Fury-Ngannou set for Oct 28

Fury Ngannou

Undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will fight on October 28th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The clash to find out who is the “Baddest Man on the Planet” will take place under the official rules of professional boxing in a regulation boxing ring with three judges ringside adopting the 10-point must system. Both fighters, however, are promising to meet in the middle of the ring, go to war and win by knockout in devastating fashion.

Tyson Fury: “As soon as that bell goes, it’ll be bombs away! This guy is supposed to be the hardest puncher in the world, but let’s see how he reacts when he gets hit by the Big GK. I can’t wait to get back out there under the lights. I’m looking forward to showing the world that The Gypsy King is the greatest fighter of his generation in an epic battle with another master of his craft. Francis looked tough when he jumped in the ring after the Whyte fight, but there is no one tougher than me, and you’ll all see that in devastating fashion on October 28…it’s going to be a fight for the ages. Get up!”

Francis Ngannou: “I’ve been waiting to meet Tyson in the ring for the past three years. My dream was always to box, and to box the best. After becoming the undisputed MMA heavyweight champion, this is my opportunity to make that dream come true and cement my position as the baddest man on the planet… all I will say to Tyson for now is he better dance in that ring because if I touch him, he’s going to sleep.”

The event will be promoted by Queensberry, Top Rank and Ngannou’s promotional banner, GIMIK Fight Promotions, in partnership with Riyadh Season.

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  • — WBC gonna sanction this Stinker?

    No matter, Fury been bottling it ever since his comeback, now more serial Cartoon than champion boxer…how far the mighty have fallen…c’est la vie…

      • They will find a way to get sanctioning fees out of this by counting it as a real boxing fight.

  • Just when you think the sport of boxing can get any worse , this happens. What a joke.

  • Actually ridiculous when you think about it. Tyson Fury would rather fight an opponent without a single professional boxing fight to his name than fight Usyk and unify the heavyweight title. The world is a madhouse.

    • Running away from Usyk and the other top contenders. The Wilder fights took something out of him mentally. He doesn’t want the hardest challenges anymore. He should retire. He’s causing the division to stagnate and adversely affecting the careers of other boxers. If the WBC had any integrity they’d do something about it.

      • Right on. Tyson should be stripped. Holding the belts hostage enough already. The WBC will do something about it. They will find a way to get a cut

    • Yep, I agree. I think Fury should fight the guy in an MMA match and give it an equal fight for both. Fury blows so much smoke….

  • This fight is the biggest disgrace to the heavyweight title ever. That’s what you get when you have a public completely uneducated boxing public. People that really know and understand the sport of boxing are like a cult nowadays. Have you ever tried talking boxing with your average dude (or chick) that think they know boxing? These are the kind of fight they clamor for.

  • I am more qualified to fight Floyd in an exhibition being I’ve had a handful of amateur fights than this guy to fight Fury ..

  • Lol this dude just needs a check after walking away from the UFC. If he was really a tough guy he would fight bare knuckle

  • Really tired of Tyson Fury and this clown show he’s starting to become.

  • Fury is gifted & talented but a flaky guy. I think Fury shows up overweight over 280 pounds and tanks. Nganou will never be a legit fighter but at least he will show up in shape.

  • Can the powers that be STRIP this dude already? Plenty of fighters who should be gettin a shot. Dude is holding the belt hostage.

    • Another way is boxers should stop wanting that belt. Go for the others and pass on the green one.

    • AJ vs Whyte is dead, Usyk vs Dubois at least has some signs of life. But I agree. Fury vs Ngannou makes me at least raise an eyebrow.

  • Woooww. Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the right planet. The world has gone mad in more ways than one. Its all about gimmicks and money. I know this young cat I play softball with and he’s dated a chick that makes 40 grand per month cooking on social media wearing skanky clothes; people pay to watch her. Everybody is doing them, and by any means necessary, so these two are going to make some good money. Tyson knows he can’t lose and Nganoou will make way more money than he did in MMA in all his fights combined…win win for both. For all there human rights violations, the Saudi’s sure know how to put on mega boxing events, gimmick or no gimmick.

    • Well said…….I refuse to buy into any BS like this to even support it. Yet, sheeple will pay see anything to see entertainment.

    • Yup DMV, that’s how we roll now-Internet famous!. In boxing it all started with the Mayweather-MgGregor facade then the whole Jake Paul stupidity, and now this!

  • It’s an exhibition. Ali fought one as well. I’m not interested but it’s no big deal.

