Fury-Usyk official for Feb 17

Boxing’s two heavyweight world champions will finally meet to crown the one and only undisputed champion of the world. WBC champion Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury will fight WBO/IBF/WBA unified champ Oleksandr Usyk in a history-making showdown on Saturday, February 17, at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fury and Usyk came face-to-face at a press conference held in London on Thursday, November 16.

Tyson Fury: “Usyk, you can run, but The Gypsy King is coming to get you. This is my era, and your time is up. Your undefeated record AND your belts, they will be mine!”

Oleksandr Usyk: “I have no goal. Only the way. And my way is ‘The Undisputed.’ That is why this was the only fight for me. When that bell rings, I will bring the fire.”

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  • Let me see an intriguing undercard to get my blood boiling, because outside of the belts on the line; I just don’t see this one being very entertaining.

    • Completely agree. It’ll lead to an undisputed champion, best heavyweight of the era… but I don’t think it’s going to be very fun to watch at all.

  • I had Fury winning before that dogshit of a performance against a boxing novice. Hope it was just a matter of him not training cause he looked like a clumsy fool. Needs to lift his game big time

    • I think Fury will train really hard and come in great shape like he always does for big fights, wouldn’t surprise me if he loses a points decision but I hope he pulls it out.

  • I think fury will win by decicion
    But if for some reason usyk wins (which is likely posible as well ) usyk will be one of the greatest boxers ever

    So usyk has nothing to lose and lot lot lot to win

    • I bet if Usyk was the same size as Fury the bets would be shifted towards Usyk big time. Usyk is a much better boxer than Fury.

  • Fury isn’t even paying attention to his cliches that don’t apply to Usyk.. “You can run..”??? I’m just ready for this undisputed/lineal HW champion to be decided already. Might be a bad boxer vs boxer matchup, or maybe Tyson will Maul Usyk and weigh him down.
    As last fight continues to prove, you never know what will happen in this sport

  • Fury you were shown up for the windbag that you are by Ngannou who beat you-although I think Dubois beat Usyk with a great solar plexus shot and was robbed -Usyk will beast you!!

  • I hope Usyk trains well and applies a lot pressure. Wear Fury down for a KO or at least a decision win.

  • No matter what happened in his last fight, fury still wins no matter how you slice it. Usyks style does not match up with fury. He doesn’t have enough weight to lean on fury and like fury does. He would have to fight a perfect fight of get in get out score points and basically run to get the nod. Fury unaminous decision maybe late knockout.

    • We will need to count how many times Fury holds and lays on Usyk during the fight. I can tell ya how many times the ref will say something to Fury about it…. None….

  • I hope this really comes to fruition. And I hope Usyk punishes Fury and wins clean and clearly.

  • A KO victory for Usyk is not on my map.

    Usyk first has to get past a long fast jab, and a counter-right that keeps coming as a back-up from every possible direction, in addition he has to reckon with a Fury that keeps moving quickly sideways, in different directions.

    If Usyk manages to get into the body, and at the same time somehow keep Fury there, then there remains the not so small problem of actually being able to accomplish something, at the same time, when 6’9” and 280 pounds will simultaneously do everything to lock and hang over him.

    I hope Usyk surprises and makes the fight more competitive than I think. If he doesn’t succeed with that, Fury will be able piling up the rounds in a long, rather boring fight with no excitemnt.

  • We all know Usyk is the better boxer- but we also know that if Fury really comes prepared he is something else. People can hate him all they want, thats probably what he wants anyway, but if he really show up as his best he is extremely hard to beat.

  • Fury was so far gone in his last fight. fat, slow and poorly conditioned…
    is there enough time for Fury to get into fighting shape??? IDK.

  • Usyk may be a better boxer, but Fury will have learned from his last pitiful performance and I expect to really show up to this. It may be an ugly win but he’s gonna lean, maul and physically attempt to tire out, in a way he did with Cunningham some years back i think.

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