Frank Martin: I’m coming to win

Tank Vs. Martin Las Vegas Media Workout 06.07.24 06 15 2024 Workout
Photo: Alex Sanchez/TGB Promotions

Unbeaten lightweight contender Frank “The Ghost” Martin says he’s ready to dethrone WBA lightweight champon Gervonta “Tank” Davis on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The PPV event will be the 100th championship fight night to take place at the historic MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Frank Martin:  “I feel like this is one of those moments where all the hard work I put in is paying off. With all the work I’ve been putting in leading up to the fight, and all the work I’ve put in over the years, this just feels like a life changing moment. This is my time to come out on top.

“I just need to be composed, be calm and be who I am. I can’t let any of the antics or crowd or the noise get in the way of me getting the victory.

“I feel like this is gonna be a good fight. We all know what ‘Tank’ brings, but a lot of guys don’t know what I bring. They know a little bit of it, but they don’t know the full arsenal I have.

“We know ‘Tank’ is explosive and fast. He’s got it all, but on fight night, the world will see that I’ve got it all too. So it’s gonna be two dogs in there locking up like pitbulls. The best man will win that night.

“I believe in myself, even if the world is against me. I know the work that I put in. I feel like I was born to do this. I feel it in my body. It’s just time for me to show up and show out.

“I expect Gervonta to come out and put his best foot forward. He’s gonna be him. I know he’s all the way locked in for me. I know he felt the energy from me and he knows I’m coming to win.”

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  • This is a very attractive fight in my opinion. Why Tank has taken so much time off after the Garcia fight is a mystery.

  • Martin is a decent option to challenge Davis, but I doubt he will hear the bell for the 8th round.

  • Tank had some stuff going on, Colson, hope he’s all the way locked in. Agreed, looks like a good one.

  • Tank is a pound for pound elite type of fighter imho. Frank Martin is a very good challenger and will probably have his moments like Ryan did. This should be entertaining while it lasts but I’m going with Tank via stoppage in the 8th or 9th round. I don’t see Martin trying to be slick with his boxing to the point that his offense will be lacking. He (Martin) is a legitimate challenger coming to fight (intelligently) and Tank will counter him.

  • Easy fight for tank. Martin is sloow.

    Tank will see the shots coming and adjust. unanimous decision. No ko.

    Could be a very boring fight based on their counter first styles tho.

  • Im nervous about this one. But I believe that Tank got this fight once again! Good luck to both…

  • I anticipate a sloooowww fight that may create some whistles and booos because both fighters love counterpunching – hope I am wrong here. This fight may also create plenty of clinches, so the referee will have to stay alert and stay on point.

    Once again, hope I am wrong.

  • Martin is from Detroit, so he knows how to talk tough, use the street slang, look formidable. “Imma touch ’em up!”, he declares…riiiight. He hasn’t fought anybody, and hasn’t looked impressive. He brings nothing “new”. He is trained by overrated trainer Derrick James. No surprises here. Tank is going to show Martin what it’s all about, and Martin is going to feel that power. Tank by KO.

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