  • Fury built such a big fan base after coming back the way he did from his troubles. But he has seriously misread the room and lost that admiration from the vast majority of fans now with his nonsense. Constantly chatting shite these days whilst never delivering. Setting silly deadlines (Joshua) or making ridiculous diva demands (Usyk) that effectively meant any meaningful fight wasn’t going to happen.

    Now this absolute joke of a fight is what he comes up with. Floyd fought McGregor, but he was 40 and it was the last pro fight of his career. He had nothing left to prove so essentially cashed in. Fury however is in his prime and there are big fights out there, but he has chosen this farce of an ‘event’. Disgraceful, I’m done with Fury.

    • I am disappointed in Fury and very confused. I do not see why he would duck Usyk. I know styles make fight but still….look at how much trouble Usyk had with Chisora…while Fury basically played with him like it was a cat and a mouse. I just do not get it but how can anyone argue with Usyk supporters because for whatever reason…that is what he is doing! I think the issue was on his end with both Usyk and Joshua fall outs. They both accepted 30 and 40% respectfully yet he found a way out of those huge legacy making fights. I have no issue with him fighting Ngannou but not at the expense of not fighting Usyk or at least Joshua. The bravery he showed in his fights with Wilder should not be forgotten but since then he is acting more like Mitch Green then a hall of fame champion.

  • As a lifelong boxing fan, news like this is part of the reason I’m starting to watch more MMA and slowly leaving boxing behind.

    In the UFC the best fight the best, and if they refuse, Dana White tells them to find another profession, no excuses and no circus bullshit.

    God bless the UFC.

    • UFC is a joke. Yeah they fight more even matched fights, but they get paid shit with no upside. So if you had a kid, which sport which would you choose. Until the fighters get paid a fair percentage it’s hard for me to support it. I’m not really shitting on the product, but it’s prizefighting. So for Dana to get most of the money and the fighters to basically slave themselves to take punishment Ill pass on it

  • There will be no knockout, but more of a glorified sparring sensation.

  • What is an acceptable reason for not trying to unify the belts in a match against Usyk?

    Don’t know.

    An acceptable reason is not spelled Ngannou.

    Is this a way for Fury to keep the engine going? To motivate, to find the thrill and the sharpness? To get fully in shape before Usyk?

  • Today we call them influencers.
    When I was young we called them idio*s.

  • This is one of those “fights” that will get a lot of resistance from boxing fans. Im not a big UFC watcher, but keep up with some of the people. This reminds me of the Holly Holmes vs Ronda Rousey fight. Boxing fans didnt care or back Holmes because they dont want to support UFC. The hard core UFC fans gave Holmes no chance because for the most part she is and will always be seen as a boxer. I mentioned that I picked Holly to win and pointed out she wasnt just a boxer, she was an elite boxer and had done kick boxing. I got ripped apart for giving her a chance to beat Ronda since at that point Ronda was at the top and looked unbeatable. We all (I think) know how that worked out. Now we have a very good UFC HW Champion (Who never lost the title) Ngannou facing a boxer. My only disagreement with this fight is the title not being on the line. Because of Ngannou background he could have been given a title shot, but it looks like Fury would rather get all the benefits with none or very little risk. If he loses he still has his title and will claim it was a fluke, 1:1,000,000,000 punch or any of the excuses we see boxers having. We need to also look at the fact Ngannou has never been rocked or knocked down and he has been hit flush by some of the biggest hitters in the UFC. We also have to consider the punching style. UFC fighters punch different than boxers. We saw that in the Conor Mcgregor Mayweather fight. Because Coner did land on Mayweather better than a lot of boxers.

    All this to say I dont see this as a walk in the park.
    I see Ngannou winning by devastating KO early or gassing out like McGregor did. If I put money on this fight Im going to put it on Ngannou by KO, but thats more about odds and payoffs.

    • Would be wise to not put money on a probably scripted sparring session.

  • Mike Tyson looked good against RJJ. If he would the winner even in a 3 rounder it would be epic. The sound of thunder and fury. I wanted to see Fury fight the Aussie heavyweight that looked like an amazing fight. Hopefully we see a few you tubers and reality stars on the undercard. KSI won 2 fights on one night. Or Bring back Paul Gallen and make him fight Big Baby Brown. The show will need some you tuber stars to make it pop!!

  • Weak fans weak sport. Floyd Mayweather introduced the lamest fans to boxing who were more interested in his wealth than fights that should have taken place. A Side B Side marinate language is a cancer and this debacle along with the Jake Paul’s and KSI highlights how pathetic the sport has become. America is a corrupt country.

