WBC bans Ryan Garcia

By Gabriel F. Cordero

After his latest volley of inappropriate posts on X/Twitter, the WBC has had enough.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has announced the following: “Exercising my authority as president of the WBC, I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization. We reject any form of discrimination. I fear for Ryan’s well being as he has declined multiple attempts for our help with mental health and substance abuse.”

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  • Poor Ryan needs Jesus Christ in his life ASAP!
    Enough with all this craziness Ryan…

    • r.g needs to grow up, get some help, and actually follow Jesus, not just “talk about it “. All these “enablers” need to stop also.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what a mentally ill person needs, a better relationship with an imaginary man in the sky. Get this kid some real professional therapy!

      • Sad, that there are 30 people thumbs up calling God an imaginary person. Probably almost as sad as your statement. Got Jesus, no you don’t, but that is your right to think that. It’s also my right to let you know what a very poor statement you made.

        • well said but dont waste your breath with the sheep they just follow whats trending

          • Well, you know God is not a trend. I am not perfect nor claim to be, but if I had problems I would go to him over any mental health professional any day. Mental health people just fill you up with psych drugs and that is supposed to help a guy like Garcia. No. Prayer and spiritual healing. True worship.

          • Why do you feel the need to pimp your Holy Spirit on a boxing board? We get it, you think your super powered, invisible guy is the best, not everyone agrees so keep it to yourself if you don’t want it countered. Modern medicine is the only thing that can balance this kid out. Thoughts and prayers are not going to cut it, just as they have not helped in the billions of times they have been used in the past. The things you are saying are damaging and dangerous. Stop it. Practice your kneeling, but get medicine and treatments when you are ill. Ryan Garcia is ill.

          • But it’s ok, to talk your shit? It’s ok to pimp medicine that mostly puts you to sleep and walk around like a zombie. If that’s you, then go for it, no one is stopping you. I just find it funny that it’s alright for to say what you want, but I can’t. Typical lib. Do as I say, not as I do. By the way, we are talking about Garcia a boxer, so it’s a boxing story, God made fools too just like you.

      • If you think God isn’t real, why you acknowledge his existence saying that isn’t real? Confused? I invited to read the Bible and judge yourself.

  • It’s going to take more than Jesus Christ to help Ryan, Arturo. He’s going to need either involuntary hospitalization, an intervention, or a new identity. He’ll also want to hire some 24 hour security while he’s at it because there are many folks that’ll either want to severely kick his ass or possibly even take him out after that awful shit he posted. He can’t unring that bell and has basically trashed his life and career at this point, or so it seems. It’s very sad.

    • According to your claim, you believe Ryan Garcia should be attacked or murdered. What exactly is your justification for that?

  • Teofimo called Haney the same word to his face and nobody seemed to care. Maybe WBC figures that if Ryan isn’t eligible to make money for them then they may as well benefit from a bit of morale posturing if they can

    • Haneys “I will never lose to a white boy” is as bad as the N-word in my eyes. There should be no tolerance at all for racial slurs.

    • Jorge…did not know that…but what I am aware of is the “N” being said by several African American fighters and nothing being done about it….No other professional sport allows this….I have noticed that the main organization that allowed such behavior..allows the “N”..to be used and used recklessly like it is not offensive to some ..maybe owned by an African American…..WHY PUNISH RYAN? I applaud the WBC for taking some action…..But admittedly Ryan is just doing what other very black boxers were doing … openly without penalty….No matter who says it disgusting…..bad look for this sport….and I am African American….52 years old living in GA and that is a very very painful word…. unacceptable on all levels

      • They have a privilege mock and ridicule and think they can physically attack anyone who defies them and does the same back to them. As if they are the slave masters and everyone is subjugated to them. And sexually harassing all women. Narcissists constantly going on about themselves. Blasting it all on camera to the world, with smiles on their faces, but don’t you dare have a free mind to see it and speak out.

      • “Very painful word”. Like the words the black people are blasting on cameras to the world every day. Do you think you have a right to physically attack people for saying it? What the Haney family has done and is still doing is far worse than that “very very painful word”.

