Wilder: Ortiz has never faced nobody with my caliber

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder weighs in on his March 3 challenger Luis Ortiz’ level of opposition to this point.

“Ortiz has never faced nobody with my caliber. Ortiz ain’t never faced nobody with the intensity, with the mindset that I have or with the natural killer instinct that I have.”

Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

“All that sh!t goes out the window when you get in the ring with a real one. I don’t care about all that. That ain’t nothing.

“There is nothing that man’s going to do to touch me where he’s going to hurt me. I’m going to walk through all that. I’m telling you. That’s nothing. I’ve seen his style many, many, many times. I’ve fought it coming up in the amateurs. I’ve got a lot of Cuban friends. I know their style. Trust me. And I can’t wait. That’s why I do my talking. I talk my talk so I can walk my walk.

“Anybody else on the outside of the ring can’t talk the talk because they’re not going to be able to walk that green mile. His trainers, his promoters, his people around him are not going to be able to walk the green mile. Luis Ortiz is going to be the only person that’s going to be able to have to suffer the consequences and the more they talk, the more punishment that comes on him.

“Everything intensifies my anticipation of knocking his head off. Keep talking.”

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