Ruiz-Joshua Press Tour hits NYC

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and former champ Anthony Joshua pose after their New York City press stop announcing their December 7 rematch that will take place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua: “I’m looking forward to getting back in December 7 and reclaiming my belts. Shannon Briggs, can I get a ‘Let’s go champ?'”

Andy Ruiz Jr: “The same results are gonna happen. I’m gonna train my ass off. God’s on my side and we’re gonna win for Mexico.”

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

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  • WTF is up with the HAT you Fat f#&^? Move to Mexico if you are more proud to be a Mexican than an American.

    • I’m so sick of you white racists who cling to your European heritage but tell everyone else the should ignore theirs. I’ll bet you know just where your family comes from originally be it Ireland, Germany, Italy, Great Britain etc! You get to be proud but no one else does

      • The leading Hispanic activist group in USA is La Raza (the race) so obviously they are …

        HW champ Andres Ruiz does not look like he is mixed in a significant way so he is not Mestizo Mexican. He seems to be of Spanish European ancestry.

        Can he be proud of his roots but ignore the fact he is born and raised in Cali?

        AJ will jab the ears off his burrito breath, Coronoa drinking Low rider driving ass. Will I say it to Ruiz’s face? Heck no! If I can’t run fast enough I will be beaten like a Pinyata

    • Would you have felt the same hearing “Irish” Mickey Ward or “Irish” Andy Lee announced you racist, ignorant son of a puta, oops I mean bitch! You bastards can easily turn your backs on your ancestors and the countries they came from but most of us don’t want to do that. My people may be proud of being Americans but fuck forgetting our Mexico lindo you pinche putz!

      • Lee IS Irish, Irish Mickey Ward is a nickname!

        Ward was proud of his Irish roots but clearly appreciated and was proud of being an american!

        Ruiz can’t shut up about his pride of being Mexican, it’s always mexico this and Mexico that yet he won’t live there! Not once has he mentioned any gratitude, pride or appreciation for being an american!

    • That is an insulting comment with no reasons Schrader, because Ruiz is just making an emphasis about his ethnic. What you would say about Floyd Mayweathe, who in one of his fights came to the ring wearing a Mexican hat and a robe resembling the Mexican flag? Who has more rights to do that, Floyd or Ruiz?
      What I see Ruiz doing is just a simple and a harmless way to add some color to the promotion of the fight, nothing wrong, nothing insulting to his USA citizen staus

      • Ruiz is doing more than empathizing his ethnicity, he’s being a divisive ingrate hypocrite!

        Floyd dressed as a stereotypical Mexican because he was kowtowing to the majority of today’s boxing fans, the people who buy the Pay per View, fight tickets, souvenirs, etc…the Mexican American boxing fans.

        The fact that he flys and waves the Mexican, plays and stands for the Mexican national anthem and consistently and constantly refers to himself as a proud Mexican……IS insulting to the U.S. and disrespectful of his citizenship! I’d say it’s even TREASONOUS!

  • AJ’s only chance is to focus on his jabs, double jabs, and straight right hands without a jab. He has to mix straight punches up and move sometimes circle to the left, but he can’t always circle to the left, sometimes he has to move to the right and see how to set up shots going that direction. Can he throw straight punches and take a few steps backwards while he does that? He has to move, but not run. And if he has to, he has to tie up sometimes. But he can’t trade inside, or it’s game over again. And stop with all the smiling game. Ruiz can hit and hurt you, and he might smile, cause he knows he can throw fast stuff and get a guy going. Joshua is not fast, but he is a way better athlete. But at 31, guys start to fade, they just don’t believe it yet.

  • I like Andy and I hope he wins in December but I always laugh when someone invokes the idea that their Sky God is a fan of theirs and is on “their” side. That’s just nonsense.

  • What is all this ignorant bullshit about? Ruiz can’t show pride in his Mexican heritage without being a proud American as well? As an American, you should be ashamed of yourself for being such a dumbass!!! Boxing wise, I have always admired Ruiz for being such a skilled and quick fatso. I posted several times before the fight that I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat Joshua. This time, however, I think Joshua will win by a close unanimous decision. If he gets Ko’d again, he will be exposed as a fraud.

  • Is 3 months enough time for Ruiz to get ready??? Looks bigger than usual. It would be shocking and a big surprise to me, if he wins again.

  • If AJ fights tall, stiff jab right hand and doesn’t lean down and get hit high above the temple he will win or stop Ruiz

    • Love your comment! And if my aunt had a dick she’d be my uncle! Ruiz by KO again because he’s a skilled boxer which is not what AJ is. Andy was trained by Fernando Ferrer during his amateur career and what better BOXERS are there than the Cubans? AJ is musclebound and just relied on his strength and punch for his previous wins.

    • Ha Ha!!
      Nice joke, keep dreaming. British heavyweights will regain the status, AJ wins his belts back and Fury gets revenge over Wilder.

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