Bjornsson beats Hall in grudge match

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Almost two years in the making and over five years of bitter rivalry, Game of Thrones star Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson scored a six round unanimous decision over Eddie Hall on Saturday night at the Duty Free Tennis Stadium in Dubai, UAE. Hall smashed Thor into the ropes for a knockdown in round two. Hall was cut over both eyes going into round three. Thor dropped Hall at the end of round three. Thor, who had three previous fights, outboxed Hall after that and dropped him again in round six. Scores were 57-54 3x.

Billed as ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History,’ Bjornsson (335lbs) and Hall (313) didn’t come close to the 2007 bout between Eric “Butterbean” Esch (417.5) and Joe Siciliano (313.5).

They fought for six, three-minute rounds under professional boxing rules.

After the fight, the 33-year-old Bjornsson stated he’s enjoying the sport and is open to more fights, including a rematch with Hall.

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  • Those are some BIG boys. Matches like this are usually not good. They’re big but usually blown up after the first round.

  • Lol at the Butterbean comparison for weight. I’d say the body composition of these guys is just a little bit better…. Crazy to think both of these guys shed 100 pounds from their competition weights. I realize these are part-time fighters, but their commitment to training is better than most modern heavyweights.l

  • Björnsson had the reach and a little more knowledge. That was enough. Hopefully he can now move on with his life now.

    A wrestling match would feel more honest, I think.

    Maybe in next show?

  • Actually was a pretty good fight! You could tell that they both practiced, especially Thor. For guys that size with really no experience to go the distance after both suffered knockdowns was truly amazing. Hall had a ton of guts, The Mountain just was more skilled.

  • Taking off so much weight and upping the cardio is what separates the fakers from the pretenders.
    So hats off to Eddie and Thor!
    Thor did very well but doubt he will ever be able to go 10 rounds with any journeyman pro.
    I like Thor Vs both Paul bros in the ring in the same time maybe with Bruce Jender as the ref.

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