WBC University launches Monday

While the boxing world is on-hold waiting for the coronaviris pandemic to pass, the WBC is offering an opportunity for boxers, doctors, referees, judges, ring supervisors, trainers, promoters and others to learn more about our sport at the first University of Boxing. Online sessions begin Monday, March 23. You can register here.

Spanish Version at 1PM ET, 10AM PT
English Version at 3PM ET, noon PT


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  • Sounds like fun… Us armchair warriors will be smarter after we graduate from the WBC University.

  • What the hell is this shit all about? Is Trump behind this? I thought the way to become knowledgeable about boxing was to love the sport, maybe even participate in the sport, watch it, follow it, read about it because you’re enthused and can’t get enough. Not paying for online courses about it! It’s bad enough we have all these nerds posting online about boxers they just Googled and accusing other posters of being “casuals” because they haven’t heard of their new online discoveries!

      • I can appreciate that, are they charging for these sessions? I saw todays lesson is conducted by David Benavidez and his father about hand wrapping. That’s cool, it keeps their names out there for the boxing starved public!

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