Ryan Garcia Arrested

7:47PM PT — Garcia’s attorney, Darin Chavez, tells us … “[Ryan] was taken by the BHPD to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment and to our knowledge, may be charged with public intoxication.”

By TMZ.com

Ryan Garcia was arrested for felony vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills Saturday afternoon … and TMZ Sports has video of the superstar boxer being led away by cops in handcuffs.

Law enforcement sources tell us the boxer was arrested and taken into custody after he allegedly damaged property at the hotel, including his room and the hallway.

In California, any damage over $400 can be considered a felony.

We obtained video showing Beverly Hills police walking Garcia out of the Waldorf and to a squad car. While you can’t see Garcia’s face — it’s covered by a helmet — Ryan’s large back tattoos are visible.

The 25-1 fighter, who we’re told was seemingly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, complied with authorities and went peacefully.

Eyewitnesses tell us they saw nearly a dozen cop cars outside the hotel, presumably responding to the incident.

It’s not the first time Garcia’s had an alleged incident at the high-priced hotel.

On Wednesday, police responded to the Waldorf for a welfare check after one of Ryan’s family members feared he might need assistance. Our sources told us RG seemed okay, and the cops left.

Later in the night, we were told Garcia acted out, and the hotel cut him off from drinking.

Ryan was photographed walking with his brother the following day, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Of course, Ryan beat Devin Haney earlier this year in what many deemed a big upset. After the fight, it was revealed that Garcia tested positive for a banned substance. He’s been adamant that he didn’t intentionally ingest anything that wasn’t allowed.

He’s also dealing with personal issues. His mom, according to the fighter, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

We’ve reached out to his team for comment, but so far, no word back.

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    • Illegal Aliens invading our country don’t get arrested but they want to arrest someone who obviously has mental health issues.

      • R u suggesting that someone who has issue but does not seek help and then commits illegal activity should be left alone?

        • Right? So you commit a felony because you’re mentally ill… so they should just leave you be? How would that be good for anyone, most of all the person with the mental health issues?

          • Well, the mentally ill of the LGBTQ-BS Cult seem to get a pass every f@cking day.

      • Keep talking someone is going to arrest you for mental illness. Ryan has to cut the use of drink and drugs, he obviously can’t handle them.

      • THANK YOU!

        “In California, any damage over $400 can be considered a felony”.

        BUT…thugs can steal up to $750.00 from retailers & NO BAIL + NO CRIME…

    • ryan should have been with his mom instead of getting high and destroying property at some fancy hotel. He needs to grow up, get some help, and stop making excuses for his behavior. Many people have lost their parents to cancer [ myself included] .

  • He and Britney Spears might make a good couple. Ryan better get some help now before it is too late.

  • He is a child and his acting out is way of telling the world he cannot effectively deal with his current stress in his life. A guy like Garcia has people that probably do most things for him even think, so when real life problems occur he acts out because he possesses no life skills.

  • The LAPD officers literally walked into business telling businesses that if they are robbed, surrender to the criminals, because LAPD might not come. Also told people on the streets to surrender.
    Also told everyone that any property crimes valued under $950 will not be pursued in Los Angeles.

    • A very true statement ETK. Also, a very sad one as well. In civilized society, the expectation is that we have law and order. Today, due to an evil political party that has California in a vice grip, that expectation is long gone. Those that have the ability to protect themselves are often made examples of by the corrupt liberal establishment. Then most conservatives will cower in fear to fight for you if you are in the right. I don’t know which is worse?

      • Yeah, but they pursue Ryan Garcia, while permitting violent criminals run rampant. I suspect the reason they are pursuing Ryan Garcia is political. Certain people are constantly getting away with horrendous crimes in these hotels all throughout America. The staff keep silent. See the video footage of Hunter Biden naked dragging a female into his hotel room. Not his only time either. I suspect they are still trying to destroy Ryan. He spoke against the status quo, while he parties in their establishments.

        • Hunter Biden is on his own island and we will see shortly how untouchable he is. As for Garcia, he is just lost. He may of spoken about the elite, but he comes off as crazy whether he is telling the truth or not. No hotel is going to let their property be destroyed. Ryan is destroying himself he doesn’t need help.

          • Hotels are coerced into silence all the time. Silence regarding horrendous crimes. Silence regarding property damages, crimes, immoral behavior, and worse.

  • Hopefully Ryan Garica straighten himself out get professional help hate to see him waste his potential and big fights for him near future

  • Say it ain’t so. A 25 year old with all the money in the world who has hyperactivity issues and who is also a fighter trashes a room and hallway at a Beverly Hills hotel. How uncouth.

    In other news, another quarter with billion dollar losses as crowds continue to break into stores, stealing millions in merchandise on a daily basis. No arrests have been made. Those poor people need a better chance at life.

    Ryan needs prayer. He opened up about a lot of things, pissing off many and has a target on his back after bucking the system. He also needs to get help with emotional processing. In today’s world a 25 year old with an empire on his back is not handled the same way as a 25 year old would just one generation ago.

    Just cut them a check Ryan and chill out. Rock stars have done worse in hotel rooms for decades and no one has cried about it.

