Patrick Day in critical condition

Sad to report that super welterweight Patrick Day is in a coma and fighting for his life at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Day underwent emergency surgery last night after being knocked out in the tenth round by Charles Conwell in a bout streamed worldwide on DAZN. Went he went down, Day’s head bounced off the canvas. Medical personnel couldn’t revive him and he was taken from the ring on a stretcher. While being rushed to the hospital, he reportedly suffered a seizure. Prayers for Patrick Day.

Official Update on Sunday evening: Patrick Day suffered a traumatic brain injury during his bout on Saturday night. He was rushed to Northwestern Memorial hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. As of Sunday evening, Patrick is in a coma caused by the injury and is in extremely critical condition. On behalf of Patrick’s team, we appreciate the outpouring of support, prayers, and offers of assistance from all corners of the boxing community.

Updates will be provided as circumstances change. In the meantime, we ask that the privacy of Patrick and his family be respected during this difficult time.

Former Jr. lightweight contender Eloy Perez passes
Oleksandr Usyk post-fight press conference

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  • Depending on which section of the brain suffer the cranial bleed will depend on his recovery and longevity. CT Scans are performed in this case to examine which spot has been damaged. Surgery is performed not only to stop the bleeding, but also to relieve pressure on the brain. The brain sits inside a protection sac called the meninges composed of three layers. If the sac grows tighter than usual from acute injury (in this case), a person could have seizures or a stroke. This explains why pressure on the brain can be lethal if not addressed quickly. Hope this medical explanation helps some of you for learning purposes.

  • FYI for any DAZN customers like myself who missed the live feed, they have not posted the full card in the archives, and are only posting full fight copies of the other fights on the card; intentionally excluding this fight.

  • prayers go out to this man and his family.Its time to introduce headgear and at least protect the skull from hitting the hard surface of canvas ,if it happens

    • @Gary Pine_Headgear would definitely help cushion the head from the canvas, but I think it can be dangerous as well. It prevents cuts, but I really don’t think it does much to protect that brain from blows to the head. It may even exacerbate the effects. With headgear your head is a bigger target, and the blows reverb all throughout your skull, whereas without, you feel the blow only at the point of impact. That’s why Olympic boxers are no longer required to use head gear. No fighter wants to get hit, but fighters tend to be a little more lax on defense with headgear. I don’t think headgear will ever be a part of the pro game.

  • Hoping for the very best outcome for Patrick Day and his family. At least he is in Chicago, a major medical mecca.

  • While Mr. Pine has suggested head gear, I think that would certainly diminish the interest in professional boxing. However I have written in the past, that after a certain amount of rounds, if all the judges have a boxer winning by a amount of point, that the other boxer could not win the rest of the rounds, and even get a draw on one of the judges score cards, why not end the match at that time? Day was knocked down twice in the match before the knockout. I read he was not doing well in the match, and even if he won 3 of the rounds on one of the score cards, after the 8th round he was no closer that 4 points. If he was also losing all the rounds on the score cards, the match could have also been over after the 5th. I have been suggesting this for the last 20 years, I even wrote to the California State Athletic Commission about this, but no response.

    • Bring back the standing 8 count, also know as a protection count. The ref has time to better assess the boxer’s condition and then make a call. It also helps get rid of the too early stoppages where the ref just jumps in and waves the fight too early. Pray Patrick Day recovers.

    • He still can knock the opponent out even if he’s behind and that has happened many times

      • Perhaps you are responding to my post. Yes, this can happen, but like in the case of when Rocky Marciano fought Jersey Joe Walcot the first time, going into the 13th round, Marciano was down by 4, 3, and 2 on the score cards. So if he had won the last three rounds, it could have been a draw. In this case, I would not have stopped the fight before the 13th. The one that is truly memorable of course is the Mike Weaver over John tate. He was far behind on the score cards. I don’t want to see head gear as someone here suggested, but why not stop the fight if all the cards are so far that the boxer behind cannot even get a draw on one of the score cards. Heck, for world title fights, I would even allow as 15 round system for the 12 round fights. So that if a boxer is down by 4 after 9, it could still go on.

  • No matter how you slice it, boxing is a barbaric sport and these injuries have always been and will continue to be part of the sport. State commissions and medical doctors do their part to prevent injury, but when you have to trained athletes who’s goal is to knock each other senseless, people are gonna get hurt. No fighter escapes brain damage to some degree. I know a lot of retired boxers in their 40’s and 50’s and they all show signs of pugilistic dementia; they look beyond you when they talk to you, they can’t remember shit, and they have slurred speech. Some have managed to have succesfull careers after boxing, but the sport has taken its toll. Sending positive vibes to Patrick Day and hope he recovers. Adonis Stevenson is doing a lot better these days through hard work but he still has a long road ahead of him.

  • It was a good fight, competitive for most of it but Day looked well past finished before the final knockdown.
    I also wonder if that contributed to Witherspoon opting out of going back out for another round. He looked like he was destined for increasingly heavy shots to the head, that last round he was basically running from Usyk. Can’t imagine how that feels when a few fights before a man left the ring unconscious and obviously hurt badly.

    • 38yr old Witherspoon who went 7 rounds with usyk on 4 days notice DID NOT QUIT. His corner stopped the fight

      • I didn’t mean that on a derogatory way towards Witherspoon but with the ref and his corner a foot from his face he said “No more.”. No shame in that. He took the fight, showed up and clearly put everything he had into it, a true fighter…but it was clear by asking, his corner and the ref would have let him go back out if he said “…one more round.”
        I’m glad he didn’t and he shouldn’t have. It takes nothing away from him.

