Chavez Jr-Bravo Final Press Conference

Super middleweights Julio César Chávez Jr (50-3-1, 32 KOs) and Evert Bravo (25-10-1, 19 KOs) faced off at the final press conference for Saturday’s clash in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: “I am very happy for the treatment and affection that has been given to me by the people and the authorities of San Juan de Los Lagos. I want to say that we had a great preparation, I know that this is my last chance in boxing and I can’t let any more time pass. We’ll go step by step and first is to win the fight on Saturday, look good, feel good, and then approach the championship opportunity. I want to be world champion again, and that’s what we’re working hard for.”

Julio Cesar Chavez: “I closely followed his preparation in Tijuana and the truth is he trained very well. He was devoted and disciplined. He’s stronger and better conditioned than I’ve seen him in a long time. He trained for a major fight, not for weight loss, and these are the results. If he wants to, applies himself, and dedicates himself to the gym, of course, he can become world champion again.”

Evert Bravo: “Julio is the son of a great legend, but he is not a legend. I think he should have stayed in retirement. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to be chosen as your opponent for your return, but if you think you’ll have it easy with me, you’re wrong. I’ve come to Mexico to beat Chávez!”

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  • When Omar lost his brother Julio JR said Omar was an embarrassment he should retire well if Bravo wins then you should retire yourself JR.

  • Jr has an incredibly huge head lol it’s literally a massive skull like it belongs to a huge human being twice his size even bigger than Andre the giant.

    • Exactly!!! A head like a damn helmet. Wouldnt put it past him to be eating some extra Mexican steak. Jr. Seems like a shortcut kind of guy.

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