    • All of these great fights this year and you’re still complaining? No one puts a gun to anyone’s head and forces them to watch a Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao exhibition match. Use common sense and watch the ones that you like and ignore the one’s that you don’t. If Floyd can make millions doing exhibitions why wouldn’t he? It took sports for you to realize “America is a corrupt country?” Hahaha. Easy solution, be a “big boy” and don’t watch.

      • Boxing history is important to those that know it. Clearly Boxing isn’t important enough to you to call out BS when you see it. HawnJay dream fighters are YouTubers and Floyd. Kid stuff.

  • Fury is no longer in the sport of Boxing. Now he’s doing exhibitions with non-fighters a la Jake Paul. I have never liked Fury. He came along at a time when the heavyweight division was historically mediocre, and didn’t have one fighter who was talented enough to overcome his height and weight advantage. Wilder came close, but with those bird legs, arm punching, and lack of skills and endurance, he could only muster a few knockdowns before himself being blasted out in embarrassing fashion. There are other fights out there with the potential for greater threats (Joshua, Usyk), but Fury doesn’t want to test his luck. So this big, awkward, unathletic, blubbery Humpty-dumpty on stilts, who punches like a puppet on a string, is now resigned to being an entertainer since he’s convinced that he’s as big a star as Muhammad Ali was. He’s so pathetic.

    I have no interest in this matchup, and certainly won’t be watching it. Looking forward to Canelo-Charlo, Crawford-Spence, Usyk-Dubois, Joshua-Whyte, and all the other legitimate fights between real fighters.

  • Ive already posted my thoughts on the fight, but thinking a little more I wonder about one thing. Since Fury is considered the Lineal champion would that transfer to Ngannou? I cant find anyplace that says a fight has to be sanctioned for the Lineal status to be up for grabs. Its one thing if this was a normal exhibition bout I would say it is not on the line. Since this event is being scored and being ran like a normal I would think he is up for grabs.

  • This just proves to us that Fury just wants easy paydays and not fight the best for the belts….he’ll continue to duck the best in Usyk

  • Fury will go to sleep. He will be sleep walking for several rounds and carry Ngonnu until he gasses out and gets knocked out.

    • If this were a real fight, which is doubtful, do you really think Fury would get knocked out by someone without even one professional boxing match?


  • No one asked for this. No one wants this. What a disappointment. Hey Fury, could you possibly make it look any more like you’re ducking Usyk? I doubt it.

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!! This also sends a direct message to Dana White and his UFC stars who are not content. You have other options while in your prime. Of course Fury wins but who cares. These men/women put their lives on the lines so they should be able to maximize their earnings

  • Only a fool would spend money on this fight. And only a fool would vote for Joe Biden.

  • I would rather vote for Joe Biden than pay to watch this BS fight. That is how much I hate this crap. Fury should be ashamed of himself. He is becoming a fking disgrace.

  • I don’t know why fans place Fury in such a high podium. He beat a one punch fighter with no boxing skills twice and fans think he is an all time great. This UFC guy can punch albeit he knows nothing about slipping, weaving and bobbing. Fury will sleep if he thinks he can go in and play with this guy. Even worse, pro boxing has become the retirement home for retired MMA
    fighters. How embarassing is that?

  • Using an old phrase from way, way back in my day, boxing has sho’ “come a cropper” since the late ’40s, early ’50s when I started following it, and eagerly waiting to watch it on the ol’ black and white tv set. Later in life, while I was stationed near Honolulu while in the Navy, Sad Sam Inchinose put together a good card ever month, and I’d see most of ’em while I was there. He’d bring in great fighters like Emile Griffith, Carlos Ortiz, Denny Moyer, Isaac Logart, Curtis Cokes, Rip Randall, Gaspar Ortega, and of course, the local attraction was Stan Harrington, a pretty good fighter himself. Many others, I can’t recall. Those were the good ol’ days as far as me watching boxing in person.

    Nothing nowdays that I’d make too much of an effort to go see, even if I could. Matter of fact, don’t know if I’ll make much of an effort to see Kambosas and whoever he’s fighting tonight on tv. I noticed the prelims were some real doozies. I still hold a lot of respect for the fighters that get into the ring, but not much else in boxing at this point.

  • Ngannou has power, but he’s a horrible boxer. He throws slow looping punches and has nothing similar to Wilder’s fast straight right. He looked like shit in his last MMA bout against another striker that was beating him on the feet. He had to take the guy down to win and considering they were both trash on the ground it was a very boring and ugly fight.

    TRUMP 2024!

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