Zepeda stops Hughes in WBA/IBF eliminator

Zepeda Hughes
Photo: Golden Boy / Cris Esqueda

In an IBF and WBA lightweight world title eliminator, undefeated knockout machine WBA #1, WBC #1, WBO #3, IBF #6 William “El Camar”n” Zepeda (30-0, 26 KOs) put a four round beatdown against IBF #4, WBA #5, WBC #6, WBO #14 Maxi “Maximus” Hughes (26-7-2, 5 KOs) on Saturday night inside The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Zepeda’s non-stop punching gradually broke down Hughes and Hughes’ corner stopped it after round four.

Undefeated WBA #4 lightweight Floyd “Kid Austin” Schofield (17-0, 12-KOs) won by fifth round disqualification against Esteuri “El Puma” Suero (13-2, 10 KOs). Suero was deducted a point for fouls in rounds two and four, then disqualified in round five for a low blow. Time 2:07. Schofield suffered a cut over his right eye from a headbutt.

Unbeaten middleweight Eric Priest (13-0, 8 KOs) hammered out a ten round unanimous decision over Jose Sanchez (21-5-1, 12 KOs). Scores were 100-90, 99-91, 99-91.

Cruiserweight Tristan “Sweet T” Kalkreuth (13-1, 10 KOs) scored a second round KO against Marquice Weston (15-3-1, 8 KOs). A left hook finished Weston. Time was 1:33.

Pro debuting welterweight Joel Iriarte won by referee’s stoppage in round two against Bryan Carguacundo (3-6-2, 0 KOs).

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  • Whoever brought Suero in as an opponent for Schofield needs to lose his job. Suero was trash

  • Huges has nothing in his arsenal to keep Zepeda honest. It’s going to get ugly.

    • Spot on prediction. Hughes is a good boxer, but no power. Was it just me, or did Zepeda look a lot bigger?

    • Shane…Zepeda ….needs to shorten his …punches…or tighten his defense…I saw easy work for a top tier fighter,.. against Zepeda..Zepeda throughs combinations…draws back…chin up.Zepeda open for a delayed punch like a check hook or a catch and shoot counter..watch the tape..easy work for a skilled fighter…Zepeda needs tougher realtime competition before he fights the lions of the division…has heart but this is about levels…Oscar get your fighter in the gym and work on that…tape don’t lie…

      • Well Oscar and Zepeda are ready they already called shakur , now you tell shakur to don’t hide anymore and we see if technique is everything in boxing

        • Carlos..after what I saw of Zepeda…. Shakur might be calling soon…proper technique will knock you out also… Zepeda not ready for that level….my heart likes Zepeda style …as with others I like excitement….but logic..(and my betting pockets) have shown that improper technique combined with quality of opponents and good promotion masks the truth….here Zepeda just not ready….Carlos you amaze me…sometimes you come with solid takes and others you all over the place… entertaining nevertheless….your presence makes this forum fun…..

          • This is true, Zepeda is being positioned to generate money from the Mexican Boxing fans. Just like Mungui, he needs to be handled the same. His punch output likely slows tremendously against SS as he gets pop shot through the match. Weve seen fighter like Zepeda before, look good against B-level fighters. SS is top level and does everything better. Team Zepeda wont take that fight.

      • I respect what you saying about Zepeda I think if Kamabos win the IBF title that be fight golden boy be chasing for Zepeda thaeven though I’m Australian be cheering for Kamabos if not top lightweights out there test Zepeda that includes Schofield if golden boy allowed it.

      • Hate to agree with you but true Davis,lomachecho or kamboso forget about the spelling on names y’all know who’s am talking about will put a lost on zepeda

      • Sean, the reason you saw Zepeda fighting like that ( recklessly) is because in the first round he realized Hughes has absolutely nothing on his punches to be worried. Zepeda went for the kill from the second round on, he just steam rolled his opponent with out worried about what was coming in return

        • Spot on my drunken master. Zepeda got hit with a few clean shots in the 1st… he’s like meh, let’s go to work. Zepeda would not be as reckless with the other top LW’s.

