Zerafa stops Horn in nine rounds

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBA #3 middleweight Jeff Horn (19-2-1, 13 KOs) suffered a ninth round knockout loss at the hands of fellow Australian Michael Zerafa (26-3, 16 KOs) ) in a scheduled twelve rounder in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia on Saturday. Zerafa started the contest in top gear and dropped Horn when he connected with a solid right hand in round two. Horn was cut in round three, but by round five Horn had found the range with solid combinations. Zerafa regained control of the bout in round seven and by round eight Horn was visibly tired. In round nine Zerafa dropped Horne and the referee called the fight off.

Horn was scheduled to challenge Ryota Murata for the WBA middleweight crown in Japan on December 23.

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  • This loss is the best thing that could have happened to Horn. After his gifted Pacman win, he became completely delusional about his boxing abilities.

    Its interesting to note that Horn was right about one thing: he always has a bad 9th round.

    Good win for Zerafa who is now on course to challenge Murata.

    • Stonefree, you and I usually disagree. Not in this case. You hit it right on the money. Great Job.

      • Jonathan,

        We may differ frequently, but you always react like a gentleman which is more important than boxing views. I hope we can agree on that?

  • I thought Horn had it in the bag, I had only saw highlights on Zerafa from the Brook fight, but didn’t know much about him; but the offer to Horn to fight Murata was 1 week before the fight. So if Horn knew 12 weeks before the fight, he might have been better prepared. Also, Jeff Fenech mentioned Horn should switch up trainers after the Crawford fight, he could have went with the guy from New Zealand, Kevin Barry, or a different coach from AUS. Fenech predicted Horn would beat Mundine, just becuase Mundine was way too old. Horn claimed he trained well and believed he was legit at 160, and Zerafa said he saw weakness in Horn after the weigh in. Zerafa is the best in Australia from 154 to 160 now, unless Tim Tszyu beats him. Tszyu vs Zerafa will be another high profile fight for Zerafa in Australia. I thought Zerafa might get Horn on cuts, cuts caused by punches, but Zerafa beat him a different way. Horn is a family man now, and still able to do what he likes as a gym teacher.

    • yeah seriously. my prediction of this fight was entirely based on brook fight. brook looked awful that night but maybe zerafa had more about him. that and horn’s misleading resume added up to this result

  • Horn needs to drop back down in weight or retire, He looked bad and had no game plan at all. Murata would kill him!.

  • Horns a bum! And this fight proves it. Easy win by Zerafa as expected. Mundine v Zerafa next or Murata,.

  • I saw Zerafa doesn’t really take Tim Tszyu seriously after being asked about it after stopping Horn.
    “Tim Tszyu…Please!”
    I think Zerafa should pick up Horn’s #5 WBO rating at 160. The WBO is loaded with Canadians and UK fighters as contenders.
    2 Steven Butler CAN
    3 Alantez Fox USA
    4 Luke Keeler (WBO Europe) IRE
    6 Liam Williams UK
    7 Patrice Volny (NABO) CAN
    Zerafa definitely should be considered for the Murata fight too.

  • Haha. Some Australian Fringe contender just shit all over Terence Crawford’s second-best win, or at least the one he has gotten credit for in recent times. I predicted this would happen because horn is no middleweight and weight classes matter.

    • Crawford unified ALL the belts at 140. I don’t think anybody considered Horn his second best win.

      On a side note: Horn might be a small Middleweight, but was a huge Welterweight where Crawford fought him. Crawford’s biggest hurdle right now is getting a name to cross the street or get out of his promotional deal.

  • Bye, bye the Murata fight, but a very decent paycheck is on hand for Horn: Zearafa rematch. No doubt in my mind it will happen. Meaningless fight out of Australia, but a big event for them. Lets Horn rest, and in 2020 he will fight again, there is something left to milk I guess.

  • Good! Horns been fighting over his head, remember he’s a school teacher. Sounds like it was a decent fight but goodbye Horn

    • Not really. Very bad night for Pac-Man, who probably didn’t take him seriously, but got outworked and deserved to lose that close decision.

    • I don’t know how anybody can watch the Horn v Pacquiao fight and not see a close fight. Horn outworked Pacquiao in many rounds. Don’t let round 9 and Teddy Atlas irrational dislike of Horn and biased call of the fight influence you. It was a very close fight.

  • Horn is very ordinary at Best. Any decent figher will beat him. At higher weights its worse. He is lucky to have made pretty good money

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