WBA monitors case of Geysi Lorenzo

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, president of the World Boxing Association, held on Wednesday a phone conversation with Franklin Nunez, Commissioner of the Dominican Republic National Professional Boxing Commission, to talk about the case of the boxer Geysy Lorenzo, who died a few days ago after a participating in a professional fight. Mendoza, showed his concern for this case to be solved as soon as possible, stating that no sanction will be made in the short term, because Nunez, together with Dominican Republic Sport Ministry are investigating what happened, as cited the news clip posted in the “Listin” newspaper and its website on August 15, 2017.

However, the boxing commission will be requested to follow to the letter the safety guidelines issued by the World Boxing Association, and to do that the WBA will tutor them. Besides, Mendoza expressed his desire to talk to the Geysi’s family to offer them his heartfelt support.

“The WBA does not sanction for pleasure, but to give the commissions the tools they need to avoid this kind of situation to happen again. We have to keep in mind that boxing is a mean of social improvement, and for this to happen we have to teach and regulate better.” Said the WBA leader, who will soon travel to the Dominican Republic in a few days to meet the boy’s family and the authorities to set up a long-term project to prevent this from happening again.

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