          • USS Haze Gray… understand but a fighter on another level will exploit that..exactly what Bud did to Crawford…and Crawford on another level….Crawford will test you …then go get you…with that powerful offensive onslaught…but Crawford would often stand straight up and leave his chin exposed….Bud got those inside eyes that see everything…just on another level…like Brady in football…ready for any deficiency in the armor…once exposed BOOM!!!over….all the top level fighters have this gift….high boxing IQ

  • Eric priest has to ko Sánchez he failed

    Floyd Schofield a a young kid couple mistakes because he still green but hard to judge him after that dirty fighter he fought , the whole arena should throw beer cans to suero he is ridiculous he did not fight and he did not let Schofield fight either

    Camarón looked magnificent I don’t think he can beat tank Davis but after Davis he can beat anybody including shakur

    I just wish Zepeda and all the Mexican boxers lift weight and build more muscle like Haney , tank Davis etc (that pizzed me off )

    Anyway….congratulations shrimp Zepeda great win !!!!!


    • At no point in your rambling incoherant post where you anywheare close to saying anything that could be considered rational. I and everyone on this site are now dumber for having read your post.

    • Carlos…I was actually surprised to Suero can fight…Suero just a turd… problem between the ears…but Suero can fight..saw something in there…weathered the early storm from Schofield….started jabbing…mixing punches up… decent movement…Suero has skills… actually exposed Schofield ..can’t leap in like that…will get timed…with Suero skills …a good trainer will help with his temper…heard Duran was raw until they bought in Ray Arcel….watch that boxing movie about Duran good stuff…Robert Dinero…portrays Arcel…

      • Yea Sean you right but unfortunately for suero his dirty boxing is more outstanding than his real boxing and yea there were very few clips/moments where suero connected well he just has to work in his brain to control himself

  • If he continues making 135, Zepeda has one more path (or 2 paths) to an opportunity for a crown(s).

    Meaning, after Cruz defeats Romero, a boxing explosion will occur between Cruz/Zepeda – KABOOM!! I am deeply curious as to how Zepeda will react mentally when a fighter like Cruz takes his punches and returns fire (behind pressure). I will pick Zepeda to defeat Cruz by late TKO. PERO CUIDADO, if Zepeda defeats Cruz by TKO, this may create great caution with the belt holders. After a Cruz fight, Zepeda may have to settle for Martin or De Los Santos.

    Fans will always enjoy Zepeda’s boxing paths (win or lose – I hate draws).

  • Schofield at best, looked mediocre: Rushing in like that face first trying to land a haymaker…he’s either going to get outboxed by a good boxer or run straight into a big shot by a big puncher. His opponent had him really confused!

  • Schofield caused the head butt by rushing in face first. I was in attendance and enjoying the fight; just wish it would’ve lasted longer!

  • This all has to make you wonder. Hughes beat kambosos, but was not given the decision. Loma about to have target practice on the Aussie. Hughes should of got that fight with Loma instead of kambosos.

    • Exactly right. Hughes should have never been in this position. He should have been fighting Loma for the full belt.

  • Barucho, I don’t know if you’ve ever boxed before, and at what level, but throwing punches with proper technique allow you the potential to hurt your opponent much easier and faster than throwing wild. Even a light hitter can tap that chin if timed correctly. Never a good strategy to swing wildly with your chin in the air. Your welcome.

    • Not really is just like batters in baseball
      There are different type of home runners in baseball

      1 by power (the guy big and strong )
      2 by technique (the batter knows how to swing properly )
      3 by timing ..(the batter connects the ball in the right time )
      4 position (what part of the bat you hit the ball)
      5 by gift (you born with the powerful swing to send the ball out of the field with out strength or speed) those who barely touch the ball with half swing and the ball goes out of the field

      Etc etc etc

      So it’s boxing
      And slugger can hit harder than those who have beautiful technique

      Compare wilder vs Chris Byrd
      Wilder throws wild and hits hard
      Chris had technique but no punch power

  • Zepeda does not have to change his technique
    His needs to change his training camp

    He has to Do lots of curls , presses and squads 4-6 series of 6-8 reps each with high protein intake

    And lots lots of deadlifting
    6-8 series of 2-3 reps (maximum weight ) with lot lot of protein consumption

  • style makes fights

    Thats why we have seen Tira Piedras” like darchinian , vaquero Navarrete ,ponce de Leon, Ricardo Mayorga etc etc etc beating great technicians

    Because boxing is not just technique boxing is also attacking ,stamina,endurance,reflexus,absorption, speed,focus,courage,mentality,adaptation, preparation,euphoria levels,diet,cardio, size,height,reach,etc etc etc etc etc

    Boxing has many combinations like playing chess

    That’s why sluggers beat technicians and technicians beat sluggers

    There is not one style that beat all the time anymore style

    Because every boxer has his own style and depends on the other circumstances mention above to beat other style

    Mike Tyson never threw a jab and is of the greatest ever
    Muhamad Ali never threw a liver punch and he is the greatest ever

    And I have seen a great technicians that they win not even a cardboard/paper belt

    That’s why sometimes big fights are bored because styles did not fit each other

    Zepeda VS Shakur calls my attention because they are 2 different styles and I want to see which one will prevail

    It can be zepeda it can be Shakur

    But is cool to watch attacker VS slicker / defensive

    Two opposite poles clashing

    • Now Carlos….that is a well written… interesting take… though I don’t agree with some of the stuff…for the most part..very thoughtful…you did point out that raw skilled fighters could beat fighters in another level..and Carlos you gave good examples…Mayorga vs Forrest…(throw in another Spinks vs Ali I) as DMV justed posted lack of technique.. usually shows up later in other fights…in Mayorga case… Against Trinidad..Mosley… De La Hoya and Cotto…all skilled fighters…all knocked Mayorga viciously….Carlos you must be off that Tequila or that wacky weed cause that was a good rationale take

    • Very well put. Finally not a CASUAL!!! I agree with you 110%xcept, I will pick Shakur to prevail. Lol

  • There are exceptions to every rule on anything in life. There is always some way to find a niche that works for you. However, the best boxers of all time can do it all and their technique is what sets them apart in most cases. Guys who are sloppy (your favorite type of fighters) “always” get exposed. Guys who are technical (my favorite type of fighters get exposed a lot less). Way more fighters who were technically sound ended their careers with 0 or very few losses than guys who threw caution to the wind. All those fighters you named were and are definitely tough, but outside Navarrette (who is yet to face a top flight black fighter) had many brutal losses. None of them will be in the Hall of Fame. Facts!

    • The best boxers with great techniques is true ; however, those that possess the ability to adapt and/or make adjustments in the fight or even within a round against other talented boxers are the ones with greatness. Although, in today’s boxing, we are starting to see fighters fighting others at their prime nothing like the old days, you must take into account who is fighting. Everyone has a style they like to watch. Some it’s the boxing chess game the fight within the fight, others it’s the all out brawl, then it’s a combination of the two. Whatever your preference is there are fighters that fulfill your wishes. I will say this just because you have an 0 doesn’t mean you are great. DMV, you still can’t resist to throw anything out there involving race. Who cares if navarette hasn’t faced a top black fighter? He will very soon and it still will not diminish his accolades from before. Carlos, keep writing, it’s all good.

    • My favorite style is agressive slugger like Mike Tyson
      And I bet most Mexican people likes Mike Tyson
      We love that mothefcka

      • In mid 90,s Mike Tyson went to Mexico and Julio Cesar Chavez and Mexico president received Mike Tyson in Los Pinos then they went to a super luxury restaurant in mexico city and the all the streets and driving traffic were paralyzed thousand of people surrounding the luxury restaurant waitingf9r Mike Tyson autograph but they were protected by special security and it was impossible for Tyson to attend everyb9dy but i know Tyson would do it he was very humble guy and still up today he has a great relationship with Mexican b9xers like Elijah Garcia and his son issac pitbull cruz

  • Killa King, as much as you want to discount Race in American and world life; I said what I said and I meant what I said. Who are you; Ron Desantis? I’ll say it again; Navarrette hasn’t faced any top level black fighters. He can’t beat Shakur, Tank, Haney, Martin, Davis, and Mason and others at or around that weight class due to his sloppy style, IMO. Why don’t you address Carlos for talking about Race in every single post? I see how you support him a great deal, no matter how biased, incoherent, and ridiculous some of his comments are; which is reflective of your own personal biases, but I digress.
    Curious: why does it bother you so much when commentary about Race comes from Black people? Race is a part of the fabric of boxing, in case you haven’t noticed.

    • DMV…I am black also…Though boxing has elements of race.from all aspects..as it was one of the first sports to have a minority champion in America…in my humble opinion and what I have learned is boxing a more featured element of boxing is the “human spirit” which …in my opinion trumps the element of race in boxing….there are soo many examples of fighters from all races overcoming insurmountable… unimaginable… obstacles in life to become champions not just in this sport but life….just life…and this wonderful gladiator sports highlights this …moreso than… others….just look at our champions..Inoue… Benavidezs….Bivol… Canelo
      …look at the history of the sport…all races…all religions…from all over the world…. instead on focusing on a racial style of boxing …look moreso at that inner spirit of the fighter…the hunger…the passion….that overcomes any style and even talent …focus on that….