      • I agree. got to admit that i was heartbroken when I heard teo say that to haney. That young man is a great fighter and represents the sport well. Teo was shameless. It bothers me. I watched beverly hills cop 4 the other day and heard eddie call black characters that word so effortlessly like its 1984. Ryan is just a fool that needs help.

  • ‘we reject any form of discrimination’, and then discriminate against him via rejection. Seems fine. Oh wait, so the WBC is rejecting itself? Also fine.

    • Mauriciou Sulaiman went with his daughter to a Bad Bunny show. Where they commit vulgar displays of perverted sexual exhibitionism, among other immorality. Then Sulaiman felt compelled to share that event with the world. Sulaiman’s judgment is lacking in judgment skills. He is morally bankrupt. Sulaiman is towing the line for his group. Probably wishes he was invited to World Economic Forum gatherings.

  • One of the problems is probably that too many people have had Ryan Garcia under their arms for too long. It is time for him to face the consequences for his own actions and take responsibility for them.

    I get the impression that this trip down into the shit has been going on for a very long time. He clearly needs help and an environment that understands that co-dependency is not the way forward.

    He also has a tough road that no one but himself has to get through. The question is whether he has that capacity. Gets the picture that the easy ways forward are his way forward. It won’t work now.

    • He needs to check himself into a rehab clinic. Therapy. No access to alcohol. No social media whatsoever.
      Throw away his smart phone and get a flip phone, aka dumb phone. Detach from
      his usual chaotic surroundings. He needs to
      also stop attending live boxing events.
      Stay away from the chaos. D-E-T-A-C-H and
      D-E-T-O-X. Very simple.

  • Exactly what they do to everyone that dares to be free and defy them.

  • You have free speech only when you are saying what the powers want to hear. I don’t even know what he posted and don’t care. Also, the WBC can have its etiquette rules. I’m just saying beware, they will eventually be shutting all of us down.

    • Free speech applies to government intervention. Last I checked, the WBC is not the government, and can do what they want with regards to speech.

      • In the US, you can’t create your own organization and deny citizens their civil rights. Now, the WBC is out of Mexico so that may change things.

      • Gza …free speech also comes with unlimited consequences….just cause you can say it don’t mean you should…

  • Garcia is fighting a different battle, I hope he won’t get koed.

  • I don’t know Garcia personally and have no idea what it’s like walking in his shoes. He seems out of control, unconcerned about the consequences, doing and saying whatever he pleases. I think he’s in a very dark place for reasons unknown. He doesn’t seem to care about himself, as if on a suicide mission. I predict that he will be dead within a year.

  • I applaud the ban. Racism nor religious persecution should be tolerated.

    None of us chose what color or nationality we were born into.

    Garcia is not only extremely immature but he is also clearly a mental case that needs immediate help.

    It’s only a matter of time before he hurts himself or someone else.

  • The kid has no filter.
    Open mouth. Insert foot.
    No more alcohol. Cold Turkey.

    • I definitely think that he should stop drinking, but cold turkey may not be the best way to deal with alcoholism, if it is very severe.
      People die going cold turkey all the time.

  • The WBC have done their duty in banning Garcia. Now we boxing fans must refrain from feeding his fire. The fight Demons vs Garcia is in process and Demons is winning.

  • All of the sudden the WBC has morals, care what fighters say. No one said anything about the things Floyd said about the Pac Man, what about the things Tyson said during his career, nonsense, it’s everyone punished or no one!

    • It’s all about the $, ppv buys, sold out arenas, and what the fighter can do for the money org (WBC, in the not so distant future. What is Ryan going to do for the WBC? Also, maybe Haney was drained making 140 for the Garcia fight. And Haney won’t fight Sandor Martin. So Haney has a no contest, and refuses to fight the WBC mandatory at 140 (for whatever reasons). If Haney doesn’t at least fight the winner of Prograis and Caterall, he should definitely vacate and see what he can do for the WBC at 147.
      Ryan is stupid putting that out there, he kicked Haney’s ass regardless. Team Haney should see if they can kick butt at 147 (decision wins) fighting top 10 WBC guys at 147.