    • Their is a endless list of celebrities who have done worse at the same hotels. The elitist cabal are above the law though. Ryan spoke against them, so they will continue to go after him. He will probably test positive in every fight. Even if Ryan did nothing, they will have one of their stooges falsely accuse him.

  • I think we are seeing more and more evidence that Ryan’s prefight antics were not simply gamesmanship. The guy has some sort of serious issue.

  • In California you’re allowed to shoplift $950 worth of goods without being charged; I literally see it every day at the Food4Less and other grocery stores. But $400 of vandalism is a felony…interesting.

    • Nordic, the law changed due to Prop 47. It used to be $400 as well and it became a felony grand theft. This law was changed to allegedly stop sending people to prison for “non violent crimes.” It occurred back around 2010 or 2011. Many crimes were reduced to misdemeanors, boy has it backfired as we all said it would back then. Today, the law is there, but are simply ignored because crimes are so bad that police do not have the time to spend arresting someone that will not go to jail that day and be given a ticket to appear in court, if they even appear. This happens everyday in California and we wonder why crime is rampant. Politicians in this state created this and have no inkling to change it because they are protected. Now my brother, I got to go get my road work in today. Stay safe.

      • Also assembly bill 109 was to cause as well as follow up propositions I think prop 57 or something. It changed the way prisoners served their time getting day for day credit allowing them to be released earlier. So, when you add dropping felonies to misdemeanors which includes all drug possessions, releasing violent criminals even earlier, not prosecuting crimes, and less police, you get chaos and civil unrest. Politicians have found that they possess more power during these times and COVID lockdowns were proof. Get ready. Just make this about boxing, I will say Ryan Garcia is a small, very small blip in this big picture of California crime. There are a lot of worse things happening that is not even getting addressed in this state. Tune in.

      • Is that something we voted on? LOL Stolen elections have been going on for a long time, and that includes everything, not only presidential candidates. Even Gavin Newsome stole the election. He was losing by a landslide, the news declared his opponent the winner, suddenly the voting froze, news stations went off air. Then they came back later saying Gavin Newsome won.

        • Yes, it was voted on and tabbed as a public safety bill which was anything but. It undermined public safety and stop sending criminals to prison. Most people that vote do not read the fine print of what the bill is and just go with what it’s noted as. It’s the politicians just telling you that they know how dumb most voters are.

  • How can you go around claiming you’re a Christian when your life shows otherwise?

    16 You will recognize them lby their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 So, mevery healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18 A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.

    • Ahhh bread boy, a very intelligent statement in the beginning, one that I have asked out loud about Garcia. One minute he touting his faith then next divorcing his wife after having their baby on the same day??? I even gave you a thumbs up, but don’t get used to it, as soon as you say something about canelo it goes back to the way it was.

      • lets get something straight Queen. I COULD NOT CARE ANY LESS about what you think about what I say or if you give me thumbs up or thumbs down. go get a room with your man Carlos.

        • Maybe invest in writing skills too. You sorely need them. Dang, actually gave you a compliment and this is what you write back. Hmmm, bad weekend with your man friend? I will take my thumbs up back, bread boy.

    • @Pan: Being Christian does not mean you are perfect or better than others. More so you know your faults and admit your faults and do not persecute others for their weaknesses.

  • Garcia went ye-nuttz like kanye west! He can’t handle the boxing pressure! He needs to stick to his social media clowning and make money that way! He sure can’t take boxing seriously!

  • Ryan is a drug/alcoholic and plays off of the sympathy of his fans. If he doesn’t change, he’s going to seriously hurt someone.

    • Nah, he parties too much, and the establishment is after him, and that includes all the globalist psychopaths perverts in California. Everywhere Ryan goes there will be homosexuals and genital mutilators who will seize any opportunity to inflict adversity on Ryan Garcia. They are some of the people he spoke against. Ryan Garcia is greenlighted.

  • When someone very close to me got cancer, I didn’t trash a hotel room/hotel hallway, I just made sure that I cleaned their house and made them meals after I was done with work.
    Hard circumstances do not excuse thuggish behavior.

  • Ryan is a Rock Star. This is what rock stars do…. After a show he is so wound up that he must destroy the hotel room, get high, and toss TV’s out the window just like Led Zep. If you don’t believe me….. Ask Joe Walsh….. Now leave him alone. Ryan has got this!!!

  • It never fails, there is always an excuse for guys like this guy and the likes of Fury. When these guys are doped, everybody bends over backward to come up with an excuse, no one will ever covince me that this showing off geezer, who took a knee against Davis, didn`t know he was doped. He is a multi-millionaire, but the dirt in his soul, is responsible for him not being able to handle it.

    • Just because your age says you are an adult does not mean you cannot act like a child. Destroying things that do not belong to you are classic examples of immaturity and lack of life skills when dealing with stress. It is correct that one should not treat him as a child for sure, but they will. People are not held accountable for their actions these days because there is always some illogical excuse as to why he/she committed a crime. A guy like Garcia will sympathized rather than held responsible.

      • Pseudo morality? Now, you sound like the nut. Quit smoking crack while you still have some brain cells.

  • Sad this kid have the talent but he need some one to bring him down to earth to step up and shake his ass…a real friends no Oscar that celebrates every stupidity
    that his fighter do cause all he care is $$$$.. is not time will tell.. he. may end up either in jail…o death

  • >