Shields, Cornejo make weight

Lr Weigh In Shields Vs Cornejo Trappfotos June022023 9866
Photo: Salita Promotions /
Stephanie Trapp

Claressa Shields 159.6 vs. Maricela Cornejo 155
(undisputed women’s middleweight title)

Ardreal Holmes Jr 153.4 vs. Wendy Toussaint 149.8
Da’velle Smith 160.6 vs. K.J. Woods 159.8
Joseph Hicks 159.4 vs. Antonio Todd 158.2
Marlon Harrington 152.8 vs. Gheith Mohammed 152.2
Joshua James Pagan 139.4 vs. Ronnell Burnett 137.4
Vernon Webber 197.4 vs. Fernando Almeida 197.4
Sarah Liegmann 124.6 vs. Carisse Brown 125.8

Venue: Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.
Promoter: Salita Promotions

Weights from Allentown, PA
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  • Shields by 9-1ish. Hopefully Marshall beats Crews-Dezurn (and I’m pretty sure she will) in a few weeks and they can run it back, this time undisputed vs undisputed.


  • Going to be a lopsided, boring shut-out.
    This white gal going into a Urban hood to lose.
    Hope she is at least getting a nice pay-check for her time.

  • do people really care about females fighting? They don’t have the capabilities to do what a man can do.
    they are just boooooooooooooring.

  • LMAO @ “GWOAT” What an idiotic made up piece of crap that word is. She nassy.

  • If Shields use her feet and head movement with her speed and weight advantage got her off with a couple rounds of body shots and this young lady would be witnessing the new Shields first Hand just fight a counter fight early with I’m telling you body assault she won’t handle that well cause she will get confused early and won’t be able to fight a good fight confused… These Women boxer’s… No Disrespect because SHIELD’S is Really a beast she Needs to call me Really!

      • Saw the fight. Once again, it goes the distance. CS cant KO anyone because they can see her looping wild right overhead punch coming 2 days ahead. Turn that into a straight right. She still has room for improvement as a “boxer”.

  • I think now is a good time to call out Layla again…….that would be a bigger fight than Spence vs crawford

  • >