  • Absolutely right kid need help….Mr Sulaiman..set an example and use you authority and order canelo Benavides. Fight

  • I’m not condoling what Ryan has said, but the WBC should stay out of it. Their job is to hand out belts, not monitor peoples words. You may not like what somebody has to say, but they have the right to say it. If it causes you to not buy their fights or follow their social media anymore, fine, but it should be an individuals choice not that of a sanctioning body of boxing. The WBC is way too involved in this matter, and despite what they may think it doesn’t make them look like the guardians of respectful social balance. This whole I’m thing is a lot of BS.

    • Jonathan York… Understand your position….never heard that word used in any promotions supported by the NFL, NBA,MLS, MMA, MLB…try that in any of those organizations and what do you think the consequences shall be?…..Only in the sport of boxing with unlimited credibility issues that we accept such behavior ….. Establishment of credibility.that leads to legitimacy,..starts from within….Maybe just maybe if we clean up the credibility issues that keep fans away…we will attract more fans …equal more revenue….better fights

      • If you wanna understand my position, let me tell you what it is, it’s the fact that I don’t think any organization should oversee peoples personalities. Nobody needs to be out there pretending to be the judge and jury of what’s right and wrong. Especially gigantic professional sports organizations considering the amount of corruption, payoffs, backdoor maneuvering, etc. that goes on in all of them (let alone the WBC). So hold your high and mighty position and keep it to yourself. My point stands.

        • York….you have a right to your position….so do I….this is America…people died for that right… people if all colors…I love living in a country where I can freely talk about my “high or mighty position” and you can as well….no threat to my life or limb….I want to hear your side…whether I agree or not…I just love boxing…I could absolutely be dead wrong…your voice could change my opinion….”not high or mighty” but that is how I learn..I welcome your position York….I need it to expand mind….no matter what you think of me….I respect the fact that we both have a right to be wrong… people died for that…

  • George Floyd: A drug addict, thug, lazy, cheater, dead beat dad… a criminal in other words.
    Bl@cks: They commit 50 of all crimes yet they are only 13% of the US population.
    They are entitled. They think everyone owes them something. Nobody like to live around them. They destroy everything.

    • Sir, I have worked hard to get where I am . I have served my duty for my country, and taken the opportunities given to me. I have dealt with idiots with your mindset and surpassed them. One thing is that I don’t destroy. I create. Whether it’s a house for my family, or lasting relationships with all colors. Black people are not monolithic, so don’t out me in a box.And statistics are very deceiving, sir, because black Americans are policed more than any other race. Please keep your racism in your closet. This should be a respectful site

      • You’re what is called the exception to the rule. Im stating facts. There is a reason why Blacks are policed more than any other race.

        • Well THAT’S as raacist as I’ve heard in a while! I was expecting it from Berserker, not some rando Peter Pam!

      • Your writing in defense of the criminals he writes against, is not a virtue, as your other virtues are.

    • You are more garbage than Garcia, not to mention illiterate. This is about boxing, not idiotic racist views. I won’t bother to educate you since silence is the best answer to a fool.

  • You idiots, this is his game. This is how he created his popularity. If people would just ignore the nonsense he would stop. It’s purely for attention and the public falls for it every time.

    • The show he put on when he beat the snot out of a big mouth arrogant racist Devin Haney who many hate. That might have contributed to his popularity.

  • Ryan Garcia attitude come out from steroids , and it’s not justifiable what he did , now WBC banned him and some people are not happy, if WC would not do anything they will be talking shitt about WBC

  • Didn’t the WBC just recently discriminate against Russian fighters? And for years, the WBC also discriminated against South African fighters.

    • Sure did Nordic. There should be an uniform sanction for all fighters that say things like this, but there isn’t. We all know the WBC is a stool pigeon for libs. It is just more of the hypocritical stances that many organizations make by punishing the select few while ignoring others that make similar comments. In doing so, you are supporting an agenda or narrative that continues to thrive. Even this website does it, quite regularly.

