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Update: Muhammad Ali knocked out Evander Holyfield in round five of the opening match of the eWBSS heavyweight fantasy tournament.

Tomorrow: Lennox Lewis vs. Joe Frazier
The WBO has cancelled all fights for three months. A note on the WBO website reads: “Important Message: Amidst the current situation worldwide caused by Covid-19 the WBO has postponed all boxing events through June 2020. We will update accordingly.”
Tonight ESPN will air the non-pay-per-view premier of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury’s masterpiece victory over Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. The four-fight telecast begins at 8PM ET, and will be preceded by a special re-air presentation of Fury and Wilder’s disputed December 2018 draw at 7PM ET.

2020 Olympics to be cancelled?
eWBSS quarterfinals set

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  • I enjoyed seeing Wilder get exposed as the overrated fighter that he is. He cannot box. He’s great at making menacing expressions and intimidating gestures, pretending as if he possesses more power than any heavyweight in history, while predictably knocking out manicurists, nursing assistants, bloggers, and retirees. He’s all hype. Fury is as mediocre as they come, very beatable, with the only problem for opponents is overcoming his height advantage and defensive style. An arm-punching slugger with no boxing ability or defensive is not going to do it, and I don’t believe the bird-legged Wilder will ever be able to beat a motivated Fury.

  • I didn’t know the WBO had the authority to cancel boxing events. I’m sure they meant they would not be sanctioning any bouts.

  • JC, if ESPN is going to help us fight fans with some previous fights, why not put some entertaining fights on, I as a boxing fan am sick of fury and wilder

  • I see Ali winning a decision over Holyfield but no way he would knock him out especially in round 5.

  • Not so sure Ali would have ko’d holyfield
    . in his prime, Holyfield had a great chin and was verry strong.
    (Could have had some assistance)

  • These guys are way more yoked up than Ali and Holyfield ever were! I wonder if they’re going to make Butterbean all chiselled up up with rock solid abs?

    • Butterbean was the king of the 4 rounders. Tyson would have chewed him up for breakfast in the 1980’s. Yes, it would not surprise me they make Butterbean out to be some super-fighter with a thinner figure. LOL

  • I’m curious to why Ali was 25 years old and they throw a 34 year old version of Holyfield in with him.

  • What drugs were the people on to think ALi KOs Holyfield??????? Both avg punchers with great chins. This goes distance every single time

  • Wilder exposed as we all knew was right around the corner! Fury just doesn’t appear to be great but keeps winning Canelo is the same type looks like a loser but keeps winning just as Crawford. I’ll take Lomechenko Or I’ll go back to watching the good old days of Ron Lyle

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