  • Poor guy, man.. This stuff is scary! It seems like this never happened before.. And def. So frequently. The russian dude a month or so ago(who buddy McGirt pleaded with to stop the fight)and now Patrick Day. I hope he recovers fully thats awful! Prayers for this guy and the special people in his life.

  • I know that Referee, typical Chicago Gang Bang attitude. Things he knows everything, extremely Egotistical, which is why Boxing in Chicago is horrific, somewhat like a Tsunami in full force. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to identify immediately that the fighter should have taken an immediate 10 second count, after the 2nd punch. His equilibrium and gate were off, why didn’t the Referee jump in, possibly his Ego was too heavy to move forward.

    • i agree 1000% where was the referee or his corner, it makes me sick ,i love boxing, but this was a sickening shame (on them)

  • Scooby Doo-no one is impressed with your explanation you only want to be payed attention to little man. My prayers are with Patrick Day. Get well soon champ.

    • Scott James, providing knowledge can help anyone understand difficult situations. I must have got your attention…..You read my post to comment on it.

  • There is no getting well soon. We lost. He’s already dead. It is just a matter of days before the address is made. What a terrible loss. The 4th death of 2019. Such a great human being. DISGUSTING !!

    R.I.P. Patrick.
    You were a good man.

    • @Jonathan- I’m curious-Why do you post that when it’s not true. That’s some weird shit people do. Somebody posted the other day the Errol Spence died from his injuries. Does it give you a sense of importance to have information that nobody else has, even though you made it up?

      • Kris, I have info you don’t. You owe me and Patrick an apology for your childish (infantile) comments.

        May Patrick R.I.P.

        He was a good man.

  • Fighters know what they are getting themselves into and the dangers of the sport it is well publicised. I wish Patrick Day all the best and our thoughts and prayers are with him, I saw the pre-fight presser and he genuinely seemed like a nice guy and very articulate. He wanted to prove something in this fight and he fought bravely, I wish his corner would have pulled him out but this is the sport that we follow, and we know it can get bad. The Corner, the referee, the doctors and the promoters have to be able to save fighters from themselves at times. But the thing is fans like to see knockouts, and this is also part of boxing too. When this kind of thing happens it is hard especially for the families and loved ones, but the fighters choose to be on this path and these are the risks and that is the sport of Boxing.

  • Jonathan you are one negative thinking punk. Instead of being optimistic you are burying this man already. Only God knows, something tells me that idiots like you only want to hear bad news so you can say I told you so. GTFOH you heartless lowlife

    • Here are some facts you need to live with, Scott James.

      1. 2+2=4.
      2. Donald Trump is the president of the USA.
      3. Patrick’s death will be announced later this week.

      You have a better shot of winning the world’s biggest lottery than Patrick does of making it to Friday. The Dems have a better shot of winning an impeachment.

      Patrick is a great man. If you think for one second I want him to die, you need 2 therapists. One for yourself, and one for your therapist. I am disgusted by this. However, I am not living in some fantasy land.

      Welcome to Earth, Scott James. Welcome to reality. Lay off the video games and walk outside once in a while.

      R.I.P. Patrick Day.
      You were a great man.

    • @noracistsallowed, now see.. I liked that comment.. Change your name to something normal and we will really be headed somewhere.

  • Jonathan you are probably right but you aren’t God so quit being so pessimistic. You remind my of my ex chick always waiting for something bad to happen and when something good happens and the odds are shaken and man triumphs you look for excuses and are not happy. Grow a pair and get a life and quit playing God.

    • Scott, the correct word is PRACTICAL. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can deal with the hard blows that life delivers. Yes, it sucks. So suck it up, buttercup.

      • @Jonathan -I pray for Patrick Day to recover. Jonathan-you are my type of guy. A tough talking, no nonsense, tell it like it is hombre, just likeTrump who I consider to be a God. I am a mildly retarded but very attractive homosexual male! Would you be interested in going on a date with me?

  • It’s up to the referee, ringside doctors and corner to protect the fighter from himself. The lad was not going to win and could have been saved with a little compassion and thought for his welfare by at least one of the three above. Down by too many rounds, instead of being saved for another day he was allowed deep into the fight where fatigue and punishment had amounted to the stage where the chances of serious injury increase. It’s not rocket science is it? I’ll take an early stoppage over a late one every day of the week if it saves another young man in the prime of his life fighting for survival in a coma on a ventilator and becoming just another sad statistic in this hardest of businesses. First and foremost I hope Day pulls through and then has a good recovery and chance at a decent quality of life. Awful to see. On the other hand if you saw the Josh Warrington fight on Saturday for an example of a perfectly timed stoppage. His opponent was given two chances after being floored and soon as he was caught after the second knockdown the referee intervened and prevented a nasty KO. Spot on. Another few seconds and another clean punch the lad could’ve been laid flat out. There’s absolutely no need for it if it can be prevented.

  • Ok Jonathan whatever you say sunshine. Boxing can be brutal and life is tough but you don’t have to be defeated every time and just throw in the towel the way you do. Like I said my ex chick was just like you her name was Susan so I’m just going to refer to you as little Susan… or may I call you Susy Q?

  • I think ‘Bad news” might change his nickname to ‘Bad Karma’
    cause he spit at Day and waved bye bye to the man after the last (and most likely fatal) knockdown.
    Seriously uncool.

  • >