  • his parents are to blame- they are emblematic of a new class of “parents” who raise their children as a form of future economic exploitation- there are many examples- who would want a kid to be a boxer and promote it as opposed to educating them with all the opportunities that exist – other than finding a quick $- a child’s first teacher are his parents and this says it all – his use of Jesus is tragic and as ignorant as he is

    • you are right ….just look at Shane Mosley’s son and you see a reflection of Shane as a Parent- respectful and dignified – the complete opposite of the ignorance displayed by both the garcia offspring- the press conference yesterday displayed it

    • this is right – Shane Mosley is a great parent – look at his respectful son at the press conference for his fight today – he was an example of class and dignity – a far cry from the instructed ignorance of the garcia clan

  • his parents are to blame- they are emblematic of a new class of “parents” who raise their children as a form of future economic exploitation- there are many examples- who would want a kid to be a boxer and promote it as opposed to educating them with all the opportunities that exist – other than finding a quick $- a child’s first teacher are his parents and this says it all – his use of Jesus is tragic and as ignorant as he is

  • ETK19, I don’t think he should be attacked or murdered; that’s the last thing I want. But you can’t tell me there won’t be a line of folks wanting to do RG harm after posting that crap. Believe me, I hope nothing bad happens to him and hope he gets the help he needs to get stabilized.

    • Yeah, but you wrote it, not those other people. It came out of you. Hopefully you will eliminate such evil unjust ideas from your heart. Even if Ryan disliked any race, he is free to do so, and he can express himself about it as well. IF

  • I don’t understand why someone would try to deflect away from what Garcia said. He didn’t just come for blacks. He went for Jews and muslims too. Freedom of speech or not, he is a liability. If I was in charge of GBP, I would drop him for conduct detrimental to the business.


  • Starting to think Ryan is in the closet and he’s afraid to admit he is gay. That’s why he left his beautiful wife soon as the baby was born.

  • Muhammad Ali once called Joe Frazier a gorilla, among other things. In an interview with Playboy magazine, Ali also said Black men messing with White girls should be killed. Ironically, Ali’s grandson, Nico Ali Walsh, is of mixed race.

    • This is not the 1960s-1970s. Vwe have evolved. There is no place for the crap Ryan was spewing. I’m sure he is going to continue getting canceled, and I fully support it.

      • Question, sister sledge. Would you support a black man receiving a sanction for spewing racial hate towards whites? Hispanics or any other racial/ethnic group?

        • Sledge, based on your non answer, you are no different than what Pan said. Problem is you will never see it because you are blind, blind to the facts.

  • Good! I hope he gets banned from social media too. He’s an embarrassment to Mexican-Americans. No excuse for his behavior. He doesn’t represent Christianity. He should go away for a long time and rethink everything. What a waste of talent. He could do so much good in this world, but he chooses hate.

  • I hope this kid can get the psychological help he needs or we’ll be reading about a tragedy instead.

    He is starting to remind me more and more of Broner. Two guys who just don’t know how to act…

  • Can Ryan get help from Muhammad, Buddha, and the Great Pumpkin as well, or just Jesus?

  • Sulaiman is a hypocrite anus. His father would never act so carelessly. And Haneys father calls everyone a BITCH ASS NIGGA and all`s fine. The USA today

    • Joey, yes he did. He suspended Chris areola for saying “fuck” when he lost to klitschko.

  • Some of y’all are a bunch of idiots. Zockerbit: you said “I’ll never lose to a whiteboy” is the same as the the nword or you was just joking? No need to reply. Pan, your stats are outdated and overused. Notice how the very people that have and continue to create the condition’s for “crime” always have some stats, never want to take accountability for their own actions or pay up. Question: blacks American blacks are 14% of the population but 100% of us have 10-20% European DNA and many of us have never reproduced with a Caucasian. By 1750 there were over 600,000 mixed Africans in the USA, from what? Yup, you guessed it; forced rape. So, since you’re so good at stats for black crime and blacks couldn’t marry whites by law until 1967; how many rapes do you think occurred by white males from 1620 until say…1865? That’s just the rapes. How about the untold murders, lynchings, castrations, and police genocides from 1620 until 2024. Talk about accountability and crime. Go ahead I’ll wait…

