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  • Pinga man, this teo uffcker lost! With a terrible performance like that, ain’t no way he can call himself pound for pound best! Ortiz was mostly the busier fighter and did enough to win! Teo knew he lost the fight that when he heard the absurd result, he started crying like a b!tch cause he could not believe it! This uffcking soldout judges are damaging the sport and destroying the ultimate dream of hard working and dedicated fighters who sacrifice all their lives just to get a once in a lifetime shot at the tittle, just to be robbed!

  • Teaflimo seem to be trying to hard and just rambled all over the place in the post fight interview just crazy but hes very 1 dimensional and gets piked apart by the elite

  • Teo is just keeping Crawford’s name in his mouth to stay relevant. He has no business getting in the ring with pound for pound fighters.

  • Teo is s great fighter not everybody beats lomachenko but he lost reputation after lost against ksmbosos and even when style makes fights teo beat Taylor who beat the great regis prograis prime

  • teo told the audience ” go s–ck a d–ck ” when they booed him, then he said we must come together as the human race , then something about Rosa Parks, and Jesus. Earlier he had said – “Be like water” from Bruce Lee. Then he insults and disrespects other when he gets beat, booed, and even gets a gift decision. So the lesson here is if everything is working for you and you get what you want its all good to be at peace. When it doesn’t go your way – its ok to insult and disrespect others, and forget about the human race, Jesus , Parks, and Bruce lee. Its go “S–K a D– ck ” to everyone. . Did i get that lesson right ” Teo – Great Master” ?

    • lol yea like i said he was all over the place like a modern day rap song hahahaha

    • Give Teo a break…Teo is young…I will say that his promoters need to do a better job guiding him….Teo…focus on boxing….focus…get better…needs maturation desperately mental and in your craft….

  • Teo calls himself a champion…a belt he never won in the ring. He is a ok fighter and lost to Oritiz, it is the promoters who bribe the judges to pick the winner. Teo’s problem is that his dad is writing checks his butt can’t cash. He is so predictable and sure acted like he was on something after the post fight interview… ranting and raving about being the best…Teo couldn’t hold Crawford’s jockstrap!!!!

  • Teo dodged a bullet. If Ortiz had just let his hands more and/or engaged minimally, he would have won.

  • Teo lost. He can’t cut the ring, no target every time he punches and and no skills. He only relies on a one hand punch. He became a Mayorga through his fights, he’s not an elite fighter. I don’t know what fight this judges were watching.

  • That post fight interview was simply embarrassing. A rambling mix of insults and god worship. Teo is an idiot and should keep his mouth shut.

  • Wow, that was the most bizarre postfight interview I’ve seen in a long time. Teo is either delusional, out of his mind, or both. He goes from telling people to s-ck a dick to saying humankind needs to come together, somehow weaving all that with Rosa Parks and awkward laughs throughout the interview? Forget about fighting or any ill-conceived matchups with Bud Crawford. Teo needs help because he’s definitely not all there.

    • Well ….give Teo credit at least Teo knows who Rosa Parks is….a lot of minorities don’t know….and I am saying this as an African American ….

  • I missed the post fight interview, and sorta glad I did. But one thing for sure, he legit lost that fight. Close, but he lost. Vegas is famous for these kinds of decisions, and one so-called judge had it 117-111. He needs to go to the optometrist. Don’t know if I’ll bother to watch a fight in Vegas again. It’s so crooked there.

  • ah , the great las vegas “judges ” weisfeld, cheetam, and the other judge whose name i cant remember. it is the same old b.s. i am sure they will be there for the haney -garcia fight in april and canelo vs t.b.a. , in may. how this is allowed in 2024 without an FBI or some government committee investigation is just plain corruption gone too far. where no one cares. few people care about the real sport of boxing.

  • I just canceled my Sling TV subscription because of this garbage fight and the obviously corrupt judging. I only ordered the service for the ESPN boxing but am no longer interested given the lacking quality of their product, which seems to be an ongoing issue, .

  • teo the “A-side superstar” had about 6, 000 in attendance with about 2/3 of the arena empty and he had a low average of about 450, 000 viewers on espn . i am sure he still thinks he would be the A-side with tank, crawford, haney, or ryan . its not that he would ever fight them unless they were injured or weight drained.

  • After saying “sxxx a dxxx” I don’t think folks will hear anything else you say. Boxers should be checked early for brain damage and retired if they’re behaving like this.

  • One thing is sure, he is definitely his father’s Son. He has inherited his stupidity, and complete lack of class.

    • Roots … actually his father seems to be giving Teo good advice about remaining quiet and calm..,Teo just not listening…can’t call a parent stupid for wanting the best for his son….

      • Yes, but his father wasn’t, as far a I could tell, giving him good advice in the corner about using his jab or trying to cut off the ring during the fight itself.

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