WBA allows Ugas-Spence unification

The WBA will allow welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas to go straight into a unification fight with WBC/IBF welter king Errol Spence. Ugas was previously mandated to face #1 rated Eimantas Stanionis in a WBA tournament to get to one champion. Stanionis will reportedly now face regular champion Radzhab Butaev with the winner to face the Ugas-Spence winner.

“Thanks to the WBA for doing the right thing,” stated Ugas on social media. “It is an award for my dedication, and for being a brave man in and out of the ring. I will be fighting one of the best p4p. I’m a warrior. First Cuban fighting three belts one night. Thanks all the fans who asked for this fight.”

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  • cant pick cherries without a ladder. the guy who knocked out the great pernell whitaker in his last fight will be remembered like ugas who ended mannys career. not at all. ugas is errols path to bud and the belts. yawn.

  • Good for Ugas for finding a way out of that tournament and, not for nothing, but Butaev – Stanionis should be an excellent fight.

  • This is Bullshit fight. Spence needs to step up & fight & foght Crawford. And on top of all PBC is gonna try to sell it as a PPV.

    • to start with i think spence is afraid of crawford… and ya know john they could be afraid of each other but i doubt that is true about crawford… spence talks like i don’t need crawford he actually does but he wants the lions share of the money… and like all things that’s where the buck stops at the money… spence probably thinks like any champion that may lose if i lose he wants enough money for life… just my thoughts

      • chip,
        Spence has just been over-payed and spoiled by his promoter. so not eager for Crawford.

        • Your right rwb and there’s no question about it… That’s how fighters are these days… But ya know I personally don’t blame them… If I could get on that gravy train I would too… What the hell why not?? Ain’t like any one of them are going to make that kind of money working in a factory running a machine and that’s also for sure… You could be making 25 an hour your whole life and never come close to what them guys get for one fight… Their young and more power to them… Piss on legacy that doesn’t even pay the electric bill!!!!

      • Spence has more titles and has better PPV numbers why would he fight BUD 50/50. BUD is unreasonable by not taking 60/40. Floyd took 70/30 against Oscar so who is BUD not to take 60/40?

        • Everything is relative. Spence (EJ) has all the dance partners in the welterweight division to do good numbers. If he was in the predicament Bud is in EJ’s numbers would be just as poor or worse.

        • I wish we would return to prize fighting. I know those days are long gone and dead……but can you imagine if the purse was 80/20 for the winner. Not only is that incentive enough to put in the work pre-fight, but that 80% of purse would light the under-ass fire for guys that typically might do just enough to win. All the A-side vs B-side nonsense has harmed boxing immeasurably imo.

        • Exactly he’s not gone beat Spence at all ..Wait n see if that fight happens ,bud is beat

  • Spence does need crawford BUT Crawford needs Spence a whole lot more. Lets be real, Spence has TWO recognized belts and a much better resume where as crawford has 1 belt and a half descent resume. Granted, i think Crawford beats spence. Crawford just needs to sack up, swallow his pride and give spence what he wants. Once he beats him, then he can get what hes worth on a rematch

    • Spence resume is small compared to Crawford , so you may need to do your homework. Spense hasn’t looked impressive in years and barely squeaked by Porter.

      • you got that wrong its Crawfords resume i mean the biggest win on his resume is washed up daddy sell out Porter hes fought nothing but washed up has beens and Spence well he beat the champion at that time Brook then Porter again champion at that time beat undefeated 4 division world champion Mikey Garcia then top 3 rated and former wbc champion Danny Garcia but if he beats Ugas he will be looking for a 70/30 split over Crawford

        • Are you serious?? So you’re saying battle damaged Brook (not fully recovered from orbital bone injury) and the Porter that took EJ through the four corners of hell and Mini Mouse no business at welterweight Garcia are your case for better opposition. I feel EJ’s resume is slightly better not enough to warrant 70/30. I say 60/40 because of the belts (3). Because let’s face it if either of these guys fought Joe Shmo they couldn’t sell out a high school auditorium.

      • Yup. I looked again and ur still wrong. Spence has the better resume. I mean lets look kavaliauskas was a half descent opponent for him but thats the same guy virgil ortiz ran thru and hes still in the “developing” stage. Hope ur not meaning washed up brook or khan. And Horn, well thats laughable. Porter has been his toughest oppsition since he left super light in 2017

        • …and unlike Spence, TC dominated Porter and has Knocked out his last 9 in Championship bouts. Yes sir!! Thats what I call super impressive. Go back to Dallas kid.