    • Unless you are like 300 years old, and personally witnessed each and every alleged rape, how could you come up with that amount of forced rapes? Granted Americans are all mixed with different nationalities, races, ethnicity, so why are blacks exclusive to that? So, Zockerbit repeats what several fighters have said about white fighters. Reverse it, if a white fighter said I would never lose to a black boy or a brown boy, that fighter just alienated a race no matter what you say. You of all people would be up in arms about that being said, so yes it is just as bad because it doesn’t need to be said at all. You cite Pan, well I concur he is an idiot about boxing and about this issue, but can you dispute his stats with real numbers? Can you dispute what was said about Floyd? He was a criminal, he was engaging in criminal behavior, he had lethal amounts of fentanyl in his body, his autopsy was shrouded in deception and the court did not allow certain information into that trail. Who created conditions for crime? Last time I checked, this is 2024 and we all have a choice to commit crime or not. You continue to push things that happened eons ago, but want us to pay now. Who pays for the sins of your people, it goes both ways, but you will not hear about that. Better yet, this government, this administration specifically where I live, allow crime to continue. Explain no bail laws on guys or girls committing violent crimes, but are released, so they could commit more heinous crimes with victims of all colors. I do acknowledge there have been lynchings and police brutality. The same way I don’t doubt there have been murders committed against whites, Hispanics, Asians, middle easterns, etc had the hands of a black man. Blacks are not the only ones specific to your argument. Everyone. You act like no one else exists. Listen, DMV, I have tried believe me when I say this to listen to some of your grievances and put myself in your shoes because when you have an argument there are two sides, always. I have never been convinced by anything you have said on this issue, but I’m sure you feel the same about me. Well, I’ve had numerous conversations with members of all races on this issue and sadly, you are flat wrong. I’ve said time and time again, when you start looking at the human aspect rather race this constant beating on your chest that YOU have been wronged by what happened eons ago, maybe you will finally get past a wall that is holding you back. No one says do not be proud of who you are. No one says do not represent your culture. Just remember there are hundreds of cultures in this world and not one is superior to another. Just like in boxing there is always someone better than you even if you retired undefeated. Everyone has their day. Good day.

      • Killa King …notice your language….used…you speak as if you are an attorney….I am…just recognize some things…. particularly when you referenced what the court allowed….

        • Defense or prosecutor? If want to answer, if not no problem or do you specialize in a particular area of law? No, not an attorney, but I testified a lot, let’s put it that way. Last time I said what I did, I got even more hate than I normally do. If I remember correctly, there were witnesses not allowed to speak in his defense. I believe his defense was also pointing to aspects of use of force that were actually within policy, but something prevented them letting it in. I remember watching a special about that case and it revealed what was not shown in the news. Normally, I will cite specifics because as you know you can’t make a statement without supporting it otherwise you will be asked even more questions; however, I was already writing a book, so I shortened it.

  • Nordic, see comment addressed to Pan and Zockerbit and draw a correlation to what you said.

    • DMV, you do bring up some good points. I was unaware of the 600,000 mixed-race Africans in America by 1750. That’s a lot! My family hasn’t been in America too long. I do know that Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens loved Hitler and hated President Roosevelt. Hitler had ice special-delivered to Owens for his drinking water, and the Olympic medalist hung out with SS officers & sat on the same toilets as Germans. But back in America, Roosevelt wouldn’t even invite Owens to the White House with the other athletes because he was Black. America had separate bathrooms & drinking fountains for Whites & Blacks, but Owens was honored & respected in Germany. The mainstream media won’t discuss this.

  • I believe in freedom of speech, period! If Sulaiman, the Arab businessman running the WBC out of Mexico, wants to do business in America, then he should abide by the Bill of Rights. I could care less what people say about me; name-calling never hurt my feelings.

  • Revisiting this story, on this site I try to confine my comments to the Sweet Science, this is the focal point of this site. I can be critical and descriptive about some fighters, such as my describing Tyson Fury as a “Humpty Dumpty on stilts who punches like a puppet on a string”, but the bottom line for me is that I respect and admire all fighters. I respect the sport.

