Salido: I’m just an old fighter now

By Miguel Maravilla

The career of four-time, two division world champion Orlando “Siri” Salido (44-14, 31 KOs) came to an end Saturday night in Las Vegas. After his blood-and-guts loss to Miguel “Mickey” Roman, the 37-year-old Salido says he’s hanging them up.

Photo: Sumio Yamada

“As they say father time is undefeated,” said Salido. “All the wars I had caught up with me tonight. I am leaving the ring knowing that I gave the fans a great a fight that I can give them. I hope they enjoyed it. The mind and heart were there, but my body just was not responding. Roman, is a young fighter who gave his all and I was not able to keep up with him. I’m just an old fighter now.

“I’ve beaten young fighters before, but this time it was a matter of age. Time takes its toll, and obviously I just couldn’t do it. This was my last fight. Thank you to all, to those who will remember me for all the great fights that I had, and to the people who have followed me.”

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