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James outpoints Dulorme for WBA interim title

Jamal James Vs Thomas Dulorme Fight Night26
Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Jamal “Shango” James (27-1, 12 KOs) took a twelve round unanimous decision over Thomas Dulorme (25-4-1, 16 KOs) to claim the WBA interim welterweight title on Saturday night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. James seemed in command all the way. Scores were 115-113, 116-112, 117-111.

“I’ve been working so long for a title shot,” said James. “So being able to get this opportunity and then actually following through and winning, it just meant the world to me.

“It’s been a crazy journey, with this with COVID-19, and then the George Floyd incident and starting camps and then stopping and so forth.

“My grandmother ended up passing away when I was in camp for this fight. So it was a lot of mixed emotions for me. It just feels good to be able to bring this back home for my city. Now we’ll see how much farther I can go.”

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  • another Bullshit fake title belt WTF is going on here James ranked #5 and Dulourme #10 yet they get an “interim” title fight when there is current champions already???

        • Burning down buildings / Beating up pedestrians / Blocking Traffic.

          Gee. That’s real community service.

          Uhm … NOT !!

    • As long as fighters are gullible enough to pay sanctioning fees for these worthless belts, there is no limit to the number of belts that will be created.

  • I am sorry people, but I do not root for KKK members, Nazis, BLM terrorists, ISIS terrorists, and Antifa thugs.

    Jamal James has confessed to being a BLM terrorist. Like Tony Ayala, he will end up in prison for his terrorist ways. Someone else will be fighting for his vacant title in the next 18 months or less.

    I do not support thugs. I turned the tv off after the David Morell fight.

    • How about the NRA? Southern Baptist Convention? Just wondering…Just Google “2042 Census” and chill.. change is inevitable

  • You must love it how excited the announcers were getting over this phony interim title.With 40 belts per division, and how many alphabet soup orgs, can anyone tell anymore who or what is the real belt? Boxing must be following the WWE, and the PBC who must have 70 champions in the welter division alone, needs to finally put them in a cage, blind fold them and see who comes out the one and ONLY CHAMP!!!! My guess is, they’ll need all of the champions because none of them could beat Crawford, who they’re even AFRAID of mentioning at a PBC event.

    • nobody is scared of Crawfish tell uncle Bob to let him sign those congrats and fight live opponents instead of those part time Home depot workers Crawfish is nothing more than a bum

  • That was a good test for James.

    James withstood Dulorme’s constant pressure and body punching. James displayed a good chin while taking head shots from a full blown, 147 pound fighter. James also provided good movement to set up his long right hand.

    I would like to see James develop a stronger jab and fight taller because he does not punch like a true 147 pounder. James’ jab will play an important factor because there are more 147 pounders who will use their natural size advantage to body punch James like a MF – even better than Dulorme. Overall, a good performance by James, and I will keep an eye on him.

    As for James’ activity(ies) as an active or affiliated BLM member, I STRONGLY advise him to focus on his boxing career because BLM will not reimburse him for a forgone/wasted boxing career WHEN federal authorities eventually began cracking down (post elections) on unlawful BLM actions – especially IF BLM is later considered a domestic terrorist group. James must show better caution during his boxing career because he does not want to wonder “what if” while he sits in federal prison during a federal mandatory minimum sentence or a life sentence caused by an actual, unlawful BLM act and/or caused by a perceived, unlawful BLM act.

    I believe the 1st Amendment must flow in all directions IF people/groups are lawfully protesting and/or lawfully proclaiming opposing arguments. As for people/groups exhibiting unlawful conduct, I FIRMLY believe in a strong, active presence of law enforcement to lawfully protect law abiding citizens, properties and the laws of the United States of America (USA).


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