Monroe edges Maciel to stay unbeaten

Monroe Maciel
Photo: David Martin-Warr

Unbeaten middleweight Carlos Monroe (17-0, 13 KOs) scored a ten round split decision over former world title challenger Javier Francisco Maciel (33-9, 23 KOs) on Saturday night at Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Monroe successfully defended his WBA Fedalatin title by scores of 96-94, 98-92 on two cards, while Maciel was ahead 97-93 on the third card.

Proceeds from the event went to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta.

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  • I am always amazed how score cards can be as extreme as this one: 98:92 vs. 93:97. This disparity is a clear symptom of either a judge being biased, incompetent or bribed (only in high profile fights). It is simply not possible that both opposing judges can be right in this case.

    There are many scoring rules that are hardly ever practiced: E.g., if a round is even, it should be scored 10:10. How often do we see that? Hardly ever. If a fighter gets knocked down but wins the rest of the round clearly, it shouldn’t be scored 10:8 but 9:9. How often do we see that? Hardly ever.

    The list of controversies and mistakes goes on and on, but for some miraculous reason, there has never been a serious attempt made to eliminate them. This issue has gotten so bad over time that no one is surprised by any scoring anymore, no matter how bizarre. What’s worse, boxers are too often cheated not only of a fair result, but literally tens of millions of $$. If anyone would steal that amount of money from a bank, they would be sentenced to prison. Bad judges have easily stolen hundreds of millions of even billions of $$ but how many of them had ever deal with any consequences at all? Hardly any, and to my knowledge not a single one had to go to jail for his crime. At worst, a few of them got suspended, but the result was still not corrected. These kind of crimes are giving boxing a bad name and they also destroy boxing’s credibility. Sadly, neither boxers nor fans were ever able to do anything about it.

    I rarely care for score cards anymore – too many of them are plain arbitrary.

    • Some good points, but there should very rarely be an even round-somebody had the upper hand no matter how close. Also a boxer being knocked down but winning the rest of the round should still lose the round 10-9. Fighter getting the knockdown dosen’t get the 10-8 he normally would but still not an even round.

      • Michael: I just quoted official boxing rules, and I actually believe that these rules make more sense than what we often see today.

        No matter how good the rules are, incompetent judges need to be taken off the job indefinitely. Adalaide Byrd is not only still officiating but still sticking to her criminal fantasy story of why she robbed GGG.

        I don’t think a 10:9 round is fair if fighter A controls the entire round but gets knocked down in that round. A knock down is not worth more than winning 2:59 of a round.

        I also think that even rounds do exist. There is no sport in the world where a draw doesn’t exist. Why would boxing be different?

        So, I respectfully disagree with your arguments.

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