Amir Khan talks future Pacquiao bout

Two-time world champion Amir Khan put on a training session at his gym HQ in Bolton this week ahead of his departure for Saudi Arabia for his fight with rival Neeraj Goyat. Khan-Goyat in the first ever Pakistani-India showdown in a pro boxing ring on July 12th at the King Abdullah Sport City in Jeddah.

Photo: Super Boxing League

In front of a gym packed with national media, Khan was put through his paces by new trainers Alex Ariza and Clarence “Bones” Adams as he went through a session that included shadow boxing, pads and rope skipping.

Afterwards, Khan spoke to the media and talked of a potential blockbuster with the legendary Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East providing he beats Goyat and Pacman beats Keith Thurman next month. He also added he doesn’t care if domestic rival Kell Brook retired.

Khan said, “I’d love to do that fight. It’s one of the reasons I’ve take the fight as I know there’s a bigger picture. There’s always talk about Manny and there has been more talk about it lately. Let’s hope he wins against Thurman, I win against Goyat and we can move forward front there.”

“I have this fight and then it could be Manny, that would be a great way to finish. I’m not taking my eye off Goyat though, I know that I can’t be complacent and I need to beat him.”

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  • If it happens it reiterates what I said after his next farce my bad I mean fight was announced. He’s a HELL OF A business man. His boxing skills bur bur bur bur( price is right you loose music.)

  • This is like a Shakespearean comedy. Brooke is chasing Khan who is chasing Pacquiao who is chasing Mayweather who is chasing Japanese freakshows.

    • Floyd is 42 and retired. He’s just sports entertainment now. Pac-Man had his chance to beat him and couldn’t do it. Maybe he should chase 50 year old Marquez

      • This guy would have f’d Floyd’s legs up the same way he f’d up 39 or 40 year old Vince Phillips’s legs. Floyd was overpaid and spoiled, and without Top Rank/Bob Arum promoting more than half of his career, Golden Boy promotions never would have scooped him up in his mid 30s and paid him 30 mil plus per fight. Just saying, boxing doesn’t compare to a guy who can kick box. And this guy that f’d up Vince Phillips only started kick boxing at 17, and it took him 3 minutes and 10 seconds to finish him.

        • goldenboy “scooped” Mayweather up and paid him $ 30 million a fight ??? wrong it was showtime that gave him the $ 180 million 6 fight deal….in fact goldenboy had “nothing” to do at all with the 5th & 6th fights of the deal…the pacquiao and berto fight’s …al haymon had a good working relationship with Richard Schaefer(who ran goldenboy not Oscar) and still does …Schaefer was promoted a few PBC cards since his return…Mayweather was never a goldenboy fighter …

  • Khan is chasing paydays. But if the dude could have made $5 million 5 years ago fighting Brook then, when it mattered, why didn’t he do it? He got to fight a small welterweight, which kind of made it look kind of on even terms vs Crawford, and he quit rather than taking 5 minutes and then continuing. But Manny may fight him, Manny fought Broner. Thurman may decision Pacquiao. It isn’t like Thurman isn’t a good athlete and can’t go 12 rounds hard.

  • Khan is delusional. If pac beats Thurman why would he want to step down and why would brook step down ? Khan needs to retire

  • Khan’s attitude also seems to have rubbed off on Brook. I always used to like Brook but he seems to have become like Khan in that he thinks he’s more important than he is.
    Brook turned down a chance to fight on the Ruiz/AJ undercard – a perfect chance to put his name back up there because he wasn’t up for it. You had guys like Smith/Buatsi and Coyle who embraced the opportunity (despite the latter losing) and you look at how Smith is now talked about as a future opponent for guys like Canelo/GGG and Jacobs.
    The difference with Pac is that he is keeping active and not just obsessing about one name

  • Pacquiao would never fight this delusional guy, not because he could be afraid of him, but rather because he is a hated and shameless money chaser that few people at this point could be interested on see him fighting, the vast majority would reject vigorously an eventual fight between him and Pacquiao, after his blatant act of cowardice against Crawford.

  • Amir Khan! I know Boxers pay dearly for the money they earn, but you are not a viable threat anymore, and those who watch you are being fleeced for their hard earned money! Please think of others and not just yourself? You cannot convince me to watch you, that’s for sure!!

  • Never liked this overrated clown. He’s a huckster on the tail end of his career, now desperate for big money fights while he can. Needs to disappear.

  • >