played an issue in his Loma performance but he got the nod. Time to move on. Garcia got put down by Tank but got the stoppage in his next fight. Let it go. All that matter is what is happening now. Just be happy this fight is happening. Its obvious Haney is a favorite based on his skillset. Nobody who understand boxing is counting Garcia out because he has an equalizer that can change a fight which is his power. Why are you so upset? Just be grateful and hope this fight sets off a chain reaction for other top guys to face each other.

          • Hawn Jay- are you asking me why Im so upset? I am not upset at all! Im glad this fight is happening! Its great for boxing. May the best man win. I strongly feel the best man is Haney. This fight is on a bigger scale and will probably be more competitive, but it reminds me of when Golovkin fought David Lemieux. People were so hyped up about it, but I thought the outcome of that fight was very predictable

    • They’re definitely doing it. Time is a gift that doesn’t come back and constantly takes from you. Ryan’s speed should make things interesting. Hopefully the fight generated huge numbers and actually bring the scared divas out of hiding to face each other.

  • Im really really really interested to watch this fight

    But I’m not interested to watch the press conferences at all

    They got me sick with too much drama

    They are worst than 2 kids fighting for toys

    They are like 2 girls fighting for a men

    • It’s embarrassing to the sport . Ryan is a child , all these younger guys are boys not men. The ufc fighters put these boys to shame as far as demeanour and fighter mentality

    • Teenie-bopper fighters. That’s who enjoys the fiascos. I agree, this will be an interesting fight stylistically.

  • I am not one for these trash talking press conferences either Carlos. Mayweather McGregor… I remember them doing that years ago and I lost my patience with it in about a minute. I guess some people eat that stuff up. What is kind of funny but not in a ha ha way is that Garcia loses to Davis…yet Davis has not fought since. Garcia is now on his 2nd fight, and this one is a mega fight. I guess when Davis anointed himself the face of boxing he and/or his people forgot that he actually had to keep boxing! I do not really have an issue with Davis…but I wonder what in the heck PBC is doing sometimes.

    • Trash talk and “beef” before a fight is great if it real beef and genuine feelings being spoken.

      Mayweather vs McGregor was just a show. There was no hatred or tension they were both happy to be making so much money.

      Garcia vs Haney is “real beef” but it is just petty childish, social media bullshit by two immature men who act more like teenagers.

      • Get your shorts color up before you come off as a hard ass. It’s Haney vs Garcia not Garcia vs Haney.

    • Trash talk and “beef” before a fight is great if it is real beef and genuine feelings being spoken.

      Mayweather vs McGregor was just a show. There was no hatred or tension they were both happy to be making so much money.

      Garcia vs Haney is “real beef” but it is just petty childish, social media bullshit by two immature men who act more like teenagers.

    • I think they are waiting for the threats to either mover too far away, or for them to become damaged goods. Allegedly.

  • Ryan’s social media profile is getting him these big fights . Take that away and he’s just a contender. But this is his last dance at the top , Haney by TKO and don’t be surprised if it’s under 8 rounds

    • Yeah you’re deluded in your hatred for Garcia. He’s a very good fighter that’s beaten contenders and former champions and outside of losing to one of the best fighters in boxing what has he done for you to think he’s such a bum?

      Haney lost his last fight to Loma, he has no power or killer instinct but he gonna knock Garcia out around the same time power puncher Tank knocked him out?

      Get a grip. You sound like a jealous teenage girl. Mad that someone is more popular on Facebook than you. Grow up, little boi.

      • Boy fan alert!
        Im guessing you like Canelo and those pajama outfit he wears.
        We can see you are emotionally attached to anything Ryan Garcia and present yourself as a jealous teenage girlfriend that has to speak up for her man. You’ll be silent after the fight or have more excuses of how Haney didnt really win. Loma and Garcia ducked Haney for years because they know they cant beat him.