          • ok, i’ve never seen anyone DOMINATE Porter.. I must have missed that fight.. I did however see Porter give Crawford a good run for his money while it lasted.. I’m not saying Crawford doesnt deserve to get paid, I’m just saying Spence is the bigger name right now and thus Crawford should recognize that. Prove himself and then he has no doubters.

  • fantastic, Says.. Ugas and the PBC. lol ​
    Ugas draws less money than Crawford.
    PBC Loves losing money . anything to keep it in house

  • I like BUD and Spence but this is exactly why Spence will raise the stakes to 70/30. BUD is going to end up playing himself. He needs Spence more than Spence needs him. He better take the 60/40 while he can. Spence has more titles and has better PPV numbers therefore he gets 60/40. BUD doesn’t seem to understand common sense.

  • Great move done by Ugas and Spence. Crawford will have to make a smart move to be in the mix, because Butaev and Stanionis will fight and winner vs winners means no room for Crawford in 2022. And a big dark horse is waiting his opportunity being his name: Jaron Enis. So, expect Crawford vs Enis in 2022.

    • Spence will best Ugas wait n see ,it goes the distant but Spence will come out on Top as the better fighter ..Then bud will have to take a 70/30 split

  • Ugas is absolute GARBAGE of a fighter. Typical Cuban style, no aggression whatsoever. Manny clearly was much smaller and couldn’t figure out a good plan of attack and Ugas still just stood there, covered up and NEVER once went for a KO or tried to overpower Manny. I’ll never watch another one of his fights again, he’s a joke. As for Spence….. he looks like he has Down syndrome, even acts like it. Crawford will mop the floor with him and make it look easy. PBC fighters are garbage!

    • You’re absolutely incorrect bud will never beat Spence,is fight game is wack to Spence fight game..

  • If boxing is doing anything right nowadays, it’s
    that it is pulling off unifications to attain undisputed

    • Just like Canelo not a hood fighter he thinks with using power but he’s not smart ..That’s how Floyd beat him..With speed u will beat Canelo all day long

  • Ugas will Beat Spence for sure. No debate. But y’all casuals And bandwagon riders will jump on Ugas bandwagon when he wins. Whoever thinks this fight is BS is literally a casual

  • Spence seems to be following the same path with Crawford as Mayweather when the Pacman was at his prime, avoid him at all cost until he sees Crawford decline in his skills. Crawford-Spence is the real fight everyone wants to see.

  • This makes total sense ONLY IF the winner fights Crawford for Welterweight supremacy!! Otherwise, we’ll be strung along just like many many super fights that never came to fruition or years too late!

  • Just more confirmation that Al has the WBA in his right pocket. He didn’t trust Pac to keep belts in house so he set up Pac by delaying a lucrative fight and then the WBA stripped for defense expiration. A superstar who brings more to the organization than any other fighter outside of Canelo is stripped and denied in court but WBA org. allows Tank Davis keep his WBA super belt for over two years with no penalty up until the public caught on is evident . A week before the megafight with Spence the fight is canceled and get this his replacement is the guy who was gifted the WBA title by the WBA. Oh how conveniently this played out. Everything was orchestrated well and it went under the radar as if it was just a strange coincidence.

    • Tank won the WBA ‘Super’ at 130 in 2020, he dropped it less than a year later. Your conspiracy has a hole in it. He lost his previous super on the scales.

  • I know the world is hungry for a Spence/Crawford fight, but I truly believe Spence/Ugas will become one heck of a scrap.

    Both fighters will display outstanding jabs and outstanding body punching. Spence will look to get inside for body punching and/or to physically wear down Ugas in the late rounds.

    Ugas has to find ways to keep Spence at range with his jabs, left hooks and work some uppercuts. If Ugas finds ways to keep Spence hesitant and at range, the fight results will become razor thin. Ugas must maintain a good punch output to catch the judges’ eyes in a potentially razor thin fight for future heated comments.

    Let’s also not rule out Spence’s prior medical status, but I am inclined to believe Spence is okay. Folks, try not to sleep on Ugas in this fight. Ugas has that rangy style and mean streak that presents problems to opponents.

  • How much of Floyd’s money did “Uncle Al” pay to get that WBA mini tournament called off? I.e to keep Spence safe?

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