WBA orders Davis-Romero clash

The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee ordered the lightweight world title fight between champion Gervonta Davis and mandatory challenger Rolando “Rolly” Romero. The formal communication was sent to both teams of both fighters, who will have 30 days, which expires next February 24, to reach an agreement.

Pursuant to WBA rules, the president and the Committee have the right to define a mandatory period at their discretion. In Davis’ case, it was conditioned to a nine (9) month mandatory defense period. As this period has expired, he must face Romero.

The fight had been previously ordered but external issues prevented it from taking place at that time. The Davis-Romero showdown marks another step in the WBA’s title reduction plan.

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  • Honestly I do not think that Rollie can beat Gervota.. this one if happens will go TKO 6 Tank Davis Win.

  • Gervonta is gonna set Rolli straight about his delusional thoughts that he is a great fighter. My guess is Gervonta flattening Rolli in any given moment before 5 rounds.

    • Burucho: Right!! Cldnt agree more. I mean, look at the kids resume. The skill level is on a completely different level. Rolli does hit hard BUT Tank has a pretty sturdy chin. Not sure HOW OR WHY the WBA made him a mandatory. Figure Mayweather had some say in it. Tank will give him a boxing lesson, make him look stupid, and then take him out with a brutal headshot.

      • Tony, Romero has been hanging though from a bogus interim title he got from a robbery (Jackson Marinez) lost it ​when WBA
        decided eliminate all the interim titles, but they are now mandatory. Kind of a mess, but Rolly got something from this piñata

  • Davis is probably saying, “Sh*t, just don’t put me back in there with MF Isaac Cruz, unless I have no choice!!”

    Davis vs. Romero will become a nasty, physical fight. I feel sorry for the referee in this possible scrap.

      • Gary you have the stick but I have been reading that PBC wants all of Davis future fights to be ppv so unless they change their mind

  • No hate from me, I don’t care about personality’s .I’m just looking forward to a good fight.
    Rolly in 2!

  • Rolly is not on Tanks level, but hits hard, is awkward, and entertains. Thank God for a sport like boxing because these two screwballs would most likely have gotten consumed by the madness of the environments in which they came.

  • Romero is a straight up CLOWN who will end up getting bludgeoned by Davis. Too sloppy to wild too stupid. This fool runs around saying he’s a harder puncher than anyone bla bla bla like big deal that means absolutely nothing he doesn’t have the skills to compete with Davis or even Kambosos. Shoot Issac Cruz will kick his sorry ass I’ll bet on it.

  • Tank had his hands full and didn’t look so good fighting Isaac Cruz, Rolly is bigger and hit harder.

  • This is going to be a sloppy dirty fight. If I had to pick I’d go with Davis since Romero tends to swing too wild sometimes.

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