        • Haha. My thoughts exactly! This guy clearly has a crush on Garcia! If anybody states they think Haney will win, he goes to the psychotic extreme accusing them of being a Garcia hater and thinking he’s a bum. I personally think Garcia is a very good fighter, but I happen to think Haney is better. I am not particularly a fan of either one, but I do not hate on Garcia or think he’s a bum. I’m actually a little concerned for Jay-Cat. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle when Garcia loses! I think he’ll set fire to his bedroom blasted with all the naked Ryan Garcia posters.

  • haney by tko but congratulations to ryan for taking the tough fights, that teo just rambles about but never takes; it should be an interesting and exciting fight but haney has too much in skills and ring i.q. for ryan ; ryan has a punchers chance at best;

  • Haney’s hand speed coupled with the jab will chisel away at Kingry’s offense as the fight progresses. Once Kingry settles into a fight, he tends to get predictable with his head movement and defense. In addition, once fatigue hits Kingry, he gets vert flat-footed making himself a target. Kingry has improved in his career regardless of a defeat. However, Kingry relied way too much on his offense early in his career and defense was his struggling asset. This time around, his defense will need to be paramount in order to beat Haney. I don’t see that coming together especially when Kingry has developed poor habits he struggles to get rid of even under newer trainers. Haney TKO late rounds.

  • Yeah Haney is favorite and seems mentally stronger. Kudos to both for taking the fight. Ryan has the hand speed and power to turn the fight around but I think Haney is the better fighter and has enough power to hurt and probably stop Ryan or least win a decision. As far as power, not sure Ryan has much more than a left hook.

  • Hanney wins by brutal no-mas KO of the year on the 8th round. Thumbs up to queenry for taking a second fight he can’t win and his promotors know it but, thumbs up! Possible queenry long layoff or retirement after this bout! Queenry should have just gone after an easy win and a belt vs rolly romero and call it a day, defend the belt against a couple nobodies and make some easy money while at it.

    • You all are underestimating Garcia.His loss was to a great fighter and it was a liver shot that could actually end a lot of fighters night if caught flush. I’m talking RyRy in TKO in the 9th. He believe’s in himself to comeback so quick from a loss. Think about it. That’s what wrong with today’s boxing 1 loss and your damaged goods. Leonard lost,and Tommy and many others like canelo and all those fighters came back better. Go fight and if your good then we will see you fight another day. 1 loss doesn’t constitute bum yo me. Not when your fighting world champions..

  • A press tour of trash talking, street talking, loud mouth nonsense, to build the hype, is something I’m not interested in. Wake me up when the opening bell sounds and then we learn more about the skill, ability and limitations of both fighters.

  • I give Garcia credit for trying to be brave which in one sense makes him brave. The problem imo is that he forces himself to be brave but it is not his default. He forces himself to take these challenges but I think his confidence is a facade. He has some natural power and speed that can bail him out when he is ready to unravel like it did with Campbell and Duarte. These gifts have served him at a high level but I do not think they will with Haney. Like with Davis this level is too high for his insecurities not to get the best of him. It is nothing for him to be ashamed off. Most people on this planet (myself included) do not have the mental fortitude to compete at the highest level of boxing. I will be excited to watch but the longer this fight goes…the dimmer Garcia’s chances will be. Haney does not hit near as hard as Davis but he will be punching Garcia a lot..right from the get go. I think it will be hard for Garcia not to break down.

  • Jorge Linares could have won his fight against Haney if the round hadn’t ended when Haney was badly hurt. This incident showed that Haney can be hurt if a good punch lands on him because he doesn’t have a sturdy chin, and Garcia hit hard, Haney could overwhelm Garcia with his brillant boxing skills, but there is a puncher chance in here, IMO.

  • Not sure what the excitement here is. Has anyone ever seen Ryan fight?? His boxing skills are less than impressive. Once he gets frustrated, and he will, he’s going to start throwing wide, looping hooks hoping for a KO. He will hit nothing but air. Haney will clinch every chance he gets and he’ll EASILY outbox Ryan on the outside. Overhyped fight.

  • A you tuber/quitter vs. a race baiter/big mouth. Forget the press conference, I think I will pass on the fight too.

  • – Wondering how much tickets will cost so I checked the Barclays Center web site, and this event is not listed yet.

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