    About Garcia, He’s a fighter, and I hope he gets better. His latest tirade against our black, jewish, and muslim brothers and sisters, is deeply disturbing. I don’t wish any harm on him, but I think that if he continues on the path that he’s on, I don’t see a good ending. He failed his two biggest tests in the ring, being destroyed by Tank in front of the world, then exposed as cheat against Haney. The young man is in a dark place, and it will be interesting to see if he can get out of it, mature, work on getting better at his craft, and for once prove that the hype is real.

    • Excellent post LexusNexus….I have to work on my engagement with race baiters on this site….or I will start searching for another site with a mature boxing base….Life is already challenging enough that we have to deal with this trash…Just would rather talk boxing….

      • Well , Sean you are talking boxing. A fighter was suspended by a boxing organization for making terrible statements. This decision impacts boxing one way or another because when he comes back, if he does will he be able to fight for WBC belt again? Will he still have his trainer, derrick James based on his comments? When he is eligible to fight is there going to be a plethora of opponents that want to quiet him or just beat the crap out of him. All boxing questions, legitimately. Or how about the question that no one answers on here. When a black fighter says something similar and alienates an entire race, but no sanctions? Is that fair? I don’t and will never agree with what Garcia says, but it’s a boxing story. I agree completely with you on the use of the N word, but you cite a hypocrisy that exists. Is that being a race baiter, or just one man asking why the discrepancy? I asked someone else this question, if a white fighter said I will never lose to a black boy or a brown boy, would you find that offensive? I know you would, and so would many others. We’ve had conversations before and again, I agree I’d rather argue about actual boxing, but I also feel the need to expose blatant discrepancies written by others or simply ask them how they got to that summation. I will guarantee you that if someone makes a good argument on here as to why/how I will acknowledge it. Boxing or no boxing. Good day.

  • Wonder how many times Mauricio Sulaiman visited Epstein’s island.

      • In fact, I seem to recall seeing Mauricio Sulaiman’s name on the Epstein’s island flight logs. I’m not sure, but it rings a bell.

  • I notice on this site, silence is deafening! If you agree with what is written, you are all good and nice comment, but if stand against the status quo, well, you are a racist or a baiter. Point out blatant discrepancies and not some alleged stories from 1600 and paint it that this behavior exists today and you are a denier. Typical lib behavior you must listen to me and obey, those that speak out are quickly dispatched of and cancelled. We can all agree Garcia said some stupid shhhh, but what I find funny is that other fighters have said similar statements, but it’s labeled ok. If you alienate one race that’s discrimination no matter who it is. Those that argue it’s good for one race, but not another, that’s hypocritical. There are some worse things in life, but being a hypocrite ranks up there. Good day.

  • Many comments here attempt to justify Ryan Garcia was only parroting what others have echoed in the past, without being punished. Lost in Garcia’s racist rant are his disparaging remarks toward 1.6 billion Muslims. Submission to the Will of God is Islam’s definition but how many non-Muslims know that? Only ignorance can judge George Floyd & his race and then all people of a particular religion? Boxing is universal, just as life is, yet many people are distracted by the devil.

  • Garcia cheated, he was caught cheating and must now face the consequences for cheating against Haney.

  • When using racial slurs by itself vs. using racial slurs supported with physical harm and/or threats of physical harm, I hope legal authorities (including the Court) continue weighing such matters against the U.S. Constitution (e.g. 1st Amendment). This is tricky business because the decisions may vary from state to state; legislation to legislation; U.S. President to U.S. President; and Court member to Court member – politics can get very bold and very intrusive.

    Racial slurs will forever remain on earth for all groups, but I can only suggest to never use it as an excuse to avoid achieving solid, positive goals in the USA; and never use it as an excuse to threaten people and/or to physically harm people.

    My comments about Garcia are all done. Tomorrow, I will move on to other boxing matters.

  • Ridiculous that anyone thinks it is far fetched that the evil scum Ryan Garcia spoke against do not have the power to control that testing organization or Mauricio Sulaiman. Oh no, it’s just a conspiracy theory. They are all our friends. Duh

  • There is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. He is Holy, therefore we must be Holy and acceptable unto him. Acts 2:38

  • Ryan is getting canceled…period! Whatever he’s on will likely take his life. Fame, money and drugs can overwhelm people and alter their reality. Ryan is in a dark place!

  • >