WBSS to launch fantasy heavyweight tourney

As boxing fans around the world look for distractions, World Boxing Super Series has decided to launch a special ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends’ tournament to provide some much-needed relief and entertainment for fight fans around the world.

The ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends’ tournament will be simulated on EA Sports ‘Fight Night Champion’ video game and feature 8 of the most recognizable heavyweights from history, including ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali, and they will compete in the traditional WBSS format to lift the eAli Trophy.

The ‘roster’ announcement will be made this coming Sunday and the draw will take place on the ‘@wbsuperseries’ social channels on Sunday 22nd at 5pm (GMT).

The tournament will begin with the first quarter-final taking place on Monday 23rd March, and there will be a live-streamed fight every night until the final on Sunday 29th March. The entire ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends’ tournament will be live-streamed on the World Boxing Super Series Facebook page at 5pm (GMT) every day.

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  • The title will be named after one of the athletes that will be “entered” into the tournament?

    Why not call it the “Marquess of Queensberry” trophy or something along those lines?

    • The Lombardi trophy will now be called the Tom Brady trophy and Tampa Bay is in the Superbowl – it is silly!

  • Muhammad Ali fought with six ounce gloves and barely KO’d anyone. He lost against Jimmy Young and Ken Norton all 3 times. OVERRATED.

    • Don’t know about overrated. Of his first 29 fights he had 23 stoppages. This is before he lost to Frazier. Against Young I thought the fight was a draw, and certainly not the scores the judges came up with. there was a credited knockdown for Ali, and Young did so much ducking under the ropes, you could have argued he should have been disqualified. On his matches with Norton, I agree that Norton won the first (which he did), and the third. It was really sad how they robbed Norton. Norton had a 7-5 lead after 12 on two of the judges. I actually had it even, but felt Norton won the last three. I think the judges were afraid of a riot outside of Yankee Stadium, don’t forget, the price were on strike. Ali was ahead of his time, he was much bigger than many of the boxers he fought in weight and size, and he was a great athlete as well. How he would have done against a Lewis, Klitschko, Fury, would have been interesting, as he would not have had the advantages he had back then.

  • During his 20’s he KO’ed most people…and I just checked the record book…it doesn’t seem to mention 3 losses to Norton or a loss to Jimmy Young.

  • Key word in the article is “fantasy”. That word alone speak volumes on how manipulation and boredom of the subject really is to the average boxing fan. We want “reality” and plenty of it please!!!!!!!!! Give us the real entertainment we deserve. LOL

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