Tom Loeffler/360 Promotions: I’ve never broke my word

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“I’m interested in fighters with talent, hard working, with character. I’m interested who they are when they leave the ring, what they do before enter it. So many fighters now are boycotting their own promoters. They aren’t interested in the promotional part of their work, not fulfilling TV obligations or skipping media training. I will give a fighter everything I can – expecting exactly the same. It’s non-negotiable,” promoter Tom Loeffler told®.

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Loeffler is well known for helping the careers of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, making it possible for Chocolatito Gonzalez to get major media exposure and, of course, being an very important part of the worldwide popularity and success of one of the biggest names in boxing – Gennady Golovkin.

Now Loeffler decided to put all this experience in his new venture: “360 Promotions.”

Number one question, asked by many: why wait so long with starting your own boxing promotional company?

The timing was right now. So many fighters contacted me recently asking for help, advice. They see the success I’ve reached with Gennady Golovkin, bringing Chocolatito Gonzalez into the deserved spotlight in United States, my work with legendary heavyweight champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko. I think, that what they appreciate is not only what I did helping them get fights they crave but also what I can do to help them promote themselves, building their name. Today, fighter from Kazakhstan is probably one of Top 2 marketable fighters in the world; fighter from Nicaragua, 112 pound fighter, becomes a star in United States. Fans, more important – fighters – see that. Why now? Now I have the flexibility to do events, run things my way. Starting with smaller club shows in California, working on critically acclaimed by both fans and boxing writers SuperFly events. The first edition of SuperFly was one of the most successful shows in the history of StubHub in Los Angeles; the same could be said about Golovkin vs. Rubio at the same venue. Having the support of Peter Nelson, HBO Sports vice-president, helps a lot.

What does starting “360 Promotions” mean to your work with K2 Promotions? What about Gennady Golovkin and his GGG Promotions?

I’m still involved with champions Cecilia Braekhus and Oleksandr Usyk, part of K2 Ukraine. GGG? Nothing changed – I’m negotiating his fights, looking forward to his future bouts with, of course, making a rematch with Canelo Alvarez, a priority one. It has nothing to do with running “360 Promotions”.

24 hours is still 24 hours. When do you find the time being as involved as you always are – all in?

It can be done, no problem. This is why I’m not interested in 50 fighters. I want to sign 3 or 4 fighters, develop their careers like I did with GGG.

In many conversations we had through the years, you were always proud that you have ability to work with everyone. It was true then – now you are competition.

Working with every promoter, virtually all over the world, is a cornerstone of “360.” Looking for fighters ready and willing to fight Gennady will teach you that. With Kathy Duva and Main Events, I negotiated the Curtis Stevens fight. With Lou DiBella, the bout with Matthew Macklin. There was Eddie Hearn (Kell Brook), Oscar De La Hoya (Canelo), Al Haymon (Danny Jacobs, Dominic Wade), Artie Pelullo (Grzegorz Proksa), Rodney Berman (Martin Murray). There is also Andrey Riabinskiy, with whom I successfully worked with when making the Mike Perez – Alexander Povetkin and Ola Afolabi – Rakhim Chakhkiev fights. There are no, at least from my side, burned bridges. I never broke my word. For me, a verbal agreement, shaking hands is as valid as a written contract.

Even “360 Promotions” logo suggests working all over the world. Also signing fighters from every corner of the globe.

TL: This is a necessity in today fighting world. But there’s a very important distinction in my search: I’m interested in fighters with talent, hard working, with character. I’m interested also who they are when they leave the ring, what they do before enter it. So many fighters now are boycotting their own promoters. They don’t do the promotional part of their work, not fulfill TV obligations or skip media events. I will give fighter everything I can – expecting exactly the same. It’s non-negotiable.

There’s no better man in judging both character and skills than trainer Abel Sanchez. Not only trainer, but your friend. What – or if – will be Abel’s role in “360 Promotions?”

I hope as big as possible. I know Abel 25 years, when he worked with my second fighter – Oba Carr. We trust each other 100 percent. I never second guessed his training methods; he knows that I do everything possible to do my job as promoter. We also both prefer to work with a smaller number of hard working, talented and dedicated to their craft fighters, than so called stars.. This is what “360 Promotions” will be all about.

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