Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller tests positive again

He’s done it again. Heavyweight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller has tested positive (again!!!) for a banned substance and is off Top Rank’s June 9 telecast. He was scheduled to headline against Jerry Forrest in his first fight since November 2018.

“Big Baby” (23-0-1, 20 KOs) was signed to fight Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden for the unified heavyweight title last June, but he failed multiple VADA tests and was denied a license by the New York State Athletic Commission. Top Rank took a shot on him with a new long-term deal, but now Miller’s future is uncertain.

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      • Testing has improved immensely. Also commissions aren’t squashing positive results like in the past.

  • Heartbreaking! Why is he doing this? How long must a fighter be banned for continuing to fail drug tests?

  • Pretty sad Miller is a professional fighter and disregards the obedience to the rules. Miller seems to struggle with eating too long at the dinner table and enjoys the social habits in life that fighters do not do to stay in shape. Yet, he cuts corners and takes banned substances to make up for the loss of real gym work. Let’s not forget, Alvarez got slapped on the wrist for such behaviors and that was blown under the rug. Yup, truth hurts…

    • How come Holyfield and Morrison never got suspended?

      What has changed in the testing?

        • Darrel, I have come to the conclusion that getting a “thumbs down” for any comment(s) is par for the course for some simple-minded trolls and haters. Does not bother me at all when I get them. It’s a great statistical variation to examine and gives me some idea people are actually reading my comments.

    • Miller is not a significant figure as much Alvarez is (I mean from the standpoint of business) so, if he got caught and suspended, its fine, but we can’t say the same about Alvarez. A finding on Alvarez is more happiness than concern for some people, because of the flow of money to silence that, sadly, that is not the case for some guys like Miller.

      • Mike, great comment. In summary, politics in the game and money talks with certain fighters.

  • Genuinely don’t understand this guy. First of all he accuses AJ of juicing. Then he gets caught for a few banned substances which he first denies but then admitted he messed up.
    He then tries to get back in with Hearn and when Hearn rightly gives him a wide birth he slates him. And now he is given a chance of redemption this happens?
    My only thoughts are that he didn’t think he’s be tested for such a fight?

  • Apparently, he remains a “Big Baby” in fear of facing his adult responsibilities as a professional athlete.

    Some athletes/individuals in this world bow to the potential pressures of success because they fear the concepts of professional responsibility and professional accountability. He does not deserve anymore opportunities in his remaining boxing life.

    However, in his life outside the ring, I can only hope he conducts himself as a responsible and accountable human being towards his family, friends and the social fabric – please just stay out of jail and/or prison!!

  • When dildos like him get caught in the manner he was, their records should be wiped from the books & open to being sued by every fighter they were ever in the ring with for endangering their life. It’s just like bringing a weapon into the ring. The mystery of his amazing stamina as a 300+ pound blob has been laid bare already, the incredulous stupidity to do it again, faaaark me

    • I somewhat agree but how is that fair when you have fighters like PEDvetkin and Luis Ortiz that popped twice and are still fighting? Both of them are stil fighting and have BOTH challenged for world titles afterward?

      • This is his third time busted (once as a kickboxer). And I disagreed with Povetkin since his was meldonium and had just been recently banned when he got busted.

        • Agree, Miller is blatant and continues using. There were just traces, signs of meldonium, the amount was low with Povetkin’s test and had just been recently banned at the time.

        • Povetkin was just set up by the American boxing gangsters along with Doc Margaret and her Las Vegas VADA. They were afraid of losing their golden goose Wilder to him. He was even found innocent in, of all places, a New York City court. Still they keep repeating their “pedvetkin” BS.

          As for Miller, if the latest drug test is legit – and I don’t trust those Las Vegas drug testers – but he even admitted it last time – well then his boxing career is about over.

          • The Povetkin failed test was a joke. Meldonium has NEVER been shown to have a PED effect. Banning it was an effort by Western powerbrokers to invalidate Eastern European fighters. Povetkin won a lawsuit and compensation based on the failed test not being a true disqualified. Luis Ortiz is different, he got caught using D-Bol, the most hardcore of anabolic steroids.

          • The North American boxing establishment will never allow Eastern European fighters to rank number one in this ‘sport’

      • Good question. My guess is politics and money is a factor as to why some blokes get away with it and others do not. Just like any sport (or job) for that matter. There is favoritism and politics.

      • Povetkin did not pop twice and the only time he popped was from a substance that was banned after he was already taking it. Ortiz got popped once for blood pressure medication. Miller is getting busted hard for anabolic substances. Big difference.

  • his future is uncertain?Big baby is done, hes a cheat, don;t let this guy fight again, he must be really stupid, I mean he had things going his way

  • He has lost millions cause he can’t get off the juice, wtf he really must have some mental issues.

    • No, he never would have made a dime in this business without being on drugs. I called him a fraud before he ever got busted the first time, because I knew he couldn’t fight. Looks like this, along with all my other predictions, came true:)

  • Ban him for life.. Set the standard for every other guy/or girl who thinks they can get away with this shit.

  • Hugs to Mr. Miller. ❤️ Boxing other men can be difficult but one shan’t cheat.

  • Surprise Surprise!!
    He should join along with the long line like cheats Marcello Wilder and Ortiz.

  • Miller will be back. There is nothing too sleazy for the business of boxing.

  • Sad…I picked him to get into the top 5 and make trouble for most guys up there…

  • He deserves the benefit of the doubt. They test him too much. If anyone was tested as much as miller they would produce positive test results more often than not. Give him a break. When he tested positive first he would have missed a lot of training due to suspension- in order to get back to optimal shape he needed to run a cycle of juice. As far as I know that’s not illegal. Lets give him a break and get him back in the ring.

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