Pacquiao, Thurman make weight

Keith Thurman 146.5 vs. Manny Pacquiao 145.5
(WBA welterweight title)
Pac Thur Scale
Yordenis Ugas 147 vs. Omar Figueroa Jr 147
Sergey Lipinets 147 vs. Jayar Inson 147
Luis Nery 118.5 vs. Juan Carlos Payano 117.5
*Nery has one hour to lose the .5 pound overage.

Caleb Plant 168 vs. Mike Lee 167
(IBF super middleweight title)

Efe Ajagba 242 vs. Ali Eren Demirezen 247.5
Emmanuel Medina 147 vs. Peter Dobson 146.5
Abel Ramos 147 vs. Jimmy Williams 146.5
Genisis Libranza 113 vs. Carlos Maldonado 113
John Leo Dato 127.5 vs. Juan Antonio Lopez 127.5

Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Promoter: TGB Promotions

Lopez, Matias victorious in IBF eliminators
Whyte outweighs Rivas by 19.5 pounds

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  • Thurman for only being a lb heavier looks a lot bigger for a weigh-in. Nery needs to move up as he cannot ever seem to make weight, and I’ll bet anything he’s on the clen for this fight. Still didn’t make weight, the cheater. Monster would’ve wiped him out anyway. Nery is a crude weight bully with no talent.

  • Thurman’s weight is hard to believe – he looks huge compared to Pacquiao.

    I am glad to see that Pac is still in great shape – this will be a defining fight for him. A loss would send him into retirement, but it may be best for him to retire even if he wins. That said, I hope for a Pac win, but I am sure it will be a tough night for both of them.

    • Thurman is 5’7 and 1/4, Pacquiao is 5’4 and 1/2 maybe. Thurman has a better reach. If Pacquiao wins, he’d have to wait for the winner of Spence and Porter (which is like a 95% chance to be Spence). Danny Garcia and Terence Crawford will have just a regular fight for their 2nd fight of 2019, so Pacquiao wouldn’t fight either of them with a win. Which of these WBA contenders at 147 would Pacquiao really fight?
      I don’t see Pacquiao going with anyone in the top 10 of the WBA at 147, but maybe a top 15 guys.
      11. Sergey Lipinets (#3 in the WBC, #4 in the IBF/WBO)
      12. David Avanesyan (#6 in the IBF, #8 in the WBC)
      15. Custio Clayton (#5 in the IBF, #11 in the WBO)

  • It’s an illusion Thurman doesn’t look bigger he just has a massively humongous skull and that silly hairdo my goodness but seriously I think his head alone is about 40 lbs it looks like it belongs on a 350 lb super heavyweight.

    • You’re right John. I heard when he buys a baseball hat has to be custom made

  • I am making a prediction. Manny is going to beat up and stop Thurman in the 11th round. Keith Thurman is soft. He will get his ass beat tonight by the 40 year old.

    • If Pacquiao were in his prime-since he is not don’t see him beating a young fighter who looks to be better than anyone in the division except Spence.

      • Oh Michael, if someone can stop Thurman easily is Terence Crawford. No way Thurman is better than him

  • Of course Thurman is going to be confident. He’s undefeated, and has had plenty of lay offs in his career to feel refreshed. (And that surgery on his elbow or whatever after the Danny Garcia fight, he let that heal). Thurman talked a lot about the Danny Garcia fighting coming into this. Thurman already feels he is one notch ahead of Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter. Even in mid 2019, he feels he’d beat either of them if he was fighting them now. As for Pacquiao, over the past 19 years, or since June 28th, 2000, he’s had 40 fights. His record should be something like 35-3-2 or 35-4-1 (20 KOs). It depends if you think he lost the 2nd Marquez fight, or it was a draw. Some people scored the 2nd Marquez fight 115-112, or 114-113 for Marquez. Lots think it is clear Pacquiao defeated Horn and Bradley the 1st time, and some think he should have gotten a DQ win over Agapito Sanchez. So Marquez, Morales, and Mayweather are the only guys to have really beaten Pacquiao in the past 19 years. But as for complaining, if you watch the 1st Pacquiao vs Marquez fight, on the 3rd knockdown in round 1, Marquez was down for 10 seconds, or 9.99 seconds. And it could have been a TKO or straight KO in round 1 for Pacquiao in the 1st Marquez fight. Marquez went down and covered his face, like he knew the fight was over. But Pacquiao did hit Marquez while Marquez’s left glove was on the canvas and his right glove was on the ropes at :43 seconds left of round 1. If you want to give Pacquiao the 1st Marquez fight, you have to give Marquez the 2nd fight. And Pacquiao should have retired after the 4th Marquez fight, rather than come back against Brandon Rios and Chris Algieri (WTF, those guys had 0 chance to beat Pacquiao). And Bradley was a guy who could just go 12 with Pacquiao, but never did much but win 4 out of 12 rounds in any of the fights.

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