Young prospect gunned down in El Salvador

By David Finger

We’re sad to report the passing of 22-year-old prospect Alexis “Payasito” Navidad on Sunday April 5th in San Salvador, El Salvador. Navidad was tragically gunned down in the Santa Anita Barrio of the Salvadoran capital. Navidad, who was walking near the intersection of Venezuela Boulevard and 13 South Avenue when two men on motorcycles approached him and opened fire. Two other men were injured. The National Civil Police searched the area before arresting and charging two men, Brandon Lemus and Oswaldo Ortiz, with Navidad’s murder.

The National Civil Police stated that Navidad’s killers were alleged gang members, however there is no evidence that “Payasito” had any ties to organized crime. The President of the National Sports Institute, Yamil Bukele, and the Salvadoran Professional Boxing Association (ASABOX) both made public statements to clarify that Navidad was not involved in any gang activity.

“We want to clarify that Alexis, as confirmed by the Salvadoran Boxing Federation, had no ties to gangs or to any criminal structure,” Bukele said in a Facebook post. “He was…an athlete dedicated to his passion: boxing.”

Navidad turned pro as a teenager, winning a unanimous decision over Antonio Galeano in November of 2017. Although his career did suffer from inactivity, he was nonetheless regarded as one of the brightest prospects in Central America. He leaves behind a four-month-old son and a young fiancé.

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  • El Salvador… A nation ruined by the ruthless Salvadorian thugs from the US.

  • Typical Hispanic 3rd world country…..Oh wait worse things happening in the USA.

  • Besides from Corona, still got a bunch of other bs to worry about. With the world bankrupting the middle class throughout the planet, you’ll see average men coming out the Suburbs pulling these jobs previously associated with low level thugs. I know of a couple of previously working family men, with assault weapons, sitting in their homes recently laid off and desperate. Some bad things are popping off – You only heard about this because he’s a Boxer.

  • I’ve been to El Salvador many times, and from my perspective, it is a beautiful country with friendly, warm people. Obviously it has it’s bad element and you really do have to be aware of your surroundings, but it is not as bad as people will lead you to believe. A lot of that is media hype and hearsay. If you are stupid and go there looking for trouble, you are sure to find it, but if you are smart, respectful, and generally not a mark, El Salvador has a lot to offer. RIP to this young fighter!

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