eWBSS quarterfinals set

The World Boxing Super Series fantasy heavyweight quarterfinals are set.

Muhammad Ali vs Evander Holyfield
Lennox Lewis vs Joe Frazier
Mike Tyson vs Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch
George Foreman vs David Haye

The ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends tournament’ will be simulated on EA Sports ‘Fight Night Champion’ and they will compete in the traditional World Boxing Super Series format to lift the eAli trophy. The entire ‘eWBSS Heavyweight Legends’ tournament will be live-streamed on the World Boxing Super Series Facebook page at 5pm (GMT) every day from Monday 23rd March until the final on Sunday 29th March.

Is it possible that Ali will not win the eAli trophy?

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  • To have Butterbean included is an offense to the real legends of boxing that are essential part of the history of this sport.

    • Oh come on Mikemiguel! It’s just a fun thing they’re doing, stop taking it so seriously.

      • A fun thing?!?!?! This will settle who is the greatest ever once and for all! 🙂

      • What about Rocky Marciano vs. Tyson instead of Butterbean? or the dream fight never made of Tommy Morrison vs Tyson?

        • Tyson would’ve stopped Morrison in the first round. I would’ve loved to see Moore vs Morrison or even Evander vs Morrison

  • I’m not sure Butterbean and David Haye should be included in this tourney! This is a tremendous injustice to Micheal “Dynamite” Dokes!!!

  • Butterball? Really? I can think of 100 other heavyweights that should be in that over that fat F**k.

  • Three interesting fights, and one murderous mismatch! A prime Mike Tyson would quickly destroy ‘Butterbean’ !

  • Lets get real …A prime Tyson could only possibly be beaten by a prime Foreman or Cassisus Clay- styles make fights……70’s Mohammed Ali would get gooned if Tyson was coached as he was in his prime…Holyfield and Lewis both ducked him in his prime as they knew they would have been killed. He had awesome coaching/training in the beginning.

  • Leon Spinks Vs Primo Carnera with Al Capone as the referee with a baseball bat

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