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  • FURY and his nauseating antics! Boy is this shtick getting old!! He better show up prepared! Otherwise Usyk is going to take him to school!!

    • Fury and his mouth… It’s all about him in the spotlight and stroking his ego.
      We will wait and see how many times Fury holds and lays on Usyk during the fight. Fury, I bet, will not allow Usyk to bust him up on the inside since we know Fury will be vulnerable due to his height. Fury’s technique will be hit, hold, and lay on Usyk. Yet, the ref wont say a word I bet.

    • I predict Fury will quit on his stool, refuse to answer the bell for the next round.

  • Usyk is going like allways to shock the world and expose Tyson’s lack of boxing skills.. He is just a big guy who grabs and hugs his opponents.. He tires them down with his size and weigh.. Not the HW boxing i like ; it’s not my cup of tee !

    • Fury has to be in the spotlight due to his mental insecurities. It’s all about him. That’s why he came out of retirement. He missed the spotlight and his ego was missing it.

  • Not sure but I heard the fight cards been changed to Scooby Doo vs fury in a grudge match Scooby says he gonna give fury a Scooby smack

  • I can’t stand the sight of that pathetic Fury. Nothing entertaining about his behavior. His presence as a “champion” fighting for the undisputed heavyweight title, represents a low point in heavyweight boxing history. He will always be remembered by me as a Humpty Dumpty on stilts, who moves and punches like a puppet on a string. I’m pulling for Usyk to win.

  • I am British. I find Fury about as irritating and overrated as you can get.

    Wilder and Klitschko aside, who are his “names” on his record? Dereck Chisora not one, but THREE times? Gets dropped by cruiserweights (Cunningham) and novices (Ngannou) and shouts a bit too much. Plus there’s the (conveniently forgotten about) failed drugs test. The Klitschko fight was a joke where barely any punches were thrown. Wilder is a KO machine but has limited boxing ability. Were it not for Fury’s powers of recovery we wouldn’t even be talking about him after that 12th round in the first fight.

    He’s an oaf and an embarrassment to boxing. I am not really an Usyk fan but I hope he comes in with a solid game plan and retires this fool.

  • Fury should be ashamed to show his face in public now let alone show up and continue with his loud mouth, stupid antics. He really needs to redeem himself in the world of boxing and I’m not sure he’s going to do it against Usyk.

  • Usyk by UD 12 or Tko by cuts ,Fury is to slow and cant think fast enough to deal with Usyk.

  • Remember this, Fury is scared of losing to Usyx, he will find an excuse to drop out of this, if he does man upp,however, and get in the ring, he will fight dirty and still lose, which will bring class back to heavy weight boxing.

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