    • Killa king Doesn’t support me. He is just impartial and he says what he think sometimes We disagree, but we discuss with respect.,,,,like Sean he is very respectful as well

    • I discount race because there is more to life than race in a sport that I competed in and love. I come at you like that because you speak of race with grievance not with pride. Everything to you is oppression and hate for others. I like Carlos posts because to me he comes from the heart and he speaks of all of the “human” races. Plus, I really enjoy trying to understand what he says, it’s a challenge sometimes, but he is getting better. I read Sean’s comment just before and he illustrates the love of the sport that rises above petty grievances and falsehoods that you present in your posts. Believe me, me and Sean have not agreed in the past, trust me. Let me ask you question? I know you fought before based on your posts. Did your race ever stop you from working hard towards your goal to win? To be the best? No, Im willing to bet you fought anybody or anyone that stood in your way regardless of race. Me too. I didn’t care what you were, just that you were trying to hurt me, beat me, knock me out. Whether it was sparring or the real thing. Race is not the fabric of boxing, maybe in your pathetic world, but not mine. Sean says it best, MANY have overcome from all walks of life. I mean ron desantis? That just goes to show you how ignorant you are.

    • All the races are good in sports.Some races are good in certain sports.Or their races are good in another sports

      Like Brazilians in soccer
      Colombia and Spain in cycling
      Asians baseball
      Afro-Americans basquet ball and American football
      Canada hockey
      Mexico boxing

      USA is good for most of the sports

      In mexico there are millions of soccer players (yea more than boxers by far)but we are zhit in soccer

      Boxing is the only spor in mexico where can we can say we have done decent performance in boxing

      But the best boxing was played in 1970’s and earlier and by the time mexico did not exist much in boxing its was hard for us to get a passport like today besides Mexican boxers were coming from a high poverty n9t way to train and eat properly like t9day with all the sponsors etc

      USA in ex change you didn’t have to fly to another country to ask for an opportunity to become a boxer and since you ar3 rich country you have the best gym with the best equipment

      In mexico there were very very few b9xing gyms in town so hard to train well

      • Also the bad part of mexico is that we don’t produce big fighters because genetically we are small people like Asians

        Otherwise imagine inoue VS Crawford


  • Someone at the fights actually told me Eric Priest was the best half-Korean boxer today. I had to remind him of Dimitri Bivol.

  • Shrimp started slow the first rounds then press the throttle at round 4 but zepeda attacks m9re according the fight goes longer the shrimp has incredible stamina he can throwing punches the 12 rounds and he doesn’t get out of gas

  • Another bad Of Mexico is that we are no good at Olympic boxing.We do 1 olimpic if we go and after failed at Olympics Then become a professional fighter.We like real boxing not kids boxing

  • Another bad Of Mexico is that we are no good at Olympic boxing.We do 1 olimpic if we go and after failed at Olympics Then become a professional fighter.We like real boxing not kids boxing
    In 2006 we had over 50 world title fights in just that year of 2006
    We did not have a great boxers but they just became a world champions in 2006 we had:

    Oscar de la hoya
    Erik morales
    Marco Antonio Barrera
    Juan manuel marquez
    Israel vazquez
    Rafael marquez
    Jorge arce
    Juan torito diaz
    Hugo cazares
    Ulises solus
    Edgar sosa
    Daniel pomnce de leon
    Jose Luis castillo
    Martin castillo
    Fernando montiel
    Julio diaz
    Rocky Juarez
    Paul Ayala
    Johny Tapia
    Christian mijarez
    Mike Alvarado
    Librado Andrade
    Julio Gonzalez
    Veneno Rubio
    And anymore that I don’t remember right now. Like my favorite boxer, Juan Pollo Valenzuela.

    • Carlos… interesting…thoughtful take on the Olympics… something to think about.. Cuban does well at Olympics…and the eastern European fighters have performed well recently…. interesting something to think about…study…

      • Didn’t Paulie Malinaggi get fired from Showtime as an analyst for saying Eastern Europeans were starting to be a force in boxing, or something along those lines?

      • Cubans are great boxers but most of that quality comes because they gave a very deep experience like kinder man who had more than 400 fights of experience and 3 olímpic games participation
        But they still show good boxing skills and they produce heavyweight and cruiser weight fighters

        My favorite Cuban is kinderlan and savon

  • from the 2nd round Zepeda was an unstoppable force.
    Hughes could not do nothing to stop Camaron’s tren

  • >