Povetkin-Whyte rematch on Nov 21

Dillian Whyte has an immediate opportunity to exact revenge over Alexander Povetkin on Saturday November 21 as the heavyweight rivals collide in a blockbuster rematch, live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK. Whyte (27-2, 18 KOs) was sensationally knocked out by Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 KOs) in the finale of Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex, last month.

Alexander Povetkin: “I’ve rested well, spent time with my family, and now that the date of the rematch is known, I will soon return to my training camp and prepare as thoroughly as I did for the first fight.”

Dillian Whyte: “I will be a lot more focused and sharper in the rematch. I’m coming to win and knock him out. I’m coming to even the score and the only way to do that is by knocking him out.”

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    • No lucky punch in this fight, Povetkin did well and timed his uppercut perfectly to knock White out.. Before the fight i gave the edge to White on points but White can’t take Povetkin’s powershots.. The rematch is going to end the same way if White can’t avoid Povetkin’s huge uppercut for the full 12 rounds.

      • Exactly
        Wasnt luck. A lucky punch is koing him in the 12th round after losing 11 rounds. Even though he lost the first few rounds, he adapted and koed him midway through the fight.

    • Shit wasn’t luck! He saw that opening and made it look like he was hitting the body.. You never boxed before I’m sure.

    • Not really. Povetkin isn’t a monster puncher, but that was HARD and CLEAN. This isn’t the heavyweight scene of 50 years ago. The guys these days are all strong enough to wreck a guy with one punch. You’d struggle to find a single fighter who could eat that punch and keep going

  • Both fighters need to put the pedal to the metal in their training. McGregor used Brazilian balance coaches for his rematch with Diaz – the fight reminded me a lot of Cormier v Mitocic 1 – the rematch will be more like Cormier v Jon Jones 2. Whoever wants it more will win and the prize is the shot at the biggest title in sport. If one drops out this could be the come back mike Tyson is looking for. I would like to see a rejuvenated Frans Botha take on Whyte if he wins

  • No reason for a different result as the rematch is too soon. No tune up fight and no change in training. Whyte is not going to be able to stop Povetkin from getting to his chin. Whyte likes to pick apart fighters. He was lucky to get the a KO over Chisora, the slow pressure fighter and struggled with the durable journeyman Wach. His fight against Parker was a war but Whyte was very lucky to make it to final bell. Whyte will do more running and grabbing so he lasts 7 or 8 rounds.

  • I think Whyte had to take the rematch as soon as it could be made. Yes it was a bad KO but it wasn’t a beatdown or anything. He should learn to stay focussed throughout the fight but at the same time not be overcautious.
    Also big kudos to team Povetkin. When we see the way Ruiz (who was paid much more money) behaved after he beat AJ – to the point where Hearn threatened legal action – it’s great to see people who are so genuine. Hearn even said that he could have done the deal on a handshake because they are honourable people. Yes AP had to take the rematch but I’m sure he wouldn’t have had to take it so soon.
    BTW – Whyte chinny because he was kayoed?

  • I’d be insulted if I were Povetkin, they are all counting on Whyte knocking him out in rematch.

  • It’s too soon. Povetkin will KO him in three as he’ll be beaming with confidence. Takes a special fighter to come back after a KO loss e.g Lewis/Rahman, and Dillian isn’t that special. Career ending fight on November 21.

  • I really think it’s a mistake taking this rematch so quick. It’s dangerous